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Lucky Us: When Chloe Met Nino
  • Setting: Club
  • Adrien, 21: My new friend is so cool you're gonna love him Chlo he's a musician did I mention he's a musician and he's SO NICE we're gonna play video games together after this
  • Chloe, 21: *bored*
  • Nino: *takes the stage*
  • Adrien: THERE HE IS *waves furiously*
  • Nino: *brings the house down with his set*
  • Chloe: *eyes growing steadily wider as she is filled with all the wonder and beauty of the universe*
  • Adrien: *nudges Chloe* He's good, right??
  • Nino: *comes up after the show* What'd you think?
  • Adrien: It was awesome! Wasn't it, Chlo?
  • Chloe: NO, IT SUCKED. *runs away*
Michael Jones on Ghosts
  • Gavin: The human brain likes to see...
  • Michael: People.
  • Gavin: Human shapes.
  • Michael: Humanoid things. Yes. It's why I totally believe that anyone ever that's like "Oh, I was in this fucking insane asylum that's supposed to be haunted and I went in there at night and I stayed in a cell, and I heard all this crazy shit", and I'm like, well, no shit. No shit you did. We're playing a fucking video game that we know isn't real and it's fake and made up and we're still shitting our pants. This is why I don't believe people when they're like "I saw a ghost!" I bet you thought you did.
  • Gavin: Yeah. I saw a ghost once, but I know I didn't.
  • Michael: You had the whole face... ghost face in the window? And I'm sure it was fucking terrifying. I'm not going to say that didn't happen, but I'm sure it was not a fucking face. Come at me ghosts! I'd love to meet a ghost. I'd love to meet a ghost that's like "Hey, fuckface. You're wrong. Boo." And then I'd be like, damn.


She ran, ran and ran as far away as she can. She didn’t mean to see them, she didn’t mean to see two inhuman figures fighting to the death. It was a complete and utter mistake and now her life was in danger because of it. It was a good thing she was training to be a police officer but at the moment she felt like her physical training at the academy was failing her. She felt slow and sluggish. 

Perhaps it’s because she’s panicking? Well anybody would be, she’s a rookie cop in training! She doesn’t know how to control her emotions well so the only thing she can do is run away like a headless chicken.

Turning around the corner, Ichika somehow met a dead end to an alley next to the game store. “…” Well this was…a problem. 

She could turn around and quickly make another escape but she had a feeling that wouldn’t be in her favor. Should she just give up? There was no point in truly running around, Ichika knew that, she knew that deep down yet she didn’t want to die. Of course, she’s human. Living is part of a human’s instincts. Yet she knew that she couldn’t win.

She was going to die. 

She will die. 

But she doesn’t want to die. 

Just went the brunette heard the sound of a blade swinging down to cut her, she heard a loud clang. It sounded like somebody was defending her in the midst of the bright light.

hey all, me and patch are making a youtube channel! we’re going to be posting let’s plays, podcasts and maybe some drawing videos, nothing is up yet and won’t be for a little while because im moving back to california, but we should have something finished in a couple of months. 

for now we can only capture pc games, if you have any game suggestions go ahead and share them with us! 

DanAndPhilGAMES hit 3 million subscribers. How absolutely mental is that? It literally seems like, you know, yesterday that we started the gaming channel. Like “hey guys, we're just going to make this new channel ‘cause we play video games all the time, so we’ll just film it and have fun and put them on the Internet. 'Cause you know, if Dan is busy, rolling around on the floor, not making his videos, we can have these.” And now it has 3 million subscribers. That's just insane. So we’ve been holding onto bloopers this whole year, 'cause usually - and we say this a lot - with Dan and Phil bloopers are content. If something goes wrong, it’s funny but sometimes something goes wrong and it makes no sense 'cause it’s just you going “Hello Internet” and you end up going “Hello Interbhewbher” and looking stupid or knocking over a coke can. So we kept them all and we edited them all into one epic blooper reel, which we have uploaded to celebrate 3 million subscribers. “Phil swore, I was shook.” Shookest, yeah, it was a very dramatic video. You know, something funny happened. In a way that whole video - the DanAndPhilGAMES BLOOPERS video - is one giant blooper. 'Cause we did it, we spend ages, you know a whole year holding onto these clips, editing them together, it was all good and then when we uploaded it something went wrong with YouTube and the video ended up being 5% slower than it was meant to be? And this is the weirdest thing, okay? … And that meant that our voices were just so slightly deeper than they’re meant to be.

during his live show on the 10th of October 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (95/?)

So DanAndPhilGAMES BLOOPERS turned into one giant blooper itself.

Seriously tho, when Mia in Resident Evil kept freaking out, she said that she could feel “her crawling her way back inside of me”…

doesn’t that sound like a thing mr.antisepticeye would do in said series i wonder?

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Darce seeing how you like to sleep so much how did you manage to make friends with Sarah? Shes like one of the loudest grunts in the house

        – ❝ haven’ y’ALREADY answer y’own question ? can’t ‘xactly sleep while she’s around bein’ LOUD’s fuck. ❞

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signs as ridiculous things my friends and i have said
  • aries: i, too, want to kill my boyfriend all the time.
  • taurus: kanye's into butt stuff? happy to know my idol and i have something in common.
  • cancer: im freeing people from the opression of crime and homicide
  • leo: the moon doesnt have a gender BUT IF SHE DID,
  • virgo: im going to a party where we're all dressing as pirates and playing video games. wyd?
  • libra: im like a modern day jesus only less jesus and more blow jobs
  • scorpio: o henry admitted he was a vampire tho
  • sagitarrius: i want to get away from the drama but here i am! being a real drama queen
  • capricorn: do you think im some kind of lobster fucker?
  • aquarius: how could straight people ever be into anal
  • pisces: you cant jack off to frank sinatra
  • Kuroko: I'm playing video games with this kid named Akashi, that I also went to middle school with. It's two years later - we've graduated by now. We're playing video games for a couple of hours, and then Akashi says to me:
  • Akashi: Hey, c'mere, I wanna show you something.
  • Kuroko: And he takes me into his bedroom, and then he takes me into a side room off of his bedroom.
  • Kuroko: Never a good thing to have.
  • Kuroko: And he shows me a tiny room that is covered wall to wall in stolen antique photos from different people's parties over the years.
  • Kuroko: And I said, "WHY...? Why do you do this?" And Akashi said:
  • Akashi: Because it's the one thing you can't replace.
If Cartman and Heidi were just friends
  • Stan: Hey Cartman, we're about to play some video games over my house. You coming?
  • Cartman: Ah, I'd love to hang out with you fags, but I'm hangin out with the girls tonight.
  • Stan: ....The girls?
  • Cartman: Yeah, Heidi and Polly Prissy Pants. We hang out every Friday.
  • Stan: ..Oh....
  • Kenny: So I'm confused, is she your girlfriend?
  • Cartman: Eh, more like galpal.
  • Kenny: So you guys don't kiss or anything?
  • Cartman: Pff, no. Heidi's kind of into chicks, so none of that. We just hang out and do fun stuff together.
  • Kyle: Oh thank fucking god!
  • Everyone: ....wut....