Pangur’s developing an obsession with my grandfather’s model ship

YOI family AU series

well, someone asked me about the order in the story of we’re pregnant and the others so I decided to make a masterpost of all the ones I’ve made and I’ll update it every time I do something new :)  

1) We’re pregnant!!: this is the Victuuri story how they met and started their beautiful family <3  part 1, part 2

2) We’re pregnant!! extras:I talk more of Otayuri here and how they’re so in love with Victuuri’s son  extra 1, extra 2

3) Madly in love: this is the otayuri’s story, how they started dating and became a couple, I thought it was important since next series are of otayuri’s family  part 1, part 2

  • Zelena: So, you and Emma?
  • Regina: What about us?
  • Zelena: I take it you finally told her about you feel?
  • Regina: How I feel? What do I feel? I don't know what you mean.
  • Zelena: Seriously? I mean, about how you are head over heels in love with her.
  • Regina: I told you I can't tell her...she agreed to marry him.
  • Zelena: She also agreed to raise Robyn with you today...what does that tell you?
  • Regina: That we make a good parenting team, that we're family and...
  • Zelena: ...there it is.