One Direction albums in color.

I like how they began with bright, whimsical colors and ended up with warm, neutral, mature tones.  This is a great indicator that not only did we grow up with them, but they grew up with us as well.

Don’t remove caption. My edit, @paigehahs.


3rd floor in Nonhyeon-dong, Thank you~ [BTS- 이사 (Move)]


no but srsly if you’re sick of british dickheads like me not explaining the cheeky nandos meme for you

here is jack whitehall, and fuck this is accurate (you’re welcome xoxo)

Sometimes I scroll through the “pinup” or “vintage” tag and there are practically no women of color. Esp in the vintage magazine photos and the like. It’s almost as if women of color didn’t exist back then, and we all know that isn’t the case.

Currently putting together a spam of pinup women of color. Let’s dead this myth.


“I don’t understand…but it worries me. I’m going to help you okay? Whether you want it or not.”

you don’t have to be ugly to think someone else is beautiful. putting yourself down trying to give someone else a compliment, isn’t a compliment. love yourself. love the beauty you see around you. you can see beauty and you can be beautiful too. open your standards of beauty to include yourself. you are beautiful too.