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my youth is yours - chapter XI

my youth is yours 

Supergirl, Kara/Lena, I hope you all didn’t forget what this fic is about or that it exists. 

Sorry it’s been a century, friends.

  • Chariot: I've had it up to here with you constantly stealing my kitchen utensils, power tools, and duct tape to make your stupid robots!
  • Croix: My dear, once I get enough extension cord, this power drill roomba-kill-bot is going to revolutionize warfare!

casual reminder that season 2 of aos wasn’t officially announced until literally the week of the season 1 finale


No sassy remarks for this one. 

Tales Through the Door

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Cute how Ben's been travelling for ages and his first few stops were right back to the PR house then to the bar to see how it's came along since he left. Oh, and Amelia was organising his things/buying him new coats when he was gone and wanted to know what he wanted. Is that what we're calling normal roomie behaviour now?

That Platonic Roomie Ben I tell you. He will blow their ship out of the water every damn time.  

Amazing how she ran back to LA as soon as he returned after a month away and left Darren behind in NYC. Relationship Goals, abandoning the BF to hang with the roomie/occasional designated driver.

How they continue to deny the role Benny plays in her life is utterly and completely beyond me.

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Other than Harry in Dunkirk, nothing has made sense to me since the beginning of this 'hiatus'. 80M Harry deal? Nah... Louis as daddy cool and Simon's protege? Nah... Niall and M!Golf? Nah... Liam as half of Chiam? Nah... Even the delay between the announcement of Solo Liam and any material feels a bit off? But I'm not basing that on anything other than a feeling and nothing to back it up. I think Liam will do some solo work for sure but do artist wait long before putting stuff out?

solo liam and dunkirk harry are the only things i trust at the moment… 

i dont think there is anything shady about liams solo announcement and label signing. i think it was good thing he announced it when he did instead of when his album is ready. i dont think i know many people who announce they’ve got a new label the day they’re releasing a solo album. :)