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Figure Skating Charms and a Wealth of Nuance

Haha…so…*guiltily posts this months later* I had this in my drafts 70% completed since episode 10 came out, but with episode 11 and 12 the fandom exploded on other issues, and I thought it was kind of irrelevant since the rings have so many layers of meaning already. But in PASH magazine’s March issue, Kubo-sensei actually brings this up. 

I ended up cleaning this post and after finding out that @sachiro​ was going to make a similar post, we decided to have “pair posts” to submit for victuuriweek. You can read their yoi meta here , which discusses and connects specific moments throughout the series to the points I’ll lay out in the second half of this post.

About Yuuri’s charm. Yuuri has a figure skating precedent for buying jewelry to act as a charm - it isn’t a blasé “lots of good stuff around here…yeah, rings can make good charms, right? idk, but I’m doing it anyway.” Here’s yet another layer.

Charms are a legitimate THING in figure skating.

You won’t read about this in figure skating intros or on Wikipedia, and you won’t hear commentators talk about it either (if it’s brought up, consider it a stroke of luck and immediately save that video/interview forever). Unless you follow skaters to the point of knowing about their personal lives, then this is one meaningful aspect of figure skating that is easy to miss.

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stylesunchained  asked:

How about we talk about the moment Harry asks you to stop taking/using any forms of birth control? He's ready to make a family with you and he's noticed the hints you've been dropping lately and he knows you'll only go forward with this if he's the one to ask you so he comes home one day and asks you to stop using prevention and please, love, give him a baby.

…How about you shut up? 

Alright, fine, let’s do this.

(I love you.)

“Maybe we don’t need it anymore.”

You let out a squeak, because he’s practically on top of you. You’ve just rolled over and away from him to reach into the drawer of the nightstand to take your pill after your alarm had gone off to remind you and he’d… not exactly lunged, but he’d done a funny sort of heavy flip-flop on the bed to chase after you and now his outstretched arm has covered your own which is fumbling for the package in the drawer. 

You don’t really know what to say, cause you’re not *really* sure what he’s on about, but he’s squeezing you, and rubbing up against you, and nuzzling your neck and cheek, and not playing fairly at ALL. So forgive you if you’re a little distracted. 

“Harry, I need my pill,” you exhale, curling up a bit when he kisses your earlobe pertly. 

“N’yeh’don’.” The words slur together with his lazy, early morning drawl and you swallow hard. 

“I *do*,” you insist. 

“S’no good,” he counters you again. “How’re we supposed to make a baby f’you’re popping them pills every day? Hmm?” 

It takes the courage of thirty to say those words but he covers his nerves by kissing your cheek. 

“Can’t make a baby if you’ve got those pills,” he reasons. “So you can’t have those pills f’you want a baby.”

“Do you?” Your question is fragile and the thirty whose courage he had stolen have fled and taken some of his own strength with him. All he can do is nod against your neck, shy suddenly. 

“Please…” he murmurs, breath hot on your skin. “I want a baby, love… can we have one?”

You think you can detect his words trembling with something just shy of fear, but when you lace your fingers with his, abandoning the package you’d been seeking, he has his answer. 

“We could practice,” you whisper like it’s a secret. 

“We could, yeah.”

You don’t –  not yet – but by whatever good fortune you’ve been graced with… it turns out you don’t need much practice at all in the end. 

(also on ao3)

He’s been staring at the ceiling for an hour, jaw tight, neck-deep in self-pity and misery, when the phone rings. In one fluid movement, he rolls over, grabs the phone from where it lies next to the facedown photo on his nightstand, and unthinkingly thumbs over the ‘accept call’.

“Hello, Dean.”

Cas’s voice is rough and familiar in his ears and Dean, so stone-faced and numb only a moment ago, finds himself precariously close to breaking. He just breathes for a moment, not trusting himself to speak.

More hesitantly this time, Cas’s voice crackles through the speaker again. “Dean?”

