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Some Kpop groups in a nutshell
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> old school legends, no one can compare. Loyal af fans, still stan them after Hyukjae's bad eyebrow era and all the scandals. Kings of hosting shows. Literally it's just Heechul holding down the fort and exposing everyone he can while everybody else gets their military service done. #justiceforSungmin #makeSiwonCEOofSM<p/><b>Big Bang:</b> kpop kings, basically carved the way for third generations. Were hella problematic sometimes but tbh who hasn't. G-Dragon could literally sing about crayons and make a music video with TOP while they pee on each other and still top the charts....oh wait, he did. Daesung out here setting the beauty standards for everyone in s. Korea. #getTaeyangashirt #makeSeungriCEOofYG<p/><b>SHINee:</b> kpop princes, but everyone and their mom knows they're kings. It's just 4 proud moms taking care of their sonshine, Lee Taemin. They don't attend variety shows, variety shows attend them. Out here roasting everybody including themselves, and every producer is scared to have them guest tbh. Vocals out of this world, get ready to be blessed. #shineeorpinee #whereisJonghyun'skazoo<p/><b>Infinite:</b> invented synchronized choreography. Hella supportive of each other and will probably jump off a cliff if Woohyun suggested it. Tbh no one knows what's going on in Dongwoo's head, but it's all good bc he's the resident happy virus. Only the members are allowed to pick on their leader, they'll bite your head off if you do. Still one of the most underrated groups, it's insane. #redchilipepperpaste #kingsofsychronization<p/><b>EXO:</b> just a single mom raising her 8 kids after a tragic breakup. There are two types of fans: ot12 China line forever & everyone is gay for each other. Still waiting on Baekhyun to adopt us all. Everyone suffers when EXO isn't promoting. Always fighting something/are angsty in their MV's ??? #lipstickchateau #yixingcomehome<p/><b>BTOB:</b> legit the most extra group ever. Besties with Vixx, Ilhoon was probably a love child between Minhyuk and Hakyeon. A member can fit his whole fist in his mouth, and the other can break a whole watermelon with his head...don't test them. Have the most amazing ballad songs but are always underrated. #Peniel'swalltwerk #stopChangsub<p/><b>VIXX:</b> concept kings, there isn't a single thing they couldn't pull off. We were all baptized by Hakyeon's dancing. Have the best relationship with their fans, even wrote a song about Starlights. Call Ravi if you wanna make a cute diss track about your enemy. Possibly might be the epitome of contradiction, you're gonna have whiplash after every comeback. #whereisLeo'ssolo #KenVi4life<p/><b>BTS:</b> actually are hella cool once you get past the problematic fans. Massive headaches are all you're gonna experience after trying to figure out the meaning of a music video. Buddies who watch porn together, stay together. They go so hard on their choreography ?? Shook. The true definition of "started from the bottom now we're here" #gucciislove #gucciislife<p/><b>Topp Dogg:</b> could probably rule the third generation of kpop if they weren't so underrated. They have nothing to do but go around and kiss men's lips all day. Peppero embasadors. Titty Boyz. Fans are loyal af, and probably have one of the cutest fan names ever. They're each others biggest shippers, probably. #hanjooruinedme #WOW<p/><b>Got7:</b> if you thought btob was bad, you're gonna have a stroke. Dab7. Diversity at its finest. Always needing to be in trend and act hip, just don't let Bambam near the aux cord. Besties with probably every group out there. Stop taking off your shirt literally no one cares ???? No cucumbers. #EEEEEAAAAZZY. #welcometoYoungjae'sclass<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> were so awkward around each other during No.Mercy but are now the best of besties. Everyone wants to know what Changkyun is thinking. Shownu, please drop that screamo album. Someone is always screaming at some point and no one knows why. Hyungwon is on his way to becoming an international meme/runway model. #pepewho? #bringwonhosomenoodles<p/><b>Day6:</b> not the Fandom name we wanted, but it's the one we deserve. It's just jae trying to westernize his 4 meme kids, while also attempting to teach them the meaning of life: Bob. Everyone is shook now that JYP finally knows what to do with them. Tough love with father jae, but he totally doesn't hate the second maknae. #lobsterforjae #wonpildumbasalways<p/><b></b> lmao don't be offended by any of this bc I literally have no life so u have nothing to be offended about<p/></p>
