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And… we made it!! This is the KS fan art @sterndecorum and I made ^^, really happy that we made this collab coz my painting skills are really awful but with my sweet sterndecorum’s colors is perfect :’D I love you so much!

And Yep, Bum is pregnant because he’s an omega in our minds *crazy lady smile* hope you like it ^^

me: [finds comfort in KS to help me cope with traumatic abusive situations and also to cope with deep desires in a safe way] [not harming anybody by reading a comic] [understands why people, especially fellow survivors, would hate the comic and doesn’t force it upon anybody]
antis: wow you’re literal garbage kill yourself

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i wasn't trolling, we know bum isn't in love he said so and has tried to escape MORE THAN ONCE. sangbum doesn't love him he just wants someone to blame when all this madness comes to light. this is going to happen, he doesn't want to be with sangwoo and he'll be free one way or another. why would he play house one minute and then try to run away as soon as sangwoo is gone?? seungbae is going to show up and save the day, that's how he was introduced, he's going to stop sangwoo and i said it'd be

When given the opportunity, Bum has also decided not to escape, as you put it,,, MORE THAN ONCE. Yes, Bum has said that he does not love Sangwoo and has tried to escape, but you also have to understand that because of his BPD he splits which you can read more about here. And I do hope you understand that Bum will never ever be truly free from Sangwoo. When you go through abuse, it latches onto you. You don’t forget about it. Especially with what Bum has gone through and is going through, you think he’ll be free? He won’t. He won’t even if he is saved by Seungbae because then he returns to his other abuser, his uncle. And, like I said, if anything Seungbae is most likely running around the station with coffee cups in his hands right now. He’s not the hero. He’s the antagonist of our antagonist. Seungbae was actually introduced as the antagonist of our protagonist in Chapter 1. If you do not understand that Killing Stalking might actually have an unhealthy/unhappy ending, I suggest that you stop reading it. It is probably not good for you or for your adamant mindset.

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i scrolled pretty far down the recent asks on your blog, and found an ask about how to get a gf if it wasn't thru tumblr thirst stalking. i just wanted to encourage you and everyone else that me and my gf have been dating for 2 years. how did we meet each other? thats right. tumblr thirst stalking. we're ldr but only have a 1hr time zone difference, visit regularly, and planning on moving in together!! good things can happen on this hellsite!! keep on thirststalking!! gf cant hide 4ever!!!!!

there is hope for us all thank

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Hey homie, I don't think we're mutuals but I stalk your blog hella for the Quality Content and I know you love Air, so I wanted thought you'd like to hear that I messaged him on Facebook last night and he responded in part by telling me he's working on a new project. The hype is real! Also sorry if this is weird I barely know how Tumblr works


Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭35, 37-39‬ ESV

There is nowhere you can possibly go to escape the love of God. You are consumed. This isn’t a matter of subjective feeling, but objective reality. When you are in Christ, you are in the very centre of the love of the eternal community of God, which has existed in perfect joy and satisfaction since before time. And in Christ, you are now in that eternal community of love. Nothing can remove you from it, not circumstance, or any person, or group of people, or anything you ever do or say. You cannot become unworthy of this love, because this love has of itself made you worthy of it. You are loved by God. You are loved. By God.

You are loved by God.

You are loved.

By God.

You are loved.

Dear Carina MacKenzie,

Your lack of self-awareness, accountability, and childish resentment is breathtaking. No one cat burgled your offices and stole the scripts. Someone on YOUR side sent spoilers to a Tumblr user unsolicited. I’m glad to see that my initial instincts about your maturity level have borne out. Lashing out at a fandom that literally hasn’t given a fuck about you in months but who, surprise!, still mostly watch your show is the kind of self-destructive, self-centered behavior that I’ve come to expect from you, but had hoped you’d gotten out of your system with age and a gradual increase in self awareness.

Thanks for ruining the viewing experience for an awful lot of Klaroline fans who still watched TO (and weren’t actually hating on you at all) with your snide theatrics on that podcast today. This behavior right here, is why many fans don’t take your show seriously and don’t interact in large numbers with you or your colleagues on social media anymore.

I like how you give lip service to sticking up for teen girls and the things they’re into, but you turn around and are cruel to many of them because they’re associated with a ship that you blame for causing you personal problems for whatever reason that I will never understand.

Watching a show is fun. Shipping is fun. Even being critical of something you enjoy (or used to enjoy, as is the case with many of the people I suspect you have an issue with) is fun. What’s not fun is being belittled, snarled at, and being blamed for your issues.

I don’t count myself among that number because I’m a shit talker. I think being critical of things is fun, especially when it’s something completely ridiculous (like your show) that has been put out there for public consumption. It was never personal with me, nor with a lot of others. But hey, we are just haters, so who cares, right? Right.

I wish you the best of luck in pilot season next year and I truly mean that.