we're going to see them struggle

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You still believe there is a new team ans a co is happening? We're talking about a baby here, it's gone much too far to backpedal without terrible consequences. Miscarriage is a terrible thing and I doubt they'd go this far and it would absolutely tarnish a possible CO. I don't see how his can end well.

I’m having trouble separating label and management at the moment. That’s my biggest struggle right now.

Someone is PUSHING a successful rebranding, 

SOMEONE doesn’t have them sing WMYB thank fucking god for that btw.

Someone is adding DMD tot he setlist, SOMEONE arranged this concert out of the blue

Someone had People and Billboard so engaged with 1D that it’s a daily thing now.

Someone is NOT stopping the media to call out the existence of this baby, the lack of Louis’ confirmation, they even ran pregnant H pictures.

Someone made that man ask about the baby. Someone made them uncomfortable.

I cannot tell you more. I need to separate label and management to see clearer, but it’s too complicated now.

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Hi! I absolutely love your blog! My name is Vilissa. I'm an African American woman with a disability, & I founded a disability rights consultation & advocacy organization called Ramp Your Voice! RYV!'s aim is to propel the voices of people of color, particularly women, with disabilities because we're underrepresented & ignored within the disability community & the mainstream. I'm reaching out to see if you knew of any books & articles about being of color, female, & disabled.

Hi, thanks so much for the blog love!

As far as books go, honestly, I think a lot of Black women’s fiction speak of disabilities that are ignored for us: mental health/neuroatypical status. We view them as “struggles” and “oppressions” which they are, but I feel like we don’t interrogate them and how the ableism involved in the Strong Black Woman stereotype harms us beyond even racism, sexism, misogynoir, anti-Blackness, classism, colourism and White supremacy etc. I alluded to this very thing in a recent essay: On Blackness and Perceptions of Able-Bodied Privilege where I described how ableism against me is ignored because of stereotypes involved in being a Black woman.

Some fiction examples: The Salt Eaters by Toni Cade Bambara. That’s depression and suicide ideation. The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. That’s depression and anxiety; severely. The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips. Depression, anxiety, hallucinations caused by sexual abuse. Home by Toni Morrison. Depression, anxiety, PTSD. 

Check this out: 100 Books by Black Women Everyone Must Read on For Harriet.

As far as visible/physical disabilities, I can’t think of any books off of the top of my head as far as fiction goes as I read way more non-fiction than fiction. As far as non-fiction/news type content, I follow disabilityhistory on Tumblr which launches into a variety of topics and have read good content on the National Black Disability Coalition website.

Other good articles that I’ve read:

Hopefully this helps and perhaps people who see this and have something to add can reblog to provide you with more. 

Take care. ❤

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Seeing how many "do you think we will get Malec's first [...]" asks you guys get made me realise how dissapointed I guess we are with what of Malec story we got in books because it really wasn't much, but we're getting it all in the show and it's so damn beautiful. They really care about them individually and together and I am so grateful. I am so excited to see what's to come because guys we are getting so many Malec's firsts and it's going to be so damn amazing. I still can't believe it.

This is one of the things I love most about the show. They have really went all out with making us see their relationship, their struggles together but also individually and most of all, we are seeing them fall in love with each other, and for that I will never be able to express how grateful I am to the show for making it happen! :)