One Direction made the world dance, sing, cry, and scream. Whether you’re a fan or not, they had some form of impact on your life. Don’t let them just disappear. Don’t let them just fade away. They’re still our boys. They’re still trying for us. If Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry can get up on that stage and sing without a brother then we can at least give them our support. Don’t give up on this band. Don’t give up on One Direction. It’s not what Zayn would have wanted. Lets make the world dance again.

What did you do to her?!”

And this is why I can’t be mad at Schmidt.

Throughout Parking Spot, he is actively (and loudly) letting the two of them know his opinion on them, and how ill-advised he thinks he it is. But the second he sees Jess upset, he’s automatically, “fix it, dumb-ass!”

And now that they’re official, he’s still not happy with it. Because, yeah, it’s weird for him, and they all live together, and he has to hear them, and see them all the time – and Nick is his ‘go to’ person, his best friend, and he misses his attention, and needs him…

But see, Schmidt’s also the one who forced Jess out to, “get a rebound,” and babysat her on a one-night stand, so she wouldn’t be alone, who wanted them all to take her on a date (Fluffer) to help her out, and who (ridiculously) offered to give her sperm, because “that’s how much I love you.”

And so when he sees Nick doing something stupid (again) in regards to her, despite being weary of them together, he jumps in.

Because it’s not just Nick who is his best friend now ––

Jess is too.

My gift for lucyheartfila2016 for the “we’re a Guild, we’re a family” day! I noticed you enjoyed NaLu, so here’s a cute little one-shot for them! This is my first time writing in present-tense, I hope you enjoy!

Title: Of lipgloss and eyeliner

Ship: NaLu.

Summary: When Lucy is ordered by Mira to complete the “boyfriend does my makeup” challenge, the blonde turns to the only male in her life who remotely qualifies, but she isn’t quite sure he understands the implications of it all…

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You brightened up everything
1.09 // 1.20

This is for honeyteacake :D happy We’re a Family day! I really love your art *^* Your drawing skills are so good. Always keep drawing!

You said you liked Gruvia so I made a little Gruvia one-shot! I hope you’ll like it :D

The story takes place during the six months they have lived together.
It was horrible.
Gray wasn’t able to move. Fear embraced him, not letting him go. Not letting him move. But he had to move. Damn it, he needed to move, but his body just wouldn’t.
In front of him, there was a giant black thing with no body, not even a form. It was just black energy. Sometimes it seemed like it had eight arms and two wings, than it seemed like it had three arms and a head with horns. But one thing was clear:
It was frightening. A monster. A true demon.
It was E.N.D.
“Well, I am all fired up!”, screamed Natsu, already covered in his blood. He started to run towards this monster. Erza, Lucy and Wendy followed him, using their magic to attack this black giant, but nothing seemed to work. E.N.D. seemed to absorb their magic.
Gajeel, Laxus, Mirajane and the rest of Fairy Tail joined the attack. But it was useless. Their magic damaged E.N.D. as much as a single snowflake would harm a human. However, it wasn’t just Fairy Tail that joined the battle. Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Mermaid Heel where there too. Sting and Rouge combined their magic. Kagura drew her sword. Hibiki used his Archive Magic to find a way to defeat E.N.D. Lyon summoned an Ice Dragon.
Nothing harmed the demon.
“Gray-sama, you need to move.” Juvia was standing right beside him, looking at him with her aquamarine eyes. The fight hadn’t left her unharmed. Her cloth was torn apart on her side, showing her white skin coloured in red.
“I… I can’t”, was all he could say.
His eyes widened when he saw how E.N.D. formed a big black hole in the air. The pressure increased, making it even more impossible for Gray to move.
And then E.N.D. released his magic.
Screams filled the air like raindrops would meet a window - not all at once, but one after  the other. Until there were no screams anymore and a picture was painted on the ground with all the dead bodies of his friends and family.
“Gray-sama, you need to use your magic. Gray-sama is the only one that can do it.” The melody of faith could be heard in Juvia’s voice, so was the melody of fear in Gray’s.
“But I – I can’t move.”
“Juvia believes that Gray-sama is able to do it.”
Suddenly the black monster seemed to move and came closer. Another black hole appeared in front of it, growing bigger and bigger. Gray knew he would die if E.N.D. fired his death curse. Fear still embraced him and he was convinced he would go down like his parents, like his teacher and like his friend:
Killed by one of Zeref’s demons.
“Juvia you need to get away from here.” he told her. At least someone had to survive. At least she had to survive.
Juvia shock her head. “Juvia won’t leave Gray-sama alone”, she said and smiled. “Gray-sama can do it. Juvia has faith in Gray-sama.”
Grays eyes widened at her words, but then he saw her move, pushing him aside. Pushing him aside so E.N.D.’s attack couldn’t hit him.
But it hit her instead.
Gray watched horrified as Juvia disappeared, only leaving a scream behind. Nothing was left of her. Not a single thing. She was gone like everybody else.
Tears filled his eyes. “Juvia…” His voice broke into a scream.
And then something cold hit his face.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia screamed as she was shaking his body like he was in a cocktail mixer or something. Normally he would be mad at her for sneaking into his room, but this time he was just glad she was alive.
“Juvia.” He said and realised that he hadn’t only been crying in his nightmare, but also in reality. Quickly, he pulled her towards him and embraced her, so she wouldn’t see his tears.
“G-Gray-sama?” she asked flustered and Gray could feel her head heating up at his side.
“They all died.” He said. “They all died. And you also died. E.N.D. killed you.” He whispered and his voice trembled. Gray pulled her closer to him. He needed to feel her warmth, needed it to remind him that she was still alive. That she was still here. That she didn’t sacrifice herself for him.
“Juvia is sorry. She heard Gray-sama scream and tried to wake Gray-sama up, but Gray-sama just wouldn’t. Juvia had to splash water in his face…” She explained. “So… Gray-sama had a nightmare again?” Juvia asked and he just nodded. The nightmares had been hunting him down like a fox hunted a rabbit. They fed at him. Either way, he dreamed about his friends dying or about his family dying and Juvia was involved in both of them.
“It is okay now”, he said, more to himself than to her. “It was just a dream.” But he was still shaking. “I just need to get stronger.” But he wasn’t sure if it was enough to defeat E.N.D. Would he ever be strong enough for the task his father gave him?
“Juvia believes that Gray-sama will become strong enough to protect the ones Gray-sama loves.” Her words were like light in the darkness to him. He knew that even when he didn’t believe in himself, Juvia would believe in him.
Silence filled the room for a while. Gray still clung to Juvia, enjoying her warmth.  Recently, he really liked how warm she was. She was like the sun on a cold winter’s day, when everybody would look up at the clear sky and close their eyes to appreciate the bit of warmth. So when Juvia asked whether she could stay with him for the night he answered “Yes.”  

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This is for my ‘We’re a Family’ candidate likeavagina


I wanted to so something different, and today I felt like singing. So I took one of my favourite theme songs from Fairy Tail, and I took a look at the translated lyrics and came up with some new ones based on the original and the state of the day.

I do apologise for the quality, my microphone isn’t exactly fantastic and I’m not a wonderful video editor. But I hope you all like it, including the one if was made for c:

We’re a family!

My Lyrics:

Bring it on! You know nothing can break us
The things you throw will never tame us
I’ll push through the cloudy sky
The fire burns, my keys alight
I know that I am one in a million
The times, you know, they don’t make a difference
For I, I will raise my hands
For we, we are a family

Just one small man
Made us an army
But the best part is
We came to this place
Where we even make days to appreciate
I know some days are harder
Some days we burn like fire
But there all even days
Where we all stick together
We’re screaming together, never falling down!

Even if in the corner of my heart 
I pound the wall saying “It’s hard”
No more, no more
See we can never turn back
We’ll fallen into fandom cracks
Look what, you have done~

For the stupid anon: We are not about numbers. The klaroline fandom is a family. Not a number.

Let me repeat this, just in case:




If your fandom is like you say it is, then you should not even bother to check our tag. Mind your own business.