we're slow dancing in a burning room

My dear, we’re slow dancing in a burning room.

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my dear we're slow dancing in a burning room.

imagine slow dancing to John Mayer with Dean Winchester…

“C'mere.” Dean said, motioning for you to come closer with his fingers. You glided over nervously. He put his hand out to take yours. You placed one hand in his and he pulled you in close.

John Mayer played on the radio. Slow dancing in a burning room. It was your favourite. Dean interlocked his fingers with yours and placed his other hand on your waist. You tensed up a little as he pulled you in ever closer. Your hand was placed on his shoulder gently, and you found yourself resting your head next to it.

The two of you swayed back and forth in the dim light of the room, both your shadows twirling around on the wall. It felt so right, being held in his arms. You closed your eyes and listened to the sound of Dean’s heart beating. It was heavenly.

“Dean?” you asked hesitantly, afraid to ruin the moment.

“Hm?” he replied, not flinching from his position. He kept focussed on the movement of the two of your bodies.

“Do you love me?” you couldn’t believe you were asking him that. it just came out without warning. You became tense again, not knowing what to say.

“I do.” Dean blurted out before you could apologize for your blunt question. You were shocked but relieved at the same time. “Do you?” he asked.

You looked up at him and smiled. “Of course I do, Dean.” you replied.

Before you knew it, Dean’s lips were pressing on yours. The two of you moved in sync as John Mayer’s voice drifted away in the background.

(just trying something out. I know a lot of people probably aren’t even going to pay attention to this, but I figured I would get an idea written down and see what someone might think of it. please share any feed back you have on this, I hope you like it!)