we're pretty proud of it

Evie's reaction to the 'Murder Ballads'
  • Evie: Jacob.
  • Jacob: What.
  • Evie: I just got back from the King's Crown.
  • Jacob: You never struck me as the drinking type, Evie. What were you doing in a place of such ill repute?
  • Evie: Jacob, they were singing songs. About YOU. In the TAVERN.
  • Jacob: What? No they're not.
  • Evie: The songs were all about your former targets! Pearl Attaway, Philip Twopenny! Jacob, we're supposed to keep our work a SECRET!
  • Jacob: ... well, at least they're good songs.
  • Evie: JACOB--
  • Jacob: It also puts a whole new meaning to "hiding in plain sight", doesn't it? Nobody would expect a secret organization to go on making up songs celebrating their victories now, would they?
  • Evie: //loud exasperated sigh
  • Jacob: Come on. Admit it, they're quite brilliant.
  • Evie: ... Well, I DID like the "Jokes Jokes Jokes" song.