we're so asian

Just a friendly reminder that there is no competition when it comes to oppression. 

ridiculously long list of things fresh off the boat got right about the asian american experience:

  • mom saying everything in the store is too expensive
  • mom taking all the free samples
  • “i’m jessica” “oh i was expecting something more exotic”
  • “your english is very good!”
  • the teacher totally messing up your name (my last name is literally one syllable and they still managed to mess it up)
  • “you need to go to school so you can go to college and make lots of money”
  • being made fun of for your smelly asian food at school
  • mom saying you have to take your asian food to lunch but then giving in and taking you to buy a lunchables anyway
  • parents being ridiculously hard on you but always having your back when it matters
  • mom saying “that’s so american. why are you so american?”
  • because they want you to fit into the american way but not too much, you know?
  • not saying “i love you” and it’s hella suspicious if you do
  • mom more concerned about report cards than a rampant drug problem at the school
  • sending you to extra school after regular school was finished
  • being generally envious of your white friends
  • at least one sibling is the golden child who fulfills all of your parents dreams
  • if you didn’t have one that sibling was you
  • being called a chink
  • and tons more because this show is absolutely golden and everyone should watch it

chanyeol’s reaction when they won Album of the Year. (x)

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You DO wanna fuck the school shooters

my interest in these things isn’t rooted in sexual attraction ok. just because you’re curious about something doesn’t mean you want to fuck it. you like cartoon beaver girls but does that mean you’re sexually attracted to them? oh no, oh wait

furbnation-deactivated20151103  asked:

hi there! with the recent Oscars and all and how empowering Lupita has been for black women and girls - i hope i don't sound selfish- but I've been feeling a bit down about the asian representation, specifically east asian. Being asian and a lover of acting it makes me hate being asian a lot and I guess I wanted to ask what you're stance is on with asians being represented in media? We're always so stereotypical.

Asian people are underrepresented, misrepresented, homogenized, portrayed uni-dimensionally, often not given fair dynamic story lines, not given lead roles, not given credit for their talent in lead roles or supporting roles in the rare occasion that they are, etc. There are blogs for and by Asian peoples explaining it better than me with in depth detail on the history, context, and significance to Asian people though. I’m not tryna overstep my boundaries. I don’t know why my stance on it would matter to you because obviously as someone against racism and exclusion my stance is that it’s fucked up, disgusting, unfair and exclusive. I agree with you on anything you feel about it, of course. The consequence is people having low self esteem (studies show) linked to not seeing themselves and when seeing themselves they’re portrayed not as multi-dimensionally as white people. No one should have a stance on something like this because the answer, though critically it could be examined many ways, is that lack of representation for Asian people is absolutely bad. That should be the universal notion imo… Representation for Asian people is inadequate. I don’t know what else to say lol the evidence is pretty horrifyingly representative for itself. I think that something horrible and racist and unfair is horrible racist and unfair.


Fun fact: the only asian actress to be nominated for the oscar lead actress role was in 1935

Even Asian people working behind the scenes are excluded and not given credit in the occasion that they’re even given the opportunity.