Sometimes I scroll through the “pinup” or “vintage” tag and there are practically no women of color. Esp in the vintage magazine photos and the like. It’s almost as if women of color didn’t exist back then, and we all know that isn’t the case.

Currently putting together a spam of pinup women of color. Let’s dead this myth.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re weird, unless they do so with a genuine smile on their face and a lot of fondness in their voice, as in you’re so different from anyone else I know and sometimes that makes it difficult for me to understand and handle you, but I wouldn’t change you for the whole world.

thin-shaming I came across this on WeHeartIt and Surprise Surprise it was captioned Funny. This hurt my feelings so much. I’m Five-6 and I’ve always been small I eat normally mostly unhealthy I know it’s bad it terms of health which should be the only reason!!! But when it comes to food being unhealthy I think like the average person I’m not to overly conscious about it. And it hurts that someone thinks this okay and just because I’m skinny I shouldn’t mind. In an attempt to make all body sizes acceptable (which they should be) we’ve decided that one can be the butt of jokes. Had this joke been in reverse the Up-roar would have been crazy we would have been skinny bitches.Body Shaming must stop. Beauty has no weight. Don’t make others feel bad to make yourself feel good you end being ugly inside where it matters most.

honestly though my stretch marks have always been a huge source of embarrassment for me for a ling time since I’ve just got SO DAMN MANY. I’ve got them on my stomach, my chest, on both of my upper arms, and my hips. They’re pretty much all over me because when I was growing up I had very stunted growth since I was born premature or…something like that. I don’t know, it’s all medical talk that I don’t remember much of. I didn’t start growing at a normal pace until I finally reached puberty at age 14. My body basically grew all at once and it left me covered in stretch marks from going from the body of a 8 year old to an average young teenager. But guess what. I’m still beautiful. It’s taken me a long time to accept this, but it’s true. Stretch marks and all, I’m beautiful. They’re like bolts of lightning that show that I’ve grown, and are nothing to be ashamed of. 

Do you have stretch marks? Yes? Well I’ve got some news for you. You’re super beautiful too. We all are. 

I’ve been tagged by @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @daydreamingintheimpala, and @iwillprobablybechangingthislater for Selfie Saturday … Even though YES, Claire, it is Friday. Been using some new skincare products (if you follow me on SnapChat you already know this) and having fun with some new mascara … Anyway, I’m LOVING it all.

Let’s see those pretty faces @ashleymalfoy @busybee612 @supernaturalfreewill @torn-and-frayed @blacktithe7 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @vilemalapert

I hate when I’m with my black friends and i comment on how a white boy is cute and they’re like “oh so you like white boys,huh?” and I’m just dumbfounded because i like boys,end of story.whether you’re gay,straight,lesbian,trans or whatever the hell you are, the human body is so interesting and beautiful and trying to categorize whats my ‘type’ feels so impossible.but i obviously know who is good for me and who is not.

OK, so all the gorgeous people I’m seeing on my dash today, how come I don’t see them every week? Nobody in this whole entire world should ever have to feel like they can’t share their selfies because of what some ignorant people might think. Also, if you’re offended by someone because of their skin color (or because of their nationality, sexuality, social status, disabilities, etc..,) please reconsider your life choices and maybe think about being a decent human being. It’s not hard to do, I promise.