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Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )


not to be That Person™ but do you see the arm? 

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sometimes it’s really hard to draw those two but i love them so much and wish them only happiness

How Mark loves Bridget?!

“Are you happy?”

Here is the difference when Bridget told both that she’s pregnant. The first thing came up from Jack’s mind is the baby. But with Mark, his priority is Bridget, is she happy with this news? Is she happy to have a child with him?

“Our boy”

Both of them are happy to be the father. But the most important things is with who. And friendly reminder that quote from Mark’s letter “I want a life with you more than I’ve ever wanted anything.”

Falling in love doesn’t happen on paper

How much Jack loves Bridget? One of the top reason that Jack attracted by Bridget is about her personality or that 97% on paper. And Mark, well you know the rest (just as you are; lmao) and look at how well Mark understands Bridget.

You are my world

Bridget left Mark in the next morning after the christening, and the baby is the only connect them back together. So, when Jack let Mark believes the baby isn’t him, Mark just gave up. But when he found the reindeer jumper, it’s clearly that he hasn’t, can’t forget Bridget. And in the airport, he saw Tom with his adopted child. This is the moment he realizes why he can’t be like Tom? Is that really important if the baby is not his son? Because the important thing is he still love her. That’s why he came back to Bridget and ..

Just as I love you

“What if he’s not yours?” She is not finding the answer, she just wants to confirm it. This is not only about who is the father or how much he will love her son, but also about how much this person love her. Remember in BJD, she said I’m not willing to gamble my whole life on someone who’s not quite sure.I’m still looking for something more extraordinary than that.”,obviously Jack paused a moment too long when Mark answered her without any hesitation…It doesn’t matter at all. Jack said he loves her, but that love isn’t strong enough to love her son too. In the opposite, the love Mark for Bridget is strong and powerful for him to love her son. “Then I will love him anyway” .See the difference?

Mic drop teaser dropped today, and people are already starting on really deep theories. But I think this one is very straight forward, and the symbolism isn’t hard to decipher.

The main setup of the trailer (and probably the mv too) is an interrogation room with a one way mirror.

BTS are in the room, with mics in front of them. They’ve done something that the “police” thinks broke the law, and are being interrogated and judged. The law that they broke could be the unwritten rules that one can’t get big if you aren’t from one of the top three companies, or that a Kpop group can do well outside of Korea without the full support of the Korean media. There are probably a shit ton of other unspoken rules they broke.

Outside of the room, on the other side of the mirror, you can see cameras and a DJ set. The cameras could just simply mean the news that’s watching them and judging them. Or it could be just simple outsiders that are waiting for bts to do something to incriminate them. 

The DJ set could stand for the music industry, both Korean and western. They’re also looking at BTS from behind the glass, waiting and judging. The industry is fickle after all, and it’s so easy for artists to do something wrong or to simply fall out of favour. 

BTS can’t see who is on the other side of the mirror, but the other side can see them.

Then there was another shot with black hooded people bobbing their heads. I assume that they stand for the ARMY. They’re inside the room with BTS, they’re being judged together with BTS. Every single one is anonymous, but if they do something wrong BTS will be judged for it. But in this shot they’re just there, enjoying the music, and most importantly, blocking the other side of the mirror’s view of BTS. As long as the ARMY is there the other side can’t get to BTS.

‘Bad smell on a good scent is against the rules
Mic mic bungee’


westratenick: Two days til the end of #TurnAMC and I am raising a glass to the great @heatherglind! Our Anna Strong and my good friend made life in Virginia just the best. Craig and Barry couldn’t have found a more interesting, complicated, brilliant actor to tell Anna’s story. Here’s to you, @heathergibs! #StrongTownsend

Happy #SyndullaSunday with an eversoslightly different photo!

  • game grumps: we're releasing a full dating sim where the main character and all romantic options are diverse mlm that's been developed by a team with actual queer people to make sure we were doing this theme and queer fans justice
  • rooster teeth: good news! we're now selling a rainbow shirt where 0% of our proceeds will go to an LGBTQ+ organization, our credentials for doing this are 0.25 LGBT+ characters and years of queerphobic and transphobic jokes in our content