“Why do you keep coming back?” He didn’t plan on asking this, doesn’t know what kind of answer he wants. Doesn’t know whether he’s looking for hope or an excuse to pick a fight, push Cas away for good. Both thoughts are equal measures of terrifying, though for entirely different reasons. “I mean, you always leave, and I get that part.” Who’d want to stick around and put up with his shit? His own mother hadn’t lasted more than a month. “But you keep coming back.” His voice cracks on the last word. Cas’s understanding of him always feels like it’s in extremes: sometimes Dean feels as though Cas can look into him and see every atom, look past every ounce of self-loathing and posturing and macho bullshit and all but read his every thought. But other times, it’s like he doesn’t have a fucking clue and Dean desperately hopes this time it’s the latter, that Cas can’t hear how quickly Dean’s threadbare heart is unraveling.

There’s a long, unbearable pause. Dean is a split second away from just hanging up and erasing this whole disaster from his memory when a long, staticky sigh breaks the quiet. “Mary left, didn’t she.”

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Live Free, Chapter 13: Fight to the Death!!  Mike vs. Motorcity!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: What will happen now that Mike’s broken the implant? Will Julie make up with her friends? What is Kane’s final plan? IS EVERYONE GOING TO DIE?! Hold your ponies, lady-girls.  We’re gettin’ to the tasty bits.

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat


The stars in the sky can’t come together as one, a red bouquet of flowers for the final performance

  • me: hey mom and dad can we go
  • them: yep
  • them: continues talking
  • me: seriously im tired can we go
  • them: yeah lets go
  • them: continues talking
  • me: i want to leave
  • them: okay honey
  • them: continues talking
  • me: mom. dad.
  • them: okay, okay, we're leaving
  • them: continues talking

look i’m no expert but i think the lgbt+ community needs to stick together and stop it with whatever gatekeeping bs is going on. there’s always going to be some intracommunity fights and ~*discourse*~, sure, but recent events are a horrifying reminder that nobody wants to be lgbt+ just for fun. please stop it with the ‘you need to be thiiis gay to ride’ mentality. there is no official community registration or badge or stamp. if you’re young and confused and need a place to belong, you do. if you’re aro and/or ace and feel excluded everywhere, you shouldn’t be. if you’re intersex or if your gender is being weird, you’re not alone. as for allies, here’s a reminder they used to be (and may still be) human shields, and that many allies might actually be closeted lgbt, or questioning, and it’s a safe way for them to access the community. ally is a title that is given, not taken, and i’ve seen some bad self-proclaimed allies around, but there’s no need to make the community unsafe for anyone.

we can’t afford to fall apart. we need to take care of each other because we’re all hurting in some way. there’s a quote from the time of the norwegian tragedy five years ago that goes ‘if one man can show this much hate, imagine how much love we can show together’

I am in a constant state of “griffith did nothing wrong” and I don’t think anything will ever shake me from that amusement.

@iwaizumigo and I were sobbing over the latest episode, as well as the fact that oikawa and iwaizumi are going to different universities, so we came up with a few uni headcanons for iwaoi to make us feel better:

  • So although they’re going to different universities, they’re close enough that they can share an apartment together
  • oikawa is majoring in astronomy while iwa is studying medicine
  • they find each-other’s courses interesting, so every now and then oikawa would sneak into the iwa’s lecture and vice versa to learn stuff and keep him company
  • eventually, it becomes a thing, and they start turning up at almost all of each-other’s lectures, even the small private ones
  • even though it’s technically not allowed, the professors let it slide, and it gets to the point where if the other one doesn’t show up, the professors will just gasp like “wHERE IS YOUR OTHER HALF? is everything okay?”
  • bonus: Iwaizumi finishing up a presentation with “does anyone have any questions?” and oikawa just sLAMMING through the door to shout “YEAH, HOW DID YOU GET SO HOT ;)” and then running away
I just watched Dan's newest video

