we're normal now


I honestly have no idea where the last like, 4 days went, so I shit the bed a little with photos for last week but here we are

1-4. CAN YE FUCKIN BELIEVE the drama

5-6. I made lip balm and it’s… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and anyway for some reason I always get the oil to butter/wax ratio wrong with lip balms, and this one’s fine, but I didn’t add any flavoring oils or stevia to it so it’s purely utilitarian (this recipe actually called for maple syrup but you can’t tell in the slightest, or I added it at the wrong time and it settled to the bottom and who cares) so please enjoy these staged photos for my tumblr dot blog dot net site

7-8. FULL MOOOOOOOOOOOOON, which was out against a cloudless sky last night but I didn’t even bother trying to capture it because an iPhone camera will never be able to meter direct moonlight properly so I might as well just post a graphic I made in photoshop of a white smear sent through the gaussian blur filter six times

That’s literally it