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Haikyuu!! Characters As Things My Boyfriend Has Done : Part One
  • Daichi: Made pizza at 10:30pm bc he was hungry
  • Sugawara: Done the Hanzo voice before proceeding to die due to a coughing fit
  • Ennoshita: Talked casually about naming one of his kids Mistake in a different language
  • Asahi: Said he looked like a twenty-five year old man and then mentioned that I looked twelve despite the fact of him being nine months older than me — we were holding hands; people stared
  • Nishinoya: Stood over the seat of a seesaw, forgot that I was short and needed to pull the seat down to sit on it and proceeded to get hit in the balls
  • Tanaka: Offered to beat up anyone who ever insulted this blog and call them out
  • Kinoshita: Yelled that he wasn't going to take Hanzo's dragon and proceeded to die
  • Narita: The high pitched noises he makes whenever he dies or is panicked in video games
  • Kageyama: Him saying, "When I was coming out, you were being made." When I said we were only a pregnancy apart age wise
  • Hinata: Laughing at the look on my face when I realised I'd never be over 5-foot
  • Tsukishima: Said he'd like to see me in his blazer and then proceed to make a short joke
  • Yamaguchi: Saying that he liked the smell of Fanta upon me saying my face wash and moisturiser smells like Fanta
  • Kiyoko: Made a 19 step plan for our relationship and then forgot most of it
  • Yachi: Threatening to drive me to the doctors despite not being able to drive

i lové how we’re all talking abt how the angarans are super open abt their emotions and how they hug and fist fight to b Totally Transparent but another part of the convo is. how fuckin hard jaal is gonna b swindled when he makes any purchases bc he takes everyone at face value and would 100% believe that a nice comb that he has no use for is The Best In The Galaxy, He Absolutely Needs It!!!

Wedding time! 🎉🎆🎇🎉🎆🎇 Going to a chapel and CS is gonna get married!!

Oh god, it’s hitting me. 

This is it.  

So many beautiful kisses and flirts galore and I love you’s. We had multiple separations by realms, there was death and darkness and going to Hell to get him back. We got emotional goodbyes and attack kisses reunions. We got plenty of encouragement speeches that makes us weak and all giddy and smiley inside. We got “Move in with me.” and “Will you marry me?” twice. We even got a shadow swan moment (never over that lol). We got plenty of foreshadowing that make A&E go #nospoilers and make us scratch our heads and laugh because we know the truth.

We have two characters that we have loved for 5 years, some of us didn’t start shipping them until a specific moment, some even knew from the very beginning and have been shipping them since and they’re getting married and I’m crying. 

Today is gonna be a great day.

me and @firebirdcorrect-primelawyer have been meta’ing about Strange Days’ Miles and Gregory, and wee! Miles, Phoenix and Larry, and OMG IT’S SO CUTE!!!

Gregory watching his tiny son play with his friends.  Gregory noticing that Phoenix left Miles a blanket after a sleep-over, and that Miles will sleep with the blanket whenever Miles has a nightmare.  Gregory watching Phoenix insert himself between Miles to herd people away so Miles can safely walk down the street.  Gregory watching Phoenix hold Miles’ hand as they cross the street and not let go…Gregory realizing that Phoenix may one day be an Alpha and his son an omega, Gregory realizing he’s probably interacting with his future son in-law…Gregory holding his confused son (”Father why are you being so clingy?”) because even though he knows that they’re only 9 and  the interactions between Miles and Phoenix are totally innocent and anything could happen in Miles’ future, his son is growing up too fast.

Also:  Beta! Larry not realizing until he’s much older that he’s been 3rd-wheeling Miles and Phoenix pretty much all of this life.