we're gonna douse you in ant pheromones

how phineas and ferb should have ended 

phineas and ferb standing in front of their class at school. the teacher gently asks, “so, what did you do over the summer?”

phineas takes a breath, but ferb puts a hand on his shoulder. 

“oh, you got this one? okay! take it away, ferb.” 

ferb starts to speak, and it fades to black

but one of the best things about Phineas and Ferb (and I know this show is completely made up of Best Things) is Ferb’s characterization; his silences are never presented as a problem, he’s never encouraged to be more outgoing or outspoken, there’s nothing wrong with him. when he has something to contribute to the conversation, he does, but he’s not keeping anything bottled up inside. there’s nothing unhealthy about his behavior, and he is completely comfortable with the way he chooses to interact with the world. he’s content to leave most of the decision-making to Phineas because that’s something at which his brother is naturally gifted, whereas Ferb’s brilliance shines through in his ability to give ideas shape. he’s obviously a very richly developed character who has many hobbies of his own but prefers to work in tangent with his friends for the sake of creating something they can all be proud of. he’s not shy, he’s just not talkative, and the show never, ever, ever makes a big deal about it, and as someone who struggles to be comfortable in my introversion, that’s such a great message, because it shows that we can interact with other people in the way we choose to, that we can contribute without compromising our own natural inclinations and talents. 

  • Q: What do you think about Baljeet and Buford's friendship?
  • Maulik Pancholy: Underneath their nerd/bully relationship, they are best friends forever. I don't know if they know that they are best friends, but it would be hard for them to exist without each other.
  • Q: Will they ever realize that they are such good friends?
  • Maulik: They really do care about each other and you get to see that a lot. As much as they get annoyed with each other, their intentions are normally good.