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Comic N-50 “What a coot!”

Seeing fifty ducks fly off as the refrain hits on “death by glamour” is an experience I can’t explain with words.

So I know Stranger Things 2 is six weeks away. It’s written on my calendar. I’ve planned my schedule for months to accommodate an entire weekend so I can watch ten times through.

But. It still feels so surreal? Like, we’ve waited so long that it just feels like waiting is all we’ve ever done? To think that in six weeks there will be a whole NINE new episodes is sublime. It’s absolutely beyond my ability to fully grasp at this point.

I honestly don’t think it will feel real until I’ve watched the entire season, cried, laughed, and screamed.

good end:

it’s the next big comic con. lauren is fielding questions. someone asks about “laith.” her face lights up. she is finally proud of us. it took us over a year but we have finally seen the light. she throws us some laith-y bones as a token of gratitude. she elaborates on how they’re 100% compatible now. we rejoice. all is well in the world. 

bad end:

it’s the next big comic con. lauren is fielding questions. someone reminds her that “laith” never became a thing. she continues to be disappointed in us. we are ungrateful and lazy and set in our ways at the expense of our own happiness. she does not throw us any bones at all. she insists that they are still not 100% compatible and refuses to discuss it further. we cry. all is terrible in the world.

the choice is yours, fandom. 

Shout out to Richonne for making fandom fun for me again. Shout out to Richonne for assuring me that not every relationship on the television or in other media has to be chock full of melodrama to be compelling. Shout out to Richonne for just being awesome and them and I cannot wait for their episode. 7x12 is THEIRS and they’ve more than earned it.
original writing

so… i’ve decided to swim in the ocean and most likely drown. and by that i mean i’ve decided to write a book. and by that i mean i’ve decided to swim in the ocean and most likely be eaten by a shark. 


here’s the thing. i plan on having a lot of diversity, but i want to probably write everything and I DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want to be offensive or misrepresent anyone or fall into hurtful stereotypes. 

that’s where you guys come in or people that you know come in. i need your help. i do plan on doing research, but i also want to talk to some people. 

my characters:

bisexual guy

note: no slutty bisexual trope i swear on my own grave that will surely be an early one because this book… just may kill me. 

pansexual guy

note: i want to be able to make a clear difference between bisexual and pansexual because they are NOT the same thing. 

asexual girl 

note: i am staying far away from the disgusting “soulless monsters” trope. this character is honestly one of my top three favorites and i want to do her so much justice. 

sapphic girls 

note: i plan on having a f/f ship, which will actually be the main ship friends-to-lovers trope, since you guys are so underrepresented in YA and god i don’t want to mess up, but i still want to try.

black muslim girl 

note: tell me if this makes sense depending on the context of my book, thanks.

asian girl

note: i want to do so much research on this because ‘asian’ is a pretty big category and i know its easily to be offensive and misrepresent but i don’t want that to stop me from writing

this story is going to be a greek mythology inspired story (as long as i don’t get eaten by a shark and drop it). i don’t want to explain everything because its still in the very early drafts and it’s a bunch of rough ideas and scraps. 

the main plot is ascension and self-discovery (unless i drown and this story drowns with me). even if its still greek myth its my world and i want to make all of these work as well as i can. 

please message me or send me links or anything that you think will help me write these characters as best i can without being offensive. thank you for reading and for helping.


Also the books are in no way about Holmes’ and Watson’s relationship, that part always gets exaggerated when people talk about them. The stories are about the cases, their friendship is in the background. Hell, the most famous novel, HoB, Holmes is barely even in it. The only stories I can think of with a meaningful interaction between the two are Study in Scarlet, the Three Garridebs and I guess Final Problem/Empty Hearse if you wanna count Watson’s handling of Holmes’ death

“The heart and the soul of it isn’t just Sherlock Holmes. That’s really, really important. It’s the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. The best friendship ever depicted in fiction. (…) [You fall in love] with the fact that they adore each other. These two extraordinary, brilliant opposites, who have a simple uncomplicated mutual affection that happened instantly, and remained unchanged over decades, and was never discussed at all. That’s what people genuinely fall in love with. You cannot discuss Sherlock Holmes without discussing Doctor Watson.”

Steven Moffat

you were saying

Tano and Kenobi - Freedom
Previously on Tano and Kenobi... Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano pawned her lightsabers to place a bet on the Boonta eve podrace. Thanks to her memories as Anakin Skywalker's padawan, her bets pay off and with the winnings from her gambling she is able to purchase Shmi and her son Anakin. Just when everything seems to be going their way, Gardulla the Hutt's thugs and criminals arrive, splitting up Ahsoka and Shmi from Obi-Wan Kenobi, Satine Kryze and Anakin. And while Ahsoka and Shmi were rescued by Mama Ohnaka, there is no guarantee the pirates will show up in time to save Padawan Kenobi and his small group...
By Organization for Transformative Works

As Obi-Wan watched Ahsoka run off with Shmi into the market crowd, he could hear hear his master’s words echoing in his mind.

“You have to get Satine and Anakin to safety!”

With his stomach twisting itself into anxious knots, he saw Ahsoka and Shmi almost pass through the crowd before someone spotted her distinctive blue and white montrals and gave a shout that brought back Gardulla’s thugs.

No! he wanted to shout, but the gangsters’ flashy and brutal warning to the populace had turned the residents of Mos Espa against them.

Master Ahsoka’s question hung sharp and clear in his mind. “Do you understand, Obi-Wan?”

No. I don’t. I don’t want you to go. I don’t want to do this by myself. I’m not ready, Master! I’m… I’m…

Obi-Wan closed his eyes, ashamed to admit the truth as Ahsoka and Shmi disappeared around a corner with the thugs in pursuit. No one had seen him and Satine yet, tucked up against a building across the way, but that could change at any moment.

I’m scared, Master. I don’t… I don’t think I can do this all by myself!

Obi-Wan did not expect any kind of answer and yet he felt something warm and strong at his back. A pair of unseen hands came to rest on his shoulders, along with a whispered promise. You can do this, Obi-Wan. Your master believes