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As we’re reading/writing thinkpieces and op/eds about the alt-nazis and their boycott of Star Wars, I really want to remind people concerned with racism not to forget about all the self-proclaimed progressive/liberal “totally not racist” white women who have embraced our new white female leads while ignoring/erasing the men of color in leading roles – especially Finn. (Not to mention how many of those same women have flooded fandom spaces with love and woobification of the nazi allegory characters, generally at the expense of those men of color – especially Finn.)

Generally, I personally am not a fan at all of headcanoning ALL clone troopers as ace. It feeds into desexualization of nonwhite men (especially seeing as they are basically the majority of our nonwhite characters), it touches into asexuals are artifical beings and especially if the headcanon comes out of ‘ace because reproduction would be inconvenient’ asexuality is manufactured (i.e. less of a real thing), if it goes the asexuality to save off reproduction that is a little too close to sterilization/forcibly taking away reproductive rights of nonwhite persons for comfort. It also gently stumbles into the association of asexuality and the ability to commit terrible acts, even though the clone troopers aren’t necessarily villains, they are a huge portion of Order 66 and the Clone Wars and the horrors associated with them.

There’s a difference between some or many are ace, and every single one of them are. While I totally understand the desire to represent a group, it just becomes extremely uncomfortable to me because it intersects with a lot of harmful tropes and stereotypes surrounding nonwhite people and aces.


featuring jessika pava because there needs to be more jessika pava x rey things in the world (and if i have to make jeditestor happen by myself i will) x-wing pilots have to have casual workout clothes right? 

‘Don’t come near her. Or my family EVER again’ 

Other things I like: they are so married and it’s hilarious. Someone needs to unearth a greatest hits holoreel so Luke can marvel at what total nerds they are.


Skull bandana I did the other day but you’ve already seen it if you follow me on Instagram (chelseaboisclair)😘

dude why are people complaining that the Star Trek: Beyond trailer not seeming star trek-y enough — a mysterious power summoning a bunch of aliens to a barren rock planet to fight each other is totally a ST: TOS plot. If the creatures behind it are wearing shimmery togas we’ll be at full TOS. 

  • Me: I feel a great Awakening in the Force
  • Me: And something else...
  • Me: As if millions of whining racists and meninists cried out
  • Me: And were silenced
  • Me: *sips tea*

Seriously, Galaxia’s casual lack of fuck-giving is fantastic.