Things That Have Been Said In My Household But With Fairy Tail Pt.2
  • Erza: So you and Lucy are together now?
  • Natsu: Yeah?
  • ___
  • Gray: I have a confession.
  • Gajeel: What?
  • Gray: I ate the last poptart
  • Natsu: *from upstairs* GRAY YOU PIECE OF SHIT.
  • ___
  • Juvia: You have a nice house Gray. It's so calm.
  • Gray: ..Wait for it..
  • Gajeel: *comes into the room with a bath sponge and wrapped towel around him* GRAY HAVE YOU SEEN LILY, IT'S OUR BATH TIME-- *sees Juvia* Oh. Sup.
  • Juvia: ...
  • ___
  • *door bell*
  • Gray: I GOT IT!- *opens it to Levy*
  • Hi Levy.
  • Levy: Hey Gray it's me again, is Gajeel home?
  • Gray: Yeah, but he's a bit busy. He's taking a bath with his cat.
  • Levy: ...
  • Gajeel: SHUT THE HELL UP GRAY- *from upstairs*
  • ___
  • Erza: *has groceries*
  • Natsu: Did ya bring me something? :D
  • Gray: What about me?
  • Gajeel: My main concern is if you bought lily food.
  • Erza: Yeah I brought you guys something. You know some chicken with the side of FUCK OFF.
  • ___
  • Lucy: Hey Guys--*gets dragged*
  • Gajeel: They're gonna fuck.
  • Laxus: Pfft. You're all gonna be 40 until any of you get laid.
  • Gajeel: we're not you Laxus.
  • __
  • Wendy: Can someone play barbies with me? *innocent look*
  • Gajeel: Um, I GOTTA FEED LILY *takes off*
  • Natsu: I HAVE A DATE WITH-- THE DOOR. *runs off*
  • Gray: wai--HOLD U-- fuck you guys.
  • ___
  • *door bell*
  • Natsu: I GOT IT!-- *answers and it's Juvia* Hey Juvia.
  • Juvia: Hey Natsu! :D is gray home?
  • Juvia: barbies?..*giggles*
  • Gray: SHUT UP NATSU.
  • ___
  • *Erza on a date*
  • Natsu: *using hands as binoculars* we have made contact with that target.
  • Gray: what are they doing?
  • Natsu: It appears they're laughing.
  • Gajeel: Roger that now they're getting up.
  • Natsu: W-wait, shit we've been spotted A-ABORT ABORT MISSION!
  • Wendy: You guys are stupid. This is our house.
  • ___
  • Natsu: I HAVE NEWS!~
  • Erza: Do not tell me you got Lucy pregnant.
  • Gray: Ill fucking kill you, we already have Gajeel as the cry baby.
  • Gajeel: Yeah-- Wait -SHUT YOUR ASS UP GRAY.
  • Natsu: I was gonna say I got an A+ on my test..
  • Gajeel: SO HE ISNT STUPID?!
  • ___
  • Gajeel: Gray.
  • Gray: Yeah?
  • Gajeel: *pats his back* You know we love ya man right?
  • Gray: Yeah?..
  • Gajeel: And you know we'll accept you for you, right?
  • Gray: Sure?...
  • Gajeel: So tell me this and be honest with yourself.
  • Gray: Ok?
  • Gajeel: Are you sure you arent gay?
  • Gray: ...SERIOUSLY?!
  • ____
  • Mira: Hey Guys
  • Erza: you were suppose to wait until i called you in...
  • Mira: Oh. Oops?
  • ___
  • Gray: I have a confession.
  • Gray: No I was gonna say--
  • Erza: *bursts through door and throws confetti* CONGRATS ON BEING GAY GRAY.
  • __
  • Erza: *yelling at everyone*
  • Gray: Jesh. And you wonder why you're still single
  • __
  • <strike> The Next Day, Gray woke up outside covered in honey </strike>
  • Part 3 anyone?
Stop ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ HOLD UP! โ›”๏ธ Hold up! ๐Ÿšซ Alright, enough.. ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿพ Valentina...๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐ŸŒนThis is a "Lip Sync For Your Life" ๐Ÿ‘„๐ŸŽถ we need to see your lips ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ’‹ Take that thing off of your mouth๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜ท๐ŸŽญ I'D LIKE TO KEEP IT ON PLEASE!....๐Ÿ˜ฐ...It's a lip sync? ๐Ÿ‘„๐ŸŽผ What part of that do you not understand? ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿพ‍๐Ÿ’ผ๐Ÿ˜ก Okay....๐Ÿ˜“ So we're gonna reset...๐Ÿ“ขOkay!...๐Ÿ˜ช"Lip Sync For Your Life!" ๐Ÿ‘„๐ŸŽถ Take two! ๐ŸŽฅ2๏ธโƒฃโœŒ๐Ÿพ

