we're not ok tho

  • clarinetist: fucks up something during a soli or solo
  • director: hey so next time just make sure to-
  • clarinetist: I'm so sorry this REED is just terrible I need to buy more next week [clicks tongue] [fusses with reed] [checks ligature] [checks keys] [blows into a hole to clear nonexistent water buildup] [squints] [scowls] [blows ten practice notes] phew that's better won't happen again
  • the whole ensemble: ....
  • the clarinetist two chairs away: [whispering] it was probably her embouchure tbh she's been so sharp lately.. not to be rude ofc she's great.

I bought a brush pack and damn is it nice.

BBTBC is going to slay me on Monday I can already tell Daron why you do this to me. 


As I said in the prev post, we share A LOT of headcanons.. some of them are ridiculous(?) but possible in our heads hahah. So this one….

Ok, we were discussing what could have happened right after the end of the Greed pair arc arc but before Licht and Lawless are taken to Mahiru’s place… since they both were injured, we figured they took them to the hospital first.

We went a little crazy here(?) and said they might have spent a couple of days at the hospital, cause they had to make sure they were both fine.
So basically, they’re very restless at just beig in their room, so one day Hyde bets on Licht that he can take a baby from the nursery (out of boredom)… and he does xd Licht scolds him but Hyde convinces him to play with the baby for a while by telling him they should name the baby “Michael” [Ah, another headcanon of us that they use the name “Michael” for a lot of stuff. You know, their pet from the game, plushies, animals on the street, etc. xD]. So yeah, they start playing with him… huh and Hyde starts acting as if they were the baby’s parents ww.

Then Crantz comes into the room and finds them playing with a baby :’) So he makes them return the baby and apologize to the nurses.

For the next couple of days, they pay visits to the mother’s room to see their baby Michael~ The mother is ofc confussed at two random boys visiting his child and naming him Michael. So Crantz later has to explain to the parents that their children just became fond of the baby.

YES, I KNOW IT’S RIDICULOUS x'DD We just enjoy putting them through unreal absurd cute situations www I’m gomen


iconic mingyu moments of 2015


Keep Smiling

Sitting up against a tree, legs pulled up to her chest, and head resting on folded arms, Aron did not look like she was having a good day.

“Well, you seem like you’re having a good day.” She glanced up at the speaker. Another Resistance member, not one she had quite gotten to know yet. They stepped over to her and sat down next to her as she put her head back down. “…You know, I haven’t seen you around much, but when I have, you’ve usually been smiling or laughing, and I’d even say there was a spring in your step. And now the past couple times I’ve seen you, you’ve looked absolutely exhausted and stressed out of your mind. Something’s wrong; what is it?”

“It’s… it’s nothin’.”

They leaned their head back against the tree. “It’s obviously something to have kept you from sleep.” Aron looked back up at them, an eyebrow raised. They noticed, and responded, “The bags and dark circles under your eyes speak volumes.” She returned to resting her chin on her arms, hesitating a moment before speaking.

“I don’t… know if I’ll make it. Back home.”

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I… I am so worried for mikayuu after all the theories i read so far…

Ons isn’t getting a happy ending after all huh…. I cannot believe they’ll seriously do this to us wow…

Rip mikayuu, rip all the shippers and rip the rest of the fandom///


My work has space carpet and it sort of went with my shirt so I took this opportunity to do the selfie tag game thing I was tagged in by @jon-lox! Thank you for tagging me ♡

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