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“The problem with irony is that not everybody gets it.”–Ray Wylie Hubbard

Happy Texas Independence Day.

anonymous asked:

A friend of mine is in love with me. After months of trying to avoid confronting him, I finally told him that I did not have feelings for him & that we can only be friends, nothing more. Although he was heartbroken, he said he understood. it's been a month & now he is visiting from Texas & we're planning to spend time together. Although I don't have feelings for him... I still want him to have feelings for me. Like, I don't want him to get over me. I don't know why... Am I awful? I feel awful.

Yup. That’s selfish.

But understandable. We’ve all got that sort of thing inside of us, wanting to be desired.

Real love is working for the other’s benefit though. Not wanting that person to pine over us, so that they are happier, less disappointed, more focused on other parts of their lives.

This sort of love is hard to muster.

But it’s the sort of stuff that God can give us.