Sometimes I see a post that is Factually Wrong and I have to actively stop myself from replying to it cause I know in my heart of hearts it will just spiral into a Discourse™ and I don’t want to inflict that on a person’s blog, regardless of how grossly dismissive they are currently being while they are hurting.

the answer's 0, Helen.
  • Helen: So I heard from Linda that your little nerd friend... Philip was it? is going to substitute for the Algebra 1 class.
  • Sans: *SIGH* its ALPHYS. and so what? she had to muster up alot of courage to make that decision.
  • Helen: And yet, we're not going to let it happen. There's already enough of you monsters plaguing the school, and we definitely don't need one that can barely go two sentences without sweating all over herself. It's disgu-
  • Sans: im just gonna stop you right there. one, quit talkin shit about my friend. and two, you dont know a damn thing about her. so what if she gets alil flustered easily? underneath all that stuttering is a genius. put her in a position she's passionate about, aka a subject she knows like the back of her hand, and she'll surprise you. so pipe tf down, Helen.
  • Helen: *scoffs* Now you listen here you sad excuse for a parent, this school doesn't need anymore-
  • Sans: you know what, since we're on the topic of math, how bout a word problem to adequately sum up how much i care about what you're tryna say: Sam has two baskets, one empty and the other filled with cool stuff. each cool thing represents a fuck he gives. he gives the empty basket to Haley. How many fucks does Sam give?
  • Helen: *fuming* T-That's the dumbest problem I've ever-
  • Sans: cant answer such a basic question? that explains your kid.
  • Helen: H-Hey-!!
  • Sans: Alphys will substitute the class. anymore issues about it and you and Linda'll be in for a real bad time, capiche? oh and btw... Sam didn't give a fuck.
  • *walks away*
  • Ze: I can say his number if you need to
  • Chilled: Ze, I'm blocking you from my call list
  • Ze: [quietly mutters] But I wanted to call you...
  • Ze: [calls Chilled on his cell and smiles]
  • Chilled: Ze, stop calling me [answers his cell]
  • Ze: Hey, do we have any milk?
  • Chilled: No, honey, you gotta get the bread and milk. Go-g-we're divorced. I'm gonna hang up. [hangs up] [mutters] Trying to call me- Ze, I'm trying to murder your friend here, give me two seconds
  • Ze: I just wanna know if we have any milk
  • Chilled: Did you buy milk?
  • Ze: No, I'm at the grocery store right now
  • Remus: For the last time... can you arses please stop using the word lycanthropy out loud when we are in public?
  • James: We need a nickname for you, Moonbeam.
  • Remus: No fucking way it's gonna be Moonbeam.
  • Sirius: Calm down, McWerewolf, we're working on that.
  • Remus: How about not working at all?
  • Peter: How about Moonshine?
  • Remus: That's probably the most queer suggestion so far.
  • Sirius: Moonlight then, you poof.
  • Remus: This is so cliche.
  • James: How about Moonish?
  • Sirius: How about Moonlit?
  • Remus: How about Remus Fucking Lupin?
  • Peter: Shut up, Moonless.
  • Remus: Moonless? It doesn't make any sens-
  • Sirius: Lunarian.
  • Remus: Oh, God.
  • James: Moonet.
  • Peter: Remus Moonet Lupin.
  • Remus: No.
  • James: Okay, how about this. While we plot the perfect nickname, because our Moonbeam deserves the best, we'll call his...lycanthropy problem as his... furry problem?
