we're lame


Tavros gets nervous when he can’t see what he’s stepping in

Tavros: Al

Vriska: Me

“Rogues are we! We takin’ over your streets!” - cast of Holy Musical B@man

So I’ve been dragged into the hell that is Legends and I needed to make a dumb tribute to my ultimate OT3/BrOT3

Imagine Hinata taking a billion selfies of him and Yamaguchi when they cuddle. On every one of them their faces are hideous but Hinata’s favourite is the slightly blurry one of him a surprise-kissing a bright red, smiling Yamaguchi. (This becomes his phone background, much to Yamaguchi’s protests).

does bighit think we print money or something?

Which OC is the one the others would force to shovel the snow?

Bonus: Did they draw straws?

Double Bonus: Which OC would willingly volunteer?