we're getting em all


Official art by Pie.

(Sketch dump #2:

-Doodle 1: The original base sketch for the “Hearts Day” USUK Ask, altered for no other reason than “shits and giggles” to make Artie angelic~ As for Al…he’s just a horny little devil.

-Doodle 2: Arthur looking down at nude Al in a mini-coma, after saving him from the side of the mountain…first time meeting. XD

-Doodle 3: First test sketch of Emrys (personification of Wales and Arthur’s second oldest brother) and his adorable self. A more detailed portrait of him and Arthur’s other two brothers (Scotland and Ireland) will be provided as an answer to an Ask soon!

Doodle 4: Were!Al test sketch

Doodle 5: Silly USUK quick sketch and dialogue test

Doodle 6: Pack mule Al, USUK quick sketch)