  • Sirius: Furry little problem.
  • Peter: It sounds good.
  • Remus: It sounds stupid.
  • Sirius: Shut up. It's perfect.
  • James: Yeah, Remus. Don't worry we'll find a good nickname to your furry...
  • Sirius: Little.
  • Peter: Problem.
  • Remus:
  • Remus: For Merlin's hairy balls...
  • Sirius: Ew, Remus. That's not the kind of furry little problem we were thinking of.
  • James: Shut up, Padfoot. C'mon, Merlin's hairy balls.
  • Remus: You're not calling me Merlin's hairy balls, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  • Peter: Merlin's.
  • James: Hairy.
  • Sirius: Balls.
  • Remus:
snuper as things i say when driving
  • taewoong: "yeah, that's okay, take your time. it's a bad intersection."
  • suhyun: "A turn signal is also a fucking thing too how the fuck you gonna GET TO THE TURN IN THEN PUT ON YOUR SIGNAL LET ME KNOW 20 FEET AGO"
  • sangho: "I hit a butterfly and started crying. I'm going to hell."
  • sebin: "The guy behind me honked at me. For taking too long. To make a left turn. Into HEAVY TRAFFIC. At 7:45 am on a SCHOOL DAY. I'm going to continue sitting here. That'll show him."
  • sangil: "Hey look i know we're on a time schedule but theres a mcdonalds on the right up here and i think we need some chicken nuggets to keep going. we're stopping."
  • Corvo: *finding a wall of light* Do you keep this on all the time?
  • Guard: Hey! Assassin! Get around him!
  • Corvo: Are you expecting someone to throw bloodfly nests through this checkpoint? Bloodflies can FLY.
  • Guard: Take out his legs!
  • Corvo: *Blinking around to avoid the guard* It's not like there's a rat plague. Rats, which, y'know, actually WOULD be stopped by a wall of light, since they run along the ground.
  • Guard: I need backup!
  • Corvo: Did you grow up in a palace? Cos I didn't, and we didn't waste money when I was little
  • Guard: You're not getting away.
  • Corvo: I'm going to go ahead and turn this off, you're just wasting whale oil here
  • Guard: We're not taking this one alive!
  • Corvo: Thank you and good bye *Blinks in search of the next Sokolov device*
  • the Outsider: Does he know that most of Serkonos runs on wind power now? I'm gonna tell him.
  • Daud: Don't you dare.
BTS - Stuck in an Elevator
  • Jin: Okay so after we get Suga some new basketball shorts we can go get some more grocer-
  • Jungkook: Did the elevator just stop?
  • Jimin: *laughs* It was probs because you were on it Namjoon
  • Namjoon: Ha ha very funny lil git, imma fix this shit so good ur all gonna have to stop telling me that I break things
  • Namjoon: *touches elevator button*
  • Namjoon: *lights go out*
  • Hobi: *makes a scared Hobi noise*
  • Taehyung: No don't scream! We're wasting oxygen!
  • Suga: I don't think that's how it works
  • Jungkook: heheheheh *makes snake noise*
  • Hobi: *gasps*
  • Hobi: *turns to look into camera that isn't there*
  • Hobi: *whispers* I hate snakeu
  • Jin: Oh. Um. Cool. But here we just press the little call button and they'll come to help in about like 10 minutes
  • Taehyung: I don't think I can last that long
  • Suga: What do you mean....?
  • Taehyung: I need to toot
  • Namjoon: Oh my fucking god
  • Jin: We're in a closed space for a little while can you not hold i-
  • Jimin: Tae did you just
  • Hobi: *makes disgusted Hobi noise*

