we're twisted

  • bb17 production: wow so there's so good game play going on. let's cancel the takeover. we don't need it!
  • bb19 production: holy............. fuck............... they won't do anything................ we're running out of twist ideas................ tree?????? of temptation?????? garden of eden thing????? ok???? yea they'll do for that.

Happy Birthday Peter Ustinov: 16th April 1921 - 28th March 2004

I am an optimist, unrepentant and militant. After all, in order not to be a fool, an optimist must know what a sad place the world can be. It is only the pessimist who finds this out anew every day. 

Halo - Halo (Mixed)


warnings: the beginning of a new era, morbid and detailed, blood, hwang minhyun is the epitome of bias wrecker, he’ll wreck it for you (don’t worry), you’ll be screaming after this.

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Cons of being Norwegian:

• Fucking cold, all the time
• writing about Henrik Ibsen seems to be the only goal a Norwegian-teacher has.


• ??? ??
• please enlighten me, I need some


character design for art class


On this day in music history: May 10, 1984 - “Stay Hungry”, the third studio album by Twisted Sister is released. Produced by Tom Werman, it is recorded at Cherokee Studios, Westlake Audio in Hollywood, CA and The Record Plant in New York City from Late 1983 - Early 1984. Having played together with various line ups since 1972, Twisted Sister record and release their first album “Under The Blade” for indie label Secret Records in 1982. While promoting that release in the UK they make an appearance on the popular music show The Tube, which attracts the attention of Atlantic Records who sign them on the strength of that performance. They record their second full length “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” with producer Stuart Epps released in June of 1983. It performs well enough for the label to allow them to follow it up. Now paired with veteran rock producer Tom Werman (Blue Öyster Cult, Mötley Crüe, Cheap Trick), the end result is the most successful album of Twisted Sister’s career. It spins off three singles including “We’re Not Gonna Take It” (#21 Pop, #20 Mainstream Rock), and “I Wanna Rock” (#68 Pop, #35 Mainstream Rock). Those singles are supported by memorable and humorous music videos directed by Marty Callner (Aerosmith, Cher) featuring the band with actor Mark Metcalf (“Animal House”). In 2009, the album is remastered and reissued as a two CD deluxe edition to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its original release. The first disc contains the original nine song album, with disc two features eighteen additional tracks, including previously unreleased demos, outtakes, a radio spot recorded for Los Angeles station KMET, and one new track. It is also concurrently reissued as vinyl LP, pressed on bubblegum pink and translucent pink vinyl and packaged with a poster. “Stay Hungry” peaks at number fifteen on the Billboard Top 200 and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

zxcvbblr  asked:

Given the question August keeps asking in 525, and the title of chapter 526, I have a feeling we're in for a twist where August is Zeref and Mavis' child, and Larcade is some sort of Natsu clone August created as an experiment when he couldn't figure out why Zeref wouldn't love him, even after he mastered so much magic, and became so powerful to help Zeref. Or perhaps Mavis had twins, and August lived, and Larcade died and was later revived like Natsu. Either would fit the evidence so far.

I really wonder why August cares so much about Rahkeids lack of love but I have the feeling that he is not their son. Good theory tho :)

  • Bb fans: we would like an All Stars season.
  • Bb production: k :)
  • Bb production: *starts a new season with new people* TWIST WE'RE BRINGING BACK SOMEONE FROM LAST YEAR!
  • Bb fans: no plz we don't want that.
  • Bb production: u said vets. We're doing what u want.
  • Bb fans: no we don't like this.
  • Bb production: :) we're going to continue doing this for the rest of big brother history :)

anonymous asked:

plot twist we're all reaching and phil just wanted a picture of the shark but dan was in the way the plot Thickens

dan and his fucken tall ass and big head., move out of the marine life’s way u narcissistic white tourist


can’t help falling in love