we're living in a society

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I don't think we're raising a dumb generation, I think we're raising a confused one. We live in a society that preaches about self-love and "let people do what they want" but those are the same people who will turn around and criticize someone for not having the perfect eyebrows or skin or body. I see it so much on social media and all it does is send mixed messages. It's hard for young people to accept themselves when everyone is talking about "goals" and aesthetics they want to emulate

Couldn’t have phrased it better. Social media is so contaminated with these things that wherever you go, you can feel the influence. This generation is confused. No doubt. Our society is hypocritical and it is not going to learn from itself mistakes anytime soon. The upcoming generations are being ruined and I want to say that media is a very big player in this. People are intentionally being dumbed down too.


What I’ve observed is that people don’t care about originality, they just want to follow the trends. Tumblr itself is full of these “aesthetics”. It breaks my heart to see these things but it is so tough to even get noticed these days unless you follow the same tricks to get instant fame. It’s a vicious cycle.


Don’t listen to them, being you is more than enough.

How fucking disgusting is it that a woman is denied her freedom because of an incompetent judge who says there is no evidence to support her claim that she was raped. What did you want her to do? Record herself each time it happened? How ugly that the man who evoked such pain onto a woman is able to get away with this and live his life but she has to live with the fact that she has to see her rapist each day until 6 more albums are out. How fucking humiliated she must feel knowing that she took the legal action and the steps to take this further so she could have her freedom regained but it was rejected. Her rapist will laugh at her each time because he got away with it. How. Fucking. Corrupt. We're living in a society where justice is shut out. Where we blame everyone else but the perpetrator. This is not Kesha's fault. Kesha deserves all of her freedom. Kesha deserves the privilege of feeling safe in her work environment. She does not deserve this. No one does.

This picture was taken in the longest Chipotle line in which I have ever been. It wrapped past both doors (blocking them) and all the way through the restaurant. The line was long and slow for a lot of reasons, but I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight one particular reason this line was longer than it needed to be. It’s a reason a lot of lines are longer than they need to be.

  • See man in white shirt?
  • See space in front of man in white shirt?
  • Space in front of man in white shirt is what is known as the “Douche Cushion.”

This isn’t a case where his head is up his ass and he hasn’t noticed the line has moved. Nope. He’s looking straight ahead and has just decided “Why should I move up? I won’t get my food any faster if I do!”

I’m sure he also does this at traffic lights where he leaves a full car length between him and the car in front of him because “I’ll get through when the light changes anyway,” not caring that he’ll screw five cars behind him.

Here’s the thing, douche. We’re living in a society. And when you’re in a line you’re part of another smaller society. And all of us in a society have to do what we can to make things better for everyone. We all benefit if in a long line you know what you want to order when you get up front, you have your method of payment ready at the register, and YOU MOVE YOUR SELF-ABSORBED ASS UP AND FILL IN THE DOUCHE CUSHION!!!!

That is all.


one of the most common responses to lesbians being upset about people derailing and harassing us on our posts is “it’s just a text post it doesn’t actually mean anything” & like. yeah it’s just a text post on a shitty blogging website & y'all can’t even let us have that. if it’s so inconsequential to you why bother trying to take it away from us?? if you think it’s so meaningless what is the point of derailing & harrassing us besides “i hate lesbians and don’t want them to have anything nice even if that thing is completely worthless to me”

To quote my father, a man that makes quite a bit of sense when he needs to:

“Nobody pronounced Beth dead. It’s just natural when you see someone shot in the head to think they’re dead. All we saw was her fall and Daryl carry her out of the hospital. So she could be alive. And AMC could be sitting back laughing at all the anger because she’s still on the show, plus they’re getting free publicity out of y'all.”

*cough*…we can officially add him to Team Delusional/Rational Thinking!

I wake up every morning not sure if today will be one of those days where I will be deeply saddened by how judgmental and selfish we have all become and I will wish we could all just show a little bit more understanding and patience towards one another or if it will be one of those days where I believe with all my heart that I need to have the right to punch you in the kidneys if you’re in front of me at Chipotle and you don’t know how to order.
—  Ag

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What do you know? Love transcends something like a simple taboo. If you love your brother, like I do, we should be allowed to express ourselves. Its disgusting the society we live in these days. We're two straight white Americans. We should be able to be together without people judging us. If the gays get rights, so do we

incest….is not….okay…

We're living in a society! Screw meteors, get the scientists working on this ASAP!

We have a problem.

No one thinks that they’re stupid, but if you’ve ever been in public you know that most people are, in fact, complete morons. And I think the issue isn’t a lack of inherent intelligence but more the fact that people are increasingly distracted and that distraction leads to profound situational stupidity.

We can’t change that, but it would be nice to be aware of the approximate “Situational Intelligence” (SI) of the people you’re dealing with. We should all wear hats that show our SI at any given moment. You go to check out at the grocery store you can see the SI of every cashier and everyone in line and decide “That line is longer but they are some focused, smart motherfuckers at the moment! I’m going there to pay for my Cheez-Its and tripe!”

IQ could be used as a baseline. The hat would then scan the person and the surroundings and make the appropriate adjustments. For example, say you enter a fast food restaurant:

  • You have a smartphone= -5 points
  • You have your smartphone out= -10 points
  • Your smartphone is a Blackberry= -20 points
  • It’s your first time in that establishment= -10 points
  • You have children= -20 points
  • You have children with you= -100 points
  • You have your method of payment out and ready while in line= +10 points
  • That method of payment includes a rubber change purse= -30 points
  • You are with friends= -10 points
  • You are with friends and you think you’re the funny friend= -50 points
  • While in line you think about things like magic hats that display intelligence scores and honestly think hats like that couldn’t be that hard to invent= -200 points

Now, I don’t know how to build the technology, but it can’t be that hard so get cracking, smart people!

I’ll be over here working on scoring.