anonymous asked:

Can I refer to mun as dude? I mean I use "dude" regardless of gender anyway but is it cool with you?

I call everyone dude/man/bro all the time regardless of people’s gender (probably because that’s just my slang at this point) but YEAH! THAT’S A-OK!

i’M so happy right now! today’s such a great day!

Why I can't listen to rock music (Part One)
  • *Friend slips off clip and below is water*
  • Friend: IM FALLING
  • Me: Uhhh so take time on your ride.
  • Family: *Gives disappointed look*
  • Friend: SLIPPING!!!!
  • Me: I'll help you, Don't Panic! ... At the disco.
  • Friends sister: Wtf?
  • Friends Parent: *Whispers* Teengers...
  • Me: *mudders* Scare the living sh*t out of me.
  • Friend: IM ABOUT TO FA...
  • Me: HOLD YOUR BREATH... I'm nearly bored to death.
  • Parents: We're gonna need a lot of money to fix this.
  • Me: Tighter then a virgin making money like a surgeon...
  • Few hours later...
  • Me: Don't be dramatic, it's only some plastic.
  • Friend: Okay stop. Now, do you have my clothes?
  • Me: No but I got cheese whiz. *Runs frantically through the woods*
I bend over backwards to try and make you feel better every single time you’re hurting and drop everything when I see your name light up my phone. I write you pages of advise and positive words, whatever you need, just to help.. to make you feel better.. and all you bother to respond with is a single fucking word.
I’m seduced by the thought that one day it will help, that one day I will “fix” you. Because maybe then.. just maybe.. you’ll be able to love me back… and it will all be worth it.
But I’m done. I am so fucking done waiting for that day. This has already gone on for way too long. You are driving me insane and you don’t even care. You give me nothing, I mean NOTHING, and I give you EVERYTHING. It’s not healthy, it’s not a relationship, hell it’s probably not even friendship. But still I do it. Still I give all of myself to you.. and every single time I hurt myself by ignoring your obvious ungratefulness.
So this is it. I’m leaving “whatever this is”. I’m leaving you. And I know it’s gonna be hard, because you’ll only be a text away.. but I have to do this. I have to stop hanging on to you and give myself a chance to find someone who will give me what I need. A person who will be just as crazy about me as I’m about them and will support me just as much as I support them. I need someone who appreciates me for me, and we both know that person isn’t you.
—  Goodbye
  • Me, reading the character bios when I first discovered the show: Hunh, Minkowski is Polish? And we're just gonna go with a flat Midwestern American accent? I suppose I can get behind that; accents are dicey and it's not like it's particularly relevant to the character.
  • Mr. Cutter: How old were you when you started trying to get rid of your accent?
  • Me: ...
I don’t mean to anger any Sherlolly shippers or anything, but

there was something in TRF that I really think is extremely important and notorious, something that concerns how much (or little) the show is investing in Sherlock and Molly’s relationship. It also demonstrates to what extent Sherlock’s concern for Molly is perceived by others.

Upon rewatching the episode (again) I realized something that should be bloody obvious but the momentum didn’t allow me to see at first. 

You know when Sherlock is talking to Moriarty on the roof of St. Barts, and Moriarty reveals his plan of killing all his friends if Sherlock doesn’t commite suicide? (rethoric question, of course you all know this scene from hell because it’s intense as fuck).

All of us Johnlock shippers squee’d a little when Sherlock’s first reaction to that was to immediately think about “John?”. And Moriarty’s answer was: “Not just John. Everyone.” Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade. “Everyone.” At first I thought that ‘everyone’ was meant as a broad term: Just because he didn’t name each of Sherlock’s acquaintances, doesn’t mean Jim Meticulous Moriarty had forgotten about them.

But what does Moriarty add then? “Three bullets, three gunmen, three victims.”

Waitwaitwaitwai— three? Only three? I thought Sherlock had more friends than that, more people that cared about him. Like, I don’t know, Molly.

Now, we all know that Sherlock and Molly are (one-time character appearances aside) probably the two characters that share less screen time throughout the show. This means that they are rarely seen together by other characters. If you had to choose the three people closest to Sherlock’s heart, the show has all but told us she will not be among them. Sherlock might come to her for help on counted occasions, and he may trust her (I mean, if it’s obvious for us that she’s a good person, it must be clear as daylight for him), but she’s not as important as any of those three people. It’s right there, before our eyes.

