you don’t have to be ugly to think someone else is beautiful. putting yourself down trying to give someone else a compliment, isn’t a compliment. love yourself. love the beauty you see around you. you can see beauty and you can be beautiful too. open your standards of beauty to include yourself. you are beautiful too.

thin-shaming I came across this on WeHeartIt and Surprise Surprise it was captioned Funny. This hurt my feelings so much. I’m Five-6 and I’ve always been small I eat normally mostly unhealthy I know it’s bad it terms of health which should be the only reason!!! But when it comes to food being unhealthy I think like the average person I’m not to overly conscious about it. And it hurts that someone thinks this okay and just because I’m skinny I shouldn’t mind. In an attempt to make all body sizes acceptable (which they should be) we’ve decided that one can be the butt of jokes. Had this joke been in reverse the Up-roar would have been crazy we would have been skinny bitches.Body Shaming must stop. Beauty has no weight. Don’t make others feel bad to make yourself feel good you end being ugly inside where it matters most.

heathers summarized
  • beautiful: we're all ugly but we have potential !!
  • candy store: don't be a fucking loser and bully ppl w/ us
  • fight for me: ur even hotter if you'll punch someone !
  • freeze your brain: don't kill yourself, chill yourself
  • big fun: let's get drunk and say big fun repeatedly!!
  • dead girl walking: well I'm screwed let's have sex
  • the me inside of me: well fuck darn it we killed the bitch
  • our love is god: they make you cry, I make them die
  • my dead gay son: gay dads ftw
  • seventeen: cause committing homicide isn't what normal teenagers do
  • shine a light: what the actual fuck mrs.fleming oUR CHILDREN ARE DYING
  • lifeboat: all her rides to school are dead
  • shine a light (reprise): the moment when you wanna slap Heather Duke
  • kindergarten boyfriend: MARTHA IS TOO GOOD, TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD
  • yo girl: well fuck
  • meant to be yours: too bad you didn't wanna commit mass homicide w/ me I lo- oh shit you killed yourself
  • dead girl walking (reprise): JD ur fucking nUTS
  • I am damaged: well I'm pretty fucked up but you're still good I'll just die peace out
  • seventeen (reprise): my boyfriend just blew up but it's all good

Chubby Frank Iero Appreciation Post because he proves you don’t need to be a size 0 to be the cutest and hottest mf
around and I know he got quite a bit of hate when he gained weight even though it was for medical reasons, but he’s was still adorable af💞

I’ve seen a lot of fat shaming and just felt low today about my body as well, so this is a positivity post for everyone, bc it doesn’t matter what size you are, or how tall you are, or whether you have a thigh gap or not, you’re perfect and you should never feel ashamed because your body is amazing 😘💛💗

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That’s true, but a guy asked for a specific post on guys with stretch marks. (If that’s what you’re referring to)

Me: Thinks about how great “know no shame” tattoos are, such a beautiful message in such a short, nice form, and a symbol of a truly lovely otp on top of it. so easily and happily recognizable to the fandom! Perfect mix of real life good message and fandom underlining. All from one cinnamon roll of a man. Beautiful, pure and perfect <3

Also me: Tries to figure out how to fit Silver’s line about guilt on skin in a cool way.

Derpcraft 2016
  • Chilled: Good, now that we're all set, it's a beautiful sunny day. Let's venture out and be happy Derps!
  • Smarty: Let's do this!
  • *"Sondoman drowned" pops up on the sceen*
  • Tom: Galm drowned!
  • *Aphex starts cracking up*
  • Chilled: Uh, okay, I opened my mouth too soon...

“I don’t understand…but it worries me. I’m going to help you okay? Whether you want it or not.”

Sometimes I scroll through the “pinup” or “vintage” tag and there are practically no women of color. Esp in the vintage magazine photos and the like. It’s almost as if women of color didn’t exist back then, and we all know that isn’t the case.

Currently putting together a spam of pinup women of color. Let’s dead this myth.