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014. highschoolmusical!jungkook

014. Can I have this dance?
Pairing: HighSchool(Musical)!Jungkook x Reader
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A/N: Only 90′s kids remember the romantic masterpiece that Disney came out with called High School Musical. This is dedicated to @ying-huas who had to deal with my out of the blue BTSxHSM songs moment last month <3 Muscle Pig Jungkook x Troy Bolton? yes please.

“Sorry, can you say that again?” you were struggling to contain the laughter bubbling inside you, grinning at the blushing boy in front of you, biting the corner of his lips whilst he brought his hand up to lightly scratch his cheek.

“I said, I don’t know how to slow dance,” Jungkook repeated, his eyes avoiding yours as you burst into laughter, and he felt blood rush to his cheeks as he grew more flustered by the second, overly aware of the numerous pairs of eyes trained on you two. The Jeon Jungkook, the captain and ace of the school’s basketball team, had asked out the school’s genius and his girlfriend, namely you, out to prom the previous week. However, it slipped his mind that a highlight of the event was a slow dance section, and he knew that the school’s eyes would be trained on the pair of you, the so-called it couple of the batch. Thus, he was now swallowing his pride to ask you to teach him to dance, as losing his cool in front of you was a million times better than doing so in front of the entire student body. On the other hand, as he watched you wipe away the tears on the corner of your eyes that had formed due to your excessive laughter, he was starting to regret his decision.

“I can’t believe that of all things the golden ace couldn’t do, it was slow dancing,” you giggled away the last of your laughter, taking his hand in yours as you led him towards a more secluded place. “You’re lucky I know how to dance, otherwise we would look like a pair of fools on the dance floor.”

To your luck, the rooftop was empty the moment the two of you stepped into it, and you took a deep breath of fresh air, instantly feeling yourself more relaxed than when you were stuck in the stuffy corridor of the school. You set your bag down against the door, Jungkook mimicking the action, before you pulled him towards a wider space beside the benches on the floor. You browsed through your phone briefly, turning on a slow waltz symphony as you placed your phone on the bench, and your eyes caught his, smiling softly back at you.

“Okay, let’s start with the basics. Take my hand,” you started giving out instructions to him, which he followed with a bit of hesitation. His eyes held contact with yours, and you could see the anxiety reflected in them. “Take a breath,” you coaxed him, and you could see his posture relaxing slightly. “Pull me close, and take one step,” Jungkook followed your words clearly, moving in time with the rhythm of the waltz in the background. He took a step forwards as you did opposite, glancing downwards to avoid stepping on your foot, but soon felt a finger pulling his chin upwards, and his eyes found yours again. “Keep your eyes locked on mine,” you told him, and your arm moved to place his hand on your waist, the other interlocking your fingers together. “Now let the music be your guide.”

You were pleasantly surprised at how quickly Jungkook picked up the rhythm of the song playing around you, moving in time with it as you led his steps, occasionally giving bits and pieces of instructions to improve his posture, or to ask him to move a different direction. Soon, he could already lead the pair of you on his own, moving your bodies in time with the symphony, and by the time the music finished, you were thoroughly impressed by his skills, which you did not hesitate to point out to him.

“You know what, let’s go for a second round,” Jungkook smirked, and you wanted to slap yourself for feeding his growing ego. You rolled your eyes as he replayed the same song, except this time he was intent on leading the whole song.

“Take my hand, I’ll take the lead,” Jungkook smirked cockily, pulling you close to him as he twirled you around, “and every turn will be safe with me.” He placed a hand on your waist, abruptly letting you fall back and you instinctively gripped onto his shirt, letting out a small yelp. “Don’t be afraid to fall, you know I’ll catch you,” he whispered in your ear, and you could feel the heat rushing to your cheeks as he brought you back up, resuming to move across the roof slowly. His eyes never left yours as the pair of you moved in synchrony, accompanied by several moments where Jungkook would show off a little, lifting you in his arms while he turned, and you could only roll your eyes and mutter ‘muscle pig’ under your breath. He would respond by laughing, smiling so wide his eyes wrinkled, before you lost yourself in his eyes again.

You had always loved looking into his eyes – taking in the hazel colour of his iris and the warmth radiating from them, spreading all over you as you smiled back at him. You saw how much love and adoration he held from you, for they were clearly reflected in his eyes, and cause your heart to swell in pride. You knew that you were lucky to have him as your boyfriend, for finding another person to love you as much as he did was comparable to catching lightning – the chances barely one in a million.

As the song came to an end, you remained in his arms, his eyes still staring deep into yours with the same passion and love you reciprocated, and it was as if the world had stopped around you – all you had in your mind was Jungkook, and only Jungkook.

“So, princess,” Jungkook said lowly, his voice husky as he leaned his forehead against yours, eyes never breaking contact, “can I have this dance with you at prom?”

i know we haven’t gotten in active syscourse for a while but don’t send us asks about systems you think are fake on this site. we’ve done really well at getting away from fakeclaiming in the past few months by pretty much avoiding syscourse like the plague and cutting off a few toxic people that contributed to that behaviour and i don’t want to go back to that. i’d much rather give resources and give genuine advice than call someone fake for using the wrong terms or thinking they’re quoigenic or a “gateway system” or whatever the fuck kinda terms endo tumblr has nowadays. 

there’s a lot of misinformation spread around endo tumblr and instead of pointing fingers and calling probably 100% real systems fakes because they think system hopping is real when they were likely misled i want to provide links and resources and let people figure out on their own whether or not they think they have did / osdd. i don’t want to tell people they either have or don’t have did / osdd. i don’t want to tell them they’re a singlet. i can’t determine that and i’m not gonna sit here and diagnose people based on the little bit of info they give me

i will gladly answer questions people have if i’m able to and correct misconceptions but i’m not answering asks and laughing at someone for apparently being fake. i was there once. i was called fake for mixing up terms. it feels like shit and i don’t want to perpetuate that shit

i’m gonna be out all weekend so basically just have tonight to write and hopefully sunday night. I’m hoping to at least write 1 chapter of PMLAP and the 30 week thing. BUT IT’S ALL SMUT WHICH TAKES FOREVER

me: i cant wait to see the IT remake
also me: why do you hate yourself


One Thing (Among Many) That I Really Appreciated About Wonder Woman

I was ready to go into Wonder Woman, fully expecting Steve Trevor’s story Arc to be “I’m sexist, and by the end of the film Diana will prove me wrong, but until then I’ll be a smarmy jerk boy.”  I was waiting for a “Woman can’t do X” joke or Steve being incredulous at her abilities and having it be played for laughs.  I was waiting for it, to clench my teeth and get through it.


becuase from the moment Steve “Ride or Die” Trevor washes up on Amazon Island of Buff Chicks he is 100% there for Diana.  He treats her as an equal, is supportive of her power, follows her into battle, and is only critical of her when he’s concerned for her safety, and even then does what he can to help her push forward anyway.  I wasn’t expecting to leave the theater having a lot of feelings about Steve Trevor but HOOOOO DOGGY. 

Like Steve is such a breath of fresh air.  After sitting through film after film of of stubborn, borish, snarky, sarcastic men that we’re supposed to revere as heroes, I’m so so thankful that we get Steve Trevor, who is a warrior who believes in the best of people, who willingly embraces vulnerability and the Lasso of Truth, who believes in self-sacrifice and that human beings are inherently good, who above all believes in, supports, relies on, follows, and loves Wonder Woman. 


Daily Prompto Doodle: 06192017 

I’m in pain. That trailer put me in pain. I want you all in pain with me! The trailer hype was an obvious inspiration for this one today! A little angst to ruin your day <3