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today at school i skipped class with my friend bc she was having some problems and i like wanted to be there for her and then the security guard caught us just sitting in the hall like not in class and we had to go down and talk to the principal so he said since we deliberately didn’t go to class we had to either be suspended for a day or get in school suspension and i was NOT gonna fuckin get suspended since my parents are already mad enough at me for my grades so i started like. crying my ass off but my friend on the other hand was like “listen. mr drake. this is my fault, it’s like a walter white and jesse pinkman situation. i’m walter white and i’m like ‘hey jesse, let’s make meth’ and luna is jesse and they don’t wanna make meth but i pressure them into it and they do it, they’re not at fault here. except in this case making meth is skipping class.” and with the combination of that, my crying, saying how i’m trying my hardest to get my grades up, and sort of explaining why we did it we went from possibly being suspended to getting just one lunch detention. she fuckin saul goodman’d us out of the situation


Riko and Allison at winter banquet, in a Riko/Raven!Allison au that nobody asked, but that is my new obsession.

I have way too much hc about this please help me to escape from Rikison hell.

Goblin Gin (Lily/James, drabble)

One night when they are fifteen and putting off revising for mid-term exams, James Potter teaches her how to play Goblin Gin and Lily thinks about kissing him for the first time.

It’s January and bloody freezing seemingly everywhere except right in front of the common room fire. She isn’t quite certain how it happens, but the fifth years have managed to claim the coveted spot for the evening. There are eight of them cocooned together, giddy with warmth and a heady sense of victory. They have two brutal exams approaching—Transfiguration and Potions, an awful combination—but it’s too cold to study and Sirius Black has somehow gotten hold of a bottle of Ogden’s, so now they are lazy and also slightly tipsy. It’s the first time Lily tastes the bitter brew, and it burns going down. Personally, she prefers gin.

It’s this declaration that begins the whole thing. “I think I prefer gin,” is quickly followed by “GIN. YES, GIN,” because James Potter has apparently had a few sips more than the rest of them and suddenly is next to her with cards in his hands. Until that moment, Lily had not been aware there was a Wizarding version of gin. Potter is aghast—aghast­—at this.

“I WILL TEACH YOU,” he shouts (she’s certain he doesn’t realise he’s shouting, but he fails to do anything otherwise for most of the night).

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  • Person: Are you sold out?
  • Me: You're in luck, I have someone not showing up. So, with a full hot breakfast in the morning, complimentary wi-fi, I can do a late checkout for the two queen sized beds.
  • Person: Fine, whatever. I'll take it
  • Me: Okay, the rate is supposed to be 199.95 plus tax, but it's late so I can cut you a break and let it go for a flat 150 plus tax and I just need an ID and a--
  • Person: What? That's fucking crazy, you can do better than that. What the hell is going on? Why is everyone so busy?
  • Me: It's graduation weekend for the local university so the entire town is pretty much sold out, 150 is the best I can do. Do you want the room?
  • Person: No, fuck that. You're fucking ripping me off. I'm going to check down the street
  • Me: Okayyyyyyy... g'luck
  • Guy standing behind him: So, that means I can take the room, right?
  • Me: Sure, all I need is an ID and a card. Long day?
  • Person: *comes back 20 minutes later*
  • Person: Alright, I'll take my room now. But I'm not paying more than 120, fuck that
  • Me: Unfortunately, we're sold out

I’m starting to see some right-before-the-holidays-be-nice-to-retail-workers posts, so I want to just say a couple things you can do to make your local retail workers’ lives a little easier:

1. If you’re buying cards, especially multiple cards, face the barcode out. This isn’t a huge thing, but fumbling with the envelopes and trying to make sure not to miss any takes time.
2. ASK FOR GIFT RECEIPTS BEFORE YOU PAY. This one actually IS pretty big, as a lot of places require a manager to print them once a transaction is closed. And everyone gets mad about how long that can take, because managers are BUSY right now.
3. Be aware of the fact that many stores can’t match online prices. Don’t waste your time and your store workers’ time by arguing about it.
4. If you try and call your store, don’t get nasty if you have to wait awhile to get through. We’re all doing our best, but EVERYONE is calling or coming in this week, and no matter how many people we staff we’re very busy.
5. This is less a holiday thing, but always think through things you say to retail workers! They almost always have to be nice to you, even when you make them uncomfortable, and that dynamic makes things even more uneasy for them.

August 7th 2014

The Reylo Senate, otherwise known as the Sinful Friday Reylo Chat proclaims:

@radiojamming as Keeper of the Compactor, Swamp Senator and Den Mother; providing guidance and quite possibly, a cracker barrel fanfic.

@ms-qualia as AU Senator, though somewhat conflicted at first with the title, will grant us with her never-ending knowledge in alternative universes.

@avenrue as The Archivist and Maker of the Keystone.

@juulna as the Reylux Queen, Defender of all the Ships, she will grace us with stories of odd numbers (usually, three).

@and-then-bam-cassiopeia as Ambassador of Overly Detailed Meta, in her we trust to nitpick until the end.

@ohtze as Empress of Literary Criticism, also retaining her previous title of Mama Shark, eternal source of Legends knowledge and wonderful essays.

@tiaraofreylos as Senator of Drawn-Out Story Arcs, she will share with us her gift of eternity.

@katyj19 as The Lurker Queen, always minded for reading, yet never writing fanfiction.

@uleanblue as Ambassador of Ludicrously Slow Updates, who wishes to first finish with her WIPs before plunging full into Reylo matters.

@hyperscanvindicator as Dark Lord of Unromantic Smut, who will teach us the benefits of avoiding entanglements.

@fireatlast as Empress of Fanfiction Newbies, she will give us a glimpse of the maelstrom the freshly introduced writer experiences coming into the Reylo.

@thegrayship​ as The Princess of Rarely Updated Multichapters and Snoke Being a Creepy Fuck, blessing us with accurate villain descriptions and cursing us at the same time with long waits between chapters.

@feckyeslife as The Anti-Paladin of Dark!Rey, defending the ranks of shippers against the foul orcs.

@nightsick as General of Angst, bringing all the feels we never asked for.

@rachel-greatest as The Reader Who Always Comments, raining kind, supportive words into our AO3 and Tumblr accounts.

and myself, @dauntlesssubconscious as The Scribe, the Chosen to compile and gather the whirlwind that is the Friday’s Reylo Chat for the world to see.

(Of course, there’s a lot of people missing here, so feel free to add yourselves and friends here, whether by reblogging or sending me an MP for me to edit this post.)

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