we're twisted

I honestly feel so bad for anyone who joins TAZ after this episode knowing about this twist

It is so, so, SO IMPORTANT to not know this twist, it’s like a freaking gut punch narratively speaking and it’s too incredible to miss and I know some people are going to miss it and that makes me sad

The preview pics are out and…

Excuse me?! What is going on here?

Yuuri, are you okay? Victor, are you okay? Is everything alright?

Yuuri, why is there a drop of sweat on your face?

What’s wrong with your eyebrows, your eyes, your teeth? Son, why are you making this face? Why are you making your mother worry?

And why are you so close to eachother? I’m pretty sure that’s Victor’s shoulder in front.

What’s going on, guys? You two good?


character design for art class

Cons of being Norwegian:

• Fucking cold, all the time
• writing about Henrik Ibsen seems to be the only goal a Norwegian-teacher has.


• ??? ??
• please enlighten me, I need some

the boyf @gayflannels and i are watching strabnge thengs & it’s Good (we decided that we’re adopting eleven as our precious and powerful daughter we will be her kind gay dads)

starter call // @pxnishxr 

“Look, I don’t want to bug you about this. I don’t. I get why you do what you do and why you go over there and fight and do good- I’m proud of you, Frank, proud of everything you do. I just want to know, y’know… when you’re staying home with Lisa and me,” Maria hesitates, sits on the arm of the couch. “Sometimes it feels like I don’t know where your home is, that’s all.”

This is silly, but the heck with it

This is one of the ways I imagine how next episode going down

It’s going to consists back and forth between flashbacks and present events.

In the present events, beginning of episode grunkle Stan (Grandpa Stan? Stan, who has been taking care of the twins this summer, nm) gets taken away abruptly, kidnapped by something…. I don’t know maybe aliens, it’s a mystery

Portal Stan (I’m calling him Portal Stan) and the twins spend the episode trying to find where, what and why Stan was taken.

And Portal Stan is constantly trying to introduce himself, who he really is

But he keeps getting interrupted

And it keeps happening throughout the episode

Every single time he tries

Something, Wendy, the agents, Gideon, town folks and even the monsters interrupt him

Until near the end of the episode finally Portal Stan has had it, gets a microphone, climbs on top on high ground, takes a deep breath and..

The episode ends.

how come real madrid, the king club of making poor decisions and angering its fans, is one of the few clubs that hasn’t had any transfer drama ………. what is going on @ real ??? what are you up to ??? i don’t trust u…..


Some rough but gentlemanly character designs I did for our semester project today! I had a lot of fun with these - it’s not the type of characters I usually draw but it went surprisingly well. The last row is my favorite by far, I’m quite proud of all that attitude.

I’m also a little bit in love with that brush ovo I’m not that used to drawing with Photoshop, but since my SAI crashed yesterday I had no other choice. Welp.