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Negativity and Rude Anons

I’ve just managed to see two (2) of the rudest anon questions within an hour of each other revolving around the writing status of the author who is running a blog. I’m sorry that we’re not filling out your requests in a “timely fashion” but you have to understand that we actually do have lives outside of whatever fandom we’re writing in and that we’re not always going to want to write the requests you have. It is beyond important to respect us as people who have to take care of our family and ourselves. I am proud of so many people in this community along with the FFXV community but to stoop so low as to degrade the writers in a sense where you’re making them feel like what they can do isn’t enough? To suggest that any of the writers that are creating content aren’t trying their hardest? As people, we’re giving our free time to do something that is enjoyable for us, which is to make viewers happy and to make them smile or cry. We’re trying to make our viewers feel. It’s super discouraging to us when people start pointing out that we’re not showing the same enthusiasm we used to or that we’re not pushing fic after fic out like we did when we all started our blogs. It hurts me when I see people being rude, even when they’re not trying to be. Think of it this way.

  1. Is the question you’re about to ask something you’d like hearing?
    1. is yes, read 2.
    2. if no, skip to 3.
  2. (if yes) Then ask away! We probably love your positive vibed questions and we want more of them. Have a request? Check if we’re taking them. Any sort of communication with our followers that’s positive and leaves us smiling makes us want to keep writing for you guys.
  3. (if no) Stop asking! Delete it. Don’t send it in. Any sort of communication with our followers that’s negative and leaves us second guessing ourselves and our abilities? We probably don’t want to write for you anymore

If you’re about to ask something that you personally wouldn’t like being asked, why would you ask someone else? If you’re not sure if your question is rude or not, ask a friend and be like “hey, what’s your opinion on this question? On a scale of 1 to get-the-fuck-out-of-my-face?”. It is so unbelievably easy to just be nice to people. If you are a viewer and you forget that the content creator you follow is a human being with emotions, then don’t follow them. Make their life easy by not having to worry about it. If you like their content and want to see more of it? Encourage them. Send them an ask and be like “Hey guy, I really love your work and I can’t wait to see more of it!” Tell us about your favorite works! Tag them in things. Make a tag specifically for them, and let them know. We love hearing feedback from you. We really do but it’s gotta be the right kind. You can’t criticise and expect us to be happy with it. Criticising isn’t the same thing as constructively doing so. So, please. For the love of Gods. Just. Be nice to us. Be kind and caring and patient and just be aware of what you’re saying. It is so important to respect everyone. 

NY Times Bestselling Author of Beautiful Creatures is a Klaroline shipper. And she’s talking about little KC babies.    (✿ ♥‿♥)