But that’s what the show tells us. That’s as far as how much the show is actually investing in a Sherlock/Molly relationship (which is not very much, if you ask me). We could probably read a little farther into this:

These lines, while obviously produced by the writers, are all the more important because of who delivers them: Moriarty. Moriarty, the spider. The man who’s so obsessed with Sherlock that he’s made of his disgrace, of his demise, his sole, main purpose. This man, who’s even let himself be tortured in order to gather as much information as possible about the detective. Who has always been one step ahead and made him dance. The man who pretty much outwitted him (or so he thought) ‘till the bitter end. The man that couldn’t stand to leave a story unfinishedEven if it meant getting rid of the last loose end: himself. 

And what are his words of choice? 

“Your only three friends in the world will die”.

Word by word. Moriarty, who has even dated Molly for the sake of getting closer to Sherlock, who has seen the two interact and is most certainly aware of the love Molly feels for the detective, this Moriarty, has been witness to all of that and has decided it wasn’t good enough. That it wasn’t enough to trigger Sherlock’s alarm and make him jump to his death in order to save her. To the point where he doesn’t even consider her a friend of Sherlock’s. 

If the man who’s most willing to hurt Sherlock by killing the people he loves doesn’t deem Molly worthy of his attention, I don’t know what else needs to be said.

He doesn’t consider her one of Sherlock’s weaknesses. Even if she believes in Sherlock, Moriarty must have come to the conclusion that the detective doesn’t reciprocate her feelings at all (not in vain has Sherlock ALWAYS been oblivious to any of her advances, no matter how NOT subtle they were). Like I said, Sherlock trusts her, because it’s extremely evident that she is a good person, and that her infatuation for him means she’d do anything to help, but Moriarty has decided she’s not one of the people that can make Sherlock jump (bad pun, sorry) into action and dance to the spider’s song (which is undoubtedly BeeGee’s Staying Alive, in case anyone was wondering —Why would you?).

So, what we are basically told here, twice at the same time (indirectly by the writers, directly from Moriarty’s lips), is that Molly will never be such an integral part of Sherlock’s life as these three other people are, the first of which is John

It always has been John, and it’s always gonna be John. We still have been shown no indication that this pattern could change in the foreseeable future of the show. In fact, it’s only intensifying with every passing season. So far, there is not a thing Sherlock hasn’t done for John. Whatever it was.

And with all this I just wanna say that we, as Johnlock shippers, have it bad, but boy, would I hate to be on the Sherlolly ship with all that water rushing in through so many holes.

Edit: since it’s been like two years since I last watched the whole 3 seasons, I forgot some important stuff related to this that happened after The Reichenbach Fall. I wrote another (shorter) post about that to correct myself.

  • Bellamy: Let me guess, you came here to fix things, Wanheda the Peacemaker.
  • Clarke: I came to see if you're ok.
  • Bellamy: Well, I don't need your help. Clarke, I've lost her.
  • Clarke: Give her time, Bellamy. There may be blood on your hands, but it's not Lincoln's.
  • Bellamy: Some of it is.
  • Clarke: Maybe, but you didn't want that to happen. You tried to stop it. Octavia will forgive you eventually. The question is, will you forgive yourself?
  • Bellamy: Forgiveness is hard for us. I was so angry at you for leaving. I don't want to feel that way anymore.
  • Clarke: You know, you're not the only one trying to forgive yourself. Maybe we'll get that someday .. but we need each other, Bellamy. What we're doing now, the only way we're gonna pull this off is together.
  • (Bellamy and Clarke hug.)
Block B and BTS rivals
  • Namjoon: ok so I just had a little meeting with Bang PDnim yesterday and he said
  • Jungkook: actually hyung i don't think we need one since you already are one hahahAHAHHAAH
  • Yoongi: jfc i'm out
  • Namjoon: no u have to stay because this is very important
  • Yoongi: fine
  • Hoseok: so, what is it?
  • Namjoon: actually no
  • Jin: well then fuck this shit
  • Jimin: just go alreaDY
  • Namjoon: OKAY SO, you guys remember MAMA awards right
  • Jimin: who wouldn't forget the day i showed off this luscious body ;)
  • Hoseok: go away
  • Jimin: ;)))))))
  • Namjoon: Okay so I'm just gonna say it, we're collabing with Block B
  • All of BTS: wHat
  • [to be continued...]