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How to write a firefighter AU - from the POV of someone who’s father has been a firefighter for the past 30+ years

- Shifts are usually 24 hours long, occasionally 48. The district where my dad works has banned 72s, but I believe they still happen in some districts. 

- It is a union job. There is the IAFF, the International Association of Fire Fighters, which is the overarching labor union for the United States and Canada, and I’m fairly certain each fire district has its own local. 

- Typically, as a firefighter, you work about 9 days a month. There is. A LOT. of free time. 

- At least in our district, you can’t have beards or neck/face/hand tattoos but most of the guys have a fuck ton of tattoos everywhere else

- In order to get a job as a firefighter, you pretty much have to be a (unpaid) volunteer firefighter, then get accepted to the fire academy, then when you’ve graduated the fire academy, you have the badge ceremony, and then you end up in the interview process for different districts which is grueling and long and awful. It is not really something you do unless that is your life plan (it’s not a part time job or sideline to going to get your bachelors degree. I have heard of people working on their masters’ because, y’know, free time, but certainly not anything as structured as an undergraduate degree (24 hour shifts that YOU DON”T PICK yourself because someone else would be more than happy to take your job)) 

- A majority of the calls firefighters go on are aid calls. I don’t know if it’s “all” or “most” but firefighters tend to be EMTs at a minimum. 

- Station life: there are sleeping bunks, with loud bright alarms that go off when dispatch calls. there is a kitchen, there is a work out room which might be part of the garage, there is the Captain/shift-leader’s office, there are meeting rooms. Districts have a personal trainer, and the crew typically have to be in charge of cleaning and fuelling their own rigs. 

- The fire department will burn things down for you if you have the appropriate authorisation. I have been in a burning house before that they were taking down. it was fun.

- Locals will occasionally show up and leave food for the firefighters and sometimes (rarely) unwanted babies. That’s really, actually a thing. 

- it is shockingly unlikely that any fire department would hire a nutritionist to come cook for their firefighters. They have to cook for themselves like grown ups (and/or order pizza). 

- idk, I can’t think of anything else, but if you have any questions about what’s up with a Generic Medium Sized Town Fire Department (like the kind one might find in Samwell, MA) hmu

one of my biggest goals as a monsta x stan is to give the boys (wonho specifically) attention for something other than their bodies. yes it’s great, they’re good looking, etc etc. but let’s not degrade him and undermine his talent, please.

don’t stan mx because of his abs stan mx because they’re cute and lovable T___T

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