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behind the sea // panic! at the disco

3 years ago when I talked about Kpop everyone was like ‘what?’. Now when I talk about Kpop 6 out of 10 people will know what it is. Sometimes they’ll even go ‘like bts?’.

Kpop is becoming pretty famous in the Netherlands.

Evie's reaction to the 'Murder Ballads'
  • Evie: Jacob.
  • Jacob: What.
  • Evie: I just got back from the King's Crown.
  • Jacob: You never struck me as the drinking type, Evie. What were you doing in a place of such ill repute?
  • Evie: Jacob, they were singing songs. About YOU. In the TAVERN.
  • Jacob: What? No they're not.
  • Evie: The songs were all about your former targets! Pearl Attaway, Philip Twopenny! Jacob, we're supposed to keep our work a SECRET!
  • Jacob: ... well, at least they're good songs.
  • Evie: JACOB--
  • Jacob: It also puts a whole new meaning to "hiding in plain sight", doesn't it? Nobody would expect a secret organization to go on making up songs celebrating their victories now, would they?
  • Evie: //loud exasperated sigh
  • Jacob: Come on. Admit it, they're quite brilliant.
  • Evie: ... Well, I DID like the "Jokes Jokes Jokes" song.

A flashback in our Modern AU created by @pia-soleildiddle over a series of increasingly complex messages detailing Georges and Philip’s Gay Adventures At Uni, which i like to call “Cutie Pies, No One Dies (Except John Laurens)”

I draw the fluff, PIA DRAWS THE SIN

Featuring in the AU; 

  • Philip Hamilton, a stupidly smart nerd who’s dating Georges. Loves turtles, has a snuggie for every mood. Doesn’t know it, but is dad’s favorite, for unknown reasons. Raise a glass…
  • Georges Washington de Lafayette, a year above Philip and a TA. Gave him tutoring classes. They fell in love, shenanigans ensued. Has a cute lil cowlick curl and cuddles people during movies so they feel guilty for trying to move away when he yells about plot holes.
  • Theo Burr, Philip’s best friend since they were kids and open and chatty around the two, but maintains the cool Burr aura of dignity elsewhere. Currently dating-
  • Martha Jefferson, in the campus newest and most terrifyingly efficient couple. Their dad’s are very proud, and expect them to demolish everyone in their way. Philip’s fierce rival in fencing (they still bros tho) and Georges’ cousin through their fathers.
  • Greg Seabury, who continues the proud lineage of pissing off Hamiltons. Philip’s ex, also an enormous asshole, oh my GOD.
  • John Church Hamilton, who has only appeared once, but must be mentioned as he is the Token Straight. Still in high school, poor soul.
  • Unnamed, unknown teacher who has to put up with all of this nonsense

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know that my friend and I really love your Fix 'em up Brothers drawing, I play Jacket and he plays Wolf, and we're pretty sure it's destiny. Also, it's adorable.

Thank you ! I’m really proud of that drawing ^^

I also play Jacket and my brother plays Wolf. I think that those characters complete each other quite nicely.

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I came out, and theenn met a very nice, very cute guy named David and now we're laying on the couch watching Parks & Rec so I'm pretty flipping proud

AW thats so cute, i wish you both happiness in 2016 :) 

-message me things you’re proud of yourself for from 2015