so y'all know my infamous saying when it comes to the world of sexualities, and I’m not trying to stir anything up with my theories BUT I’m so confused with what’s going on with dan and phil? like, I REALLY don’t want to say this cause it makes my heart hurt just thinking about it, but I’m a little scared this is gonna be 2012 over again? now, I know dnp aren’t acting weird towards each other lately, and no homo howell is definitely not in the mix, but the phandom these past couple of months has been SUPER busy. like when dan said the thing about how this was gonna be a “cheeky video” and “a long time coming” and then how he (just a couple days ago) said his new video was something he had to make for himself and he kinda felt peer pressured to do so- EVERYONE (including me) thought this video was gonna be a coming out video. so what scares me is, what if it was? but he changed it because everyone started going crazy about it and some people even tweeted him THREATENING him to come out. the main thing that’s confusing me is how is the Internet Support Group, a cheeky, long time coming, “needed to do this for myself" video? but dan also said in that live show that this video was something to distract him.. so I don’t get what’s going on and I’m confused and a little concerned. mainly I just want dan and phil to be happy and comfortable in their own personal lives and with what they choose to share with us on youtube/twitter/instagram/tumblr/younow/etc. and I get it, I could TOTALLY be reading way too deep into this and getting myself all worked up about nothing, but where better to take my problems and concerns, than tumblr?

What Is the Point of Rex Tillerson?
It's still not clear.

First this idiot says the 30% budget cut to the State Department is not an issue, since we’re winding down on waging war and that there’s no more war left to wage, then his colleague in the Defense Dept. (where ALL the $$$ is going with an INCREASE in their budget) claims the money is needed because we need a stronger defense now more than ever with war on the horizon.

Make up your FLIPPIN’ minds you morons!


The sherp got sheered! And now she sleep on my tummy.

Seriously though, I tried this new shampoo and I swear it made it almost impossible to cut into her coat, so I ended up just shaving her down because we were both out of patience. Not using that again! Going back to old reliable shampoo and conditioner.

anonymous asked:

from someone who is majorly frustrated with this situation, i don't want harry to have it worse than he does but it's confusing to see two people who basically started in the same situation yet end up in two entirely different ones you know? i hope this makes sense :\

I feel you anon, as I said, it confuses the hell out of me too

Vandead Carnival Prologue Translation

If You Choose Kou   If You Choose Subaru


-Scene: Sakamaki Living Room-


Ayato: *chewing food* Huh!? What’s that… …? We’ve been invited to a carnival?


Reiji: ――Ayato, refrain from opening your mouth while takoyaki’s in it. That’s ill-mannered

Ayato: Shut up! It’s not like I’m making a mess or anything, so back off… …

Geez, that old man, why the hell does he have to always suggest these crazy things … …


Kanato: But he’s never said anything like going to a carnival before… …Why now, I wonder.


Laito: Who knows? This wouldn’t be the first time with his craziness… …

If he ordered us to go to Mars after this, I wouldn’t be surprised. Nfu.

Hey, Bitch-chan. You agree, right?


Yui: (Hmm… … I don’t know much about their father… …)

From the things I hear, it makes me wonder if he’s really that scary of a person.


Laito: Oh he is. He’s the kind of person who makes a living out of tormenting us~.


Reiji: Laito, that’s crossing the line.

Anyhow, I just received a letter of invitation from one of Father’s familiars to attend Vandead Carnival, being hosted in the demon world tonight.


Subaru: Tch… …What a pain! Why a carnival! All I can think is that there’s something wrong with his head!!


*Subaru Punches Wall*


Reiji: Subaru, if you make any more holes in the wall than this, I will deduct the repair expenses from your pocket money.


Subaru: Hah!? Fuck off! That’s tyrannical!!


Reiji: What, exactly, is tyrannical?

In any case, based upon the circumstances, we’ll be attending this Vandead Carnival.


Ayato: Who the hell would wanna go to that! I’m sure not.


Kanato: I don’t want to either.


Laito: Seems boring, I guess I’m passing too.


Subaru: No shit, I’m passing. I’m not obligated to go.


Shu: Same. I don’t have spare time to daddle in the old man’s fun.


Reiji: Is that so… …? Well, I’m perfectly fine with that then.


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