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I’m so sick of these fucking “OPEN YOUR EYES, STEREKS, YOU’RE FALLING FOR THEIR TRICKS AGAIN” posts, because literally no one is falling for it. Everyone knows exactly what they’re doing. No one believes we’re suddenly getting canon Sterek, and no one is suddenly saying that Jeff Davis is a creative genius who really takes the opinions of the fandom into account. 

People are excited to see Derek and Stiles again, knowing full well they will be disappointed. Some people will wait for the gifs, some will watch the entire season, but Jesus Christ, stop yelling at everyone like they’re idiots blindly walking into a trap or betraying the fandom by watching the show. Just chill the fuck out and let people be excited.

whats so beautiful about rosvolio is you don’t even notice. you don’t even notice how they subtly went from enemies to friends. how they went from biting each other’s heads off to trusting each other enough to run away. how they went from friends to lovers in just the smallest blink of an eye because of trust. how they went from unravelling a murder plot to having their first and final good bye kiss on the morning of benvolio’s to-be death. it’s so subtle, so neatly woven together, but at the core of their relationship is trust. and thats what makes a beautiful enemies to friends to lovers trope.

Everyone is going on about the parts of Thor Ragnarok they’re most excited for but honestly? To me it’s fact that I’m gonna get to see Māori people in a big, international blockbuster. I’m gonna get to see myself represented in a popular movie by someone other than Temuera Morrison, which is honestly an amazing feeling


I won’t let him lose his way, not like I did!

Here we go, an update!

“Disturbing, these findings are.” Master Yoda’s ears droop slightly, as his clawed hand gently lays the datapad he held back on the table.

“That’s the least you can call it.” Mace massages his temples and breathes deeply and evenly. The sheer magnitude of the discovery is enough to stop one’s breath. “How have we missed this?”

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featuring jessika pava because there needs to be more jessika pava x rey things in the world (and if i have to make jeditestor happen by myself i will) x-wing pilots have to have casual workout clothes right? 

TLJ Trailer: Luke Skywalker has lost all hope for the Jedi and wants the order to die out!


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hi i just wanted to let you know your post about the rey/bastila and kylo/revan parallels was the thing that actually got me invested in the newest star wars trilogy and the reylo ship just over a year ago because before then i thought the entire thing was a load of garbage and i wanted no part of it but since then i’ve become full blown reylo trash and it's all because of you so i just wanted to say thank you for restoring my faith and enthusiasm into a franchise i’d previously lost faith in


I’m glad to have helped, because tbh same: leading up to TFA I’d completely lost faith and enthusiasm in the franchise too, and was happy to contribute in a positive and constructive way again.

And while I am an overly cautious gremlin who still says that the manner of this “bond” and how it’ll manifest is up for debate, I think the fact that the connection is being talked about in such an open and straightforward manner (both by primary and secondary sources) is hugely positive.

‘Don’t come near her. Or my family EVER again’ 


Skull bandana I did the other day but you’ve already seen it if you follow me on Instagram (chelseaboisclair)😘

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You have a truck? Loving this southern gay aesthetic.

(*´∀`*) It’s my uncle’s old pickup that was just kind of left here. Good for nothing other than taking up space and using to star gaze~

also! my hometown library got the third season of swr on dvd, so guess who’s finally going to get to watch it

As we’re reading/writing thinkpieces and op/eds about the alt-nazis and their boycott of Star Wars, I really want to remind people concerned with racism not to forget about all the self-proclaimed progressive/liberal “totally not racist” white women who have embraced our new white female leads while ignoring/erasing the men of color in leading roles – especially Finn. (Not to mention how many of those same women have flooded fandom spaces with love and woobification of the nazi allegory characters, generally at the expense of those men of color – especially Finn.)

Other things I like: they are so married and it’s hilarious. Someone needs to unearth a greatest hits holoreel so Luke can marvel at what total nerds they are.