we're not ok tho

heith week day 6: colors
strange nature, to feel your tether… we could coexist - x

the fic i wrote (rated mature) 

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Me, currently: Ok, now that we’re less than a day away from Halloween and nothing concrete has actually happened yet, I think we’ll be a c t u a l l y having jack safe and sound tmr ^-^.

Also me: *stares intensely at video titles, tags, and Jack’s social media while Toto’s “Africa” blares in the background*


iconic mingyu moments of 2015


Much bettet shots!!! Not much to do at school today so 8)

Credits to my friend Nina Perez. Wish i could tag her but she has no tumblr :’(

I bought a brush pack and damn is it nice.

BBTBC is going to slay me on Monday I can already tell Daron why you do this to me. 

Hey, Tumblr, friendly reminder that just because someone is a minority doesn’t mean they are/have to be absolutely perfect or put on a platform above someone who isn’t? And it’s really, really harmful for people on here to keep acting like, for example, if a creator makes a minority character do something bad, then they’re somehow against that minority?

Like, literally it would be great if y’all would just ,, treat everyone equally instead of acting like, just because someone is a minority, they have to be presented as perfect and angelic and they can never do wrong.

For example, as a trans/genderqueer person, I’d love to be treated the same as cis people, instead of put on some special platform in media where anyone like me has to be perfect. We’re not. No one is. And in media, it is totally fine for that to be shown. It’s not the creator being transphobic, it’s literally them just showing us as being, yknow, human.

It’s great to see representation. I love seeing myself being shown, because when done right it still brings about education our existence, even if it’s not always the hero. If a character is demonized for it, then my all means call out the creator on their transphobia/racism/ableism/etc., but stop acting like it is always that case, because it really isn’t.

i just watched an unboxing of bts wings tour dvd and……..54.00 plus shipping for that tiny ass thing………am i really about to do this