we're very different people

people can be so… calculating about adam’s arc, in the name of defending his ambition, and i find it fucking creepy tbh. to me, his arc was as much about accepting himself as a work in progress, as a human being with inherent worth just for being, not depending on what he achieves. that’s not to say he’s not going to go on to do great things, but he knows that he’s more than what he achieves now, that it’s okay to make mistakes and have setbacks. and also that there’s more to life than ambition– there is love, friendship, silliness, magic. fuck’s sake

before i go out with my friends i always remind myself of the things i shouldn’t talk about. tonight it goes something like:

  • those fun batman facts you’ve been thinking about are only fun for you
  • when someone asks what you’ve been up to “television” is not an appropriate answer
  • remember to actually sigh, not just say the word out loud
  • i’m serious about those batman facts, don’t fucking do it