I don’t want to cry when my sister is gonna be going to her new home with her husband in couple of days. I’m just not about that crying life (ahem). But I know I’ll come back in my room and feel something…and then maybe cry. Man,I will miss her so much.

What most people don’t understand is; My sister & I have been sharing a room my whole life. She’s the person that listened to me rant about something random when I got home from school/work whatever. I used to tell her those little awkward moments I had during the day. Told her all the stuff I don’t tell any other soul. I’m getting emotional just writing this now…I freaking stole her new outfits before she even got to wear them 馃槀 Yes,trust me when I say that we had fights like World War II. But she is my best friend and will always be my best friend. May Allah bless her marriage with lots of love,joy and happiness. Ameen ya rab 馃槉


and on this week’s episode of ‘exactly how much does tumblr user susanna mitmandlen look like her mom’

the answer is: a lot


Britain’s first black marchioness

Okay y’all.聽

This is:聽Emma McQuiston

And as that says, she’s this first black marchioness Britain has ever had.聽

But she’s not the only black royal


plus she’s getting snubbed like big time. The groom’s father didn’t even come. And she said things like:聽

“she has been snubbed by the British elite because of her ethnicity and background”

which is fucking stupid cause who do those inbred fuckers think they are snubbing people and shit.


no but how amazing is it that we’re all living in our own stories, our own universes, and every time we interact with someone else it’s a crossover with their聽story which is just as real to them as ours is to us

this band is actually the worst because they’re all codependent and they never stop touching each other聽and聽they share clothes and have friendship bracelets and squeeze so they can all fit onto the same couch together聽and they keep each other grounded and they grew up together and they’re going to keep hitting milestones with their four best friends at their side聽and nobody will ever love them as much as they love each other


So last night, Luke wore a Misfits t-shirt to the Billboard Music Awards. No big deal, right? Apparently not to Bill Werde and Hayley Williams.

This guy, Bill, called out Luke on his shirt and CALLED 5SOS A BOY-BAND IN THE PROCESS. Like, how the fuck would he know what music Luke listens to? I get it, it鈥檚 just another critic that has something stupid to say.

That would be alright with me, but then Hayley Williams, a musician that the 5SOS boys really look up to, joined in on calling out Luke. This really disappoints me because the boys look up to her so much, and because Ashton has a huge crush on her. THEY PUT HER AS A CHARACTER IN THEIR FUCKING 鈥淒on鈥檛 Stop鈥 MUSIC VIDEO. As I recall, a certain someone (Hayley) was wearing a Misfits t-shirt on stage when she was the same age as, if not younger than, Luke.

Honestly, just because Luke is young does not give anyone the right to say that he doesn鈥檛 listen to a certain band or artist. He could be the biggest Misfits fan in the universe, for all we know.

What bothers me the most is that Hayley Williams thinks it鈥檚 okay to discourage these kids. She鈥檚 one of the best role models for a lot of female musicians, and musicians in general, but she鈥檚 discouraging a 17-year-old kid from listening to the music he likes.

So to Bill Werde and Hayley Williams,
Don鈥檛 judge a book by it鈥檚 cover.

Sincerely, the 5SOS family.

Some Thoughts on #AskSupernatural

Okay, so I may be late for the bandwagon on this one, but I’d like to talk a bit about this. Because it’s important. VERY IMPORTANT.

Throughout all of Season 9, the fans were not heard. The fans were not listened to. A large chunk of Supernatural’s audience was ostracized by higher up shmucks who don’t seem to understand their audience.

And then I saw this. I saw that for a period of time, there was an #AskSupernatural twitter.聽And then it was taken down.

Have you seen any of the questions asked or the responses about the whole ordeal?

People asked the CW genuine questions. They asked about the sexism, the whitewashing, the queerbaiting, the obvious neglect of their true fan base, and do you know what the CW did?

They deleted the #AskSupernatural twitter and Facebook.

Is that how you deal with your problems? Ignore them?

You see legitimate criticism over the major problems in your show, and you what? Pretend you never saw them and go on with your life?

News flash, CW: Your fanbase is mostly women and people who support the LGBTQ community. Most of your viewership stems from the ideas of Destiel and Wincest. Pretending that your show is a hetero brofest is like watching a really sad version of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

I’m sure they wished they had some mainstream, two dudes kissing is funny sort of audience, but guess what? You don’t. Your audience are the nerds, the women, and the LGBTQ Community: Major groups of people you have flagrantly ostracized in the show itself.

What did you think we were going to do when you opened up #AskSupernatural? Pat you on the back and give you a cookie?

Season 9 was an overall insult to your fans.

It’s really easier for Supernatural to have Dean in love with a聽dog than with a male that he’s聽grown a strong relationship with over the years? It’s easier to make Dean a Demon than to聽make him bi?

And what about women? Sure, you’re bringing in Rowena, and that’s cool, but聽you took away Charlie. You’ve killed off potentially awesome women or written them out like Anna, Lisa, Naomi, Abaddon, Jo, Meg, Ruby. Hell, I didn’t even聽like most of these people, but that doesn’t mean you kill them all off because MANLINESS and needing more pain.

And what about people who aren’t just聽white males? Ennis was a step in the right direction, but聽three steps back when you killed his girlfriend. The portrayal of Portia was awkward and insulting at best. You killed off Rufus, one of the only Jews on Supernatural (Being a Jew apparently gives you a 50% death rate on the show). We never saw Missouri ever again. The list goes on.

Then, all of Team Free Will suddenly got specific amnesia on life lessons they’ve already learned as well as huge steps back in character development. Don’t get me started on Dean’s character development.

Not to mention killing off and writing off people who have great potential in growth and character development. Like Kevin, who could have been so much more than a quick death halfway through, or Linda Tran, who gets written off just because Kevin’s dead? And Charlie, who’s transported to Oz and Benny who’s shooed off because the world let him down. I could name more, if you wanted me to.

You ask us to tell you what questions we have. We respond with legitimate questions. You delete your account and never speak of it again. If you already had “bad PR” with your #AskThicke sized twitter problem, then you should get even more horrible PR for deleting the whole thing and IGNORING YOUR FANS. Because, you know, IT WOULDN’T BE BAD PR IF YOU LISTENED TO THE FANS AND TRIED TO DO MORE TO FIX THESE MAJOR PROBLEMS.

People are saying the Supernatural community should apologize to the CW for #AskSupernatural. Didn’t CW bring this upon themselves, though? You expect a fandom that is tired of all the crap it’s been through to just roll over and let the CW kill off every woman and ignore a character’s blatant bisexuality and let the show go on as it is in this downwards spiral of repeated plots and backwards character development?

Shouldn’t they be the ones apologizing for their childish behavior? They didn’t face their problems head on. They’re ignoring them and telling us we’re the problem. Is that really how you should treat your fanbase?


There鈥檚 no denying it, twenty-eight-year-old scars later and he鈥檚 still wrapped around her little finger. One look and he鈥檚 willing to do anything, whatever she asks. But what she needs most in that moment is what he struggles with himself. And he feels as unprepared now as he did then, her piercing cries replaced with piercing eyes. But he won鈥檛, he can鈥檛 back down, and maybe what spills from his lips is exactly what she needs, because only after he gives her a final nod of encouragement does she turn to face Henry. — msynergy