Pangur’s developing an obsession with my grandfather’s model ship

imagine when the baby is born robert finds out its not his so he plans to leave emmerdale cos there’s nothing there for him anymore since aaron has moved on but!! aaron finds out from vic and goes after him and they somehow end up at the first kiss layby and it’s raining and they argue and robert turns to leave BUT AARON GRABS HIM AND KISSES HIM AND EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD AGAIN!!!!!

YOI family AU series

well, someone asked me about the order in the story of we’re pregnant and the others so I decided to make a masterpost of all the ones I’ve made and I’ll update it every time I do something new :)  

1) We’re pregnant!!: this is the Victuuri story how they met and started their beautiful family <3  part 1, part 2

2) We’re pregnant!! extras:I talk more of Otayuri here and how they’re so in love with Victuuri’s son  extra 1, extra 2

3) Madly in love: this is the otayuri’s story, how they started dating and became a couple, I thought it was important since next series are of otayuri’s family  part 1, part 2

4) OtaYuri’s family: some short comics about the experience of Yurio and Beka being parents n__n: extra 1, extra 2, extra 3

5) grown up children (?): just a little glimpse of how the kids would look like teens here

Last thing I’m saying about the whole thing last night

Tbh I knew it was probably going to be nothing and I should have stuck to that and just gone to bed but I kind of hoped there would be more?

Honestly that was a mistake on my part

I was kind of mad at Mark for doing this but but I have to trust that he’ll explain everything soon and say whether this was meant to be part of something bigger

I think we all, myself included, got a little too overzealous about the whole thing, whether you saw it or not, if you’re slinging hate, you’re part of the problem.

I KNOW Mark would never intentionally do something to tear us apart like this nor would he want us to.

So Mark, I’m sorry for doubting you and if I offended anyone I’m sorry as well

Don’t spread hate, don’t act holier than thou and don’t guilt trip and don’t hate on Mark. Taking a step back, I know this isn’t what he wanted from us.

I want everyone who interacts with this post to send something nice to five people who you follow and if you sent hate to maybe think about apologizing. I’m not your mom I can’t tell you what to do but just…think about it okay? Just remember how good it felt to be a community just the other day for the charity stream and do me this favor

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Since people are doing this, here's another dog-related headcanon for ya! Imagine Makkachin just being jealous everytime Yuuri and Victor are being affectionate together. Like, they're hugging or kissing or whatever and Makka will just come stand next to them and stare at them like "Binch why am I not invited???". My dog actually does this, everytime we're having a family hug next to her she just wants to be included lol.



#thankyoubones week: day 11 → 2 families/familial scenes (platonic or not)

There’s more than one kind of family”. This show is all about family, and whether it is through their biological families, or a makeshift family made up of literally the entire Jeffersonian-FBI extended family, these people have truly shown just how much they care for each other, and how far they’d be willing to go for one another. This is one of the main aspects that I’m gonna miss the most about Bones - and will forever cherish in my heart, because you really can’t find this in any other show, and I’m so proud of that. ❤️

  • suho: I mean, come on guys. We're like family! Let's just hug it out. Come on, hug it out!
  • [all nine struggle into a group hug]
  • kyungsoo: Okay, who touched my ass?
  • chanyeol: I'm not sorry