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ENFP traps the hypocritical INFJ

ENFP: Hey INFJ, what should I do when I’m feeling depressed/sad?

INFJ: Exercise, talk to your friends, don’t suppress emotions, and make sure you get out and not neglect daily important tasks :)

ENFP: *smirk* So that means you should do that too, right?

INFJ: I, uh-

ENFP: When you’re depressed? Why not take your own advice?

INFJ: Wait a second! You said that just to-

ENFP: Make you do what you’re supposed to do?

INFJ: Trap me…

ENFP: Both are true

  • Maven: who do you think is prettier me or Mare?
  • Kilorn: I dont really want to answ-
  • Maven: who
  • Kilorn: *sighs* you
  • Maven, offended: are u sayin Mare is ugly????

anonymous asked:

At first I found the joke about jimin around whit people funny, because I'm a POC that works in retail that's my face all the time with rude costumers but then I just started disliking the joke. Cause you can tell my baby just shy and he doesn't know what to do exactly. He's in a new culture and country so of course he's going to act a little confused and mono tone. The he was getting hate that seriously was so stupid. I hope he doesn't see any of it because I don't want him to beat himself up.

Thank you for agreeing with me! I’m just furious about how people can overlook the fact that at least some people that has the same point of view as mine and disagreeing with the “joke” were not thinking about how it would hurt the “white” but JIMIN!!!! 

Why use color? Why use his pics in such a joke? I am offended by the joke, not because it uses the word “white”, but because you use Jimin for your ridiculous vendetta. Do you know how much hate he will get by people who misunderstood things? Do you know how many people are now looking at the boys and into the fandom thanks to Billboard? And how many there are that just now joining the fandom and might not get the joke?

No, I’m not talking about how it’s hurt people in that skin color, or any certain race. But how it will hurt Jimin. Don’t you people know how easy it is for them to get access to everything we put online? Even if you’re going to say “no, the boys don’t have tumblr”. This is the internet! People in twitter has access as much as we have to theirs and they can spread our posts as much as we can spread theirs on our blogs, and it’ll be no problem for that “joke” to reach their eyes sooner or later. Stop overlooking that fact alone, and please consider how Jimin would feel if he sees, when he must’ve already feel bad that day for being so out of place and nervous about the award and the event itself. He was in a foreign land. If only you use the caption “Let me go home” instead of that caption, then I will laugh along with you.

Anonymous said: It’s a joke. Don’t worry it won’t be affecting white peoples privilege in the end of the day :-) I don’t care if they get butt hurt over a joke when they don’t get discriminated/oppressed in real life. Poc get murdered for just their skin color and lots of other things I can say.

This message just came in at the same time I was typing that long answer above, so I’m just going to put this here because I know there are many of you who thinks the same as this person and I hate having to type my answer all over again, when I know for some reason our logical answers can never get through to your heads. Please read my long answer above your message, my kind person. And tell me this, have you watched the current interview on Kiisfm FB live? Did you see the interviewer mentioning to the boys how the phrase “third guy from the left” becomes a trending topic? Now when you do see this, please imagine if the boys go to the internet, and not only they find those posts about Jin and Jungkook, but also the Jimin’s “joke”. Now try to imagine how they feel about it, and come back to me. Please don’t point your fingers at me calling me whitey as you guys did to my POC friends. I’m Asian. My skin color tone is yellow and I have nothing against others with different skin color than mine.

This will be the last time I answer this matter. Like I said in the previous tag, anyone coming in trying to talk about this again and disregard my long ass answer above will be ignored. I’m done talking. And if you’re not going to listen then so be it. I’m just praying no hell is going to be let loose. And praying that Jimin is having a hell of fun out there.

Your friendly (well, more or less ;) think-tankers:

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Don’t listen to them, being you is more than enough.

youd think that after years of battling this unhappiness on an almost daily basis that I would have figured out a fool proof way of getting myself out of it, but no i havent

2 dots and a tub and suddenly yoonkook is dismissed as a sibling pair aiight >.>

Meanwhile in Arizona

SIERRA VISTA - A mother has been cited after Sierra Vista Police say she let her 10-year-old child drive.

The child crashed the car through the front glass of a convenience store along Highway 92 Thursday afternoon.

No one was hurt.

Police tell News 4 the woman allowed the child to drive because they live in the neighborhood.

The store is closed until inspectors can make sure it’s safe.

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Yep looking at the dentists Twitter he is a cosmetic dentist. Not a surgeon. Teeth whitening is what happened. No question. Teeth and bandaid are unrelated for sure.

Yes (posting this especially for a different anon who apparently can’t be bothered to scroll and just wanted to freak out in my inbox)