we're so blessed that we can look at you

ATTENTION ATTENTION: hey everyone 👋🏿 Again I hope you're having a beautiful and blessed day 🙏🏿 My wife and I are starting a new bathing suit line based around thicker girls and more curvy girls!... don't worry we have bathing suits for everyone else too. SO UPDATE: We have a designer but now we're looking for a manufacturer or someone to produce the designs we have!! If you're interested in helping in anyway or know anyone that can help please please message me or my wife @daughtertheresaa Spread the word 🙌🏿Thanks !! love you all! -Queen J 👸🏿


Omg, this is my second follow forever as I’ve achieved 600+ followers! I can’t believe it, honestly, and I’m so blessed to have such perfectly perfect followers, like, I love you all. Thanks for putting up with my weird posts, thanks for being my friends, thanks for being there for me, and just thank you for being you.

You know we're best friends when we can describe the other in three words.

ritassists - My Miss Hemmings. 

swiftofrph - My little shit.

maiofrp - Half of Misie.

kenzaofrph - Sorry for lmao.

malikmanips - My only Cassie.

feliciterps - Love me nutella.

prettyofrpt - Look! My Pearl.

jillassists - Mori to Honey.

pumpkintalks - I want pizza.

We've spoken before? Friendship right there.

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They bring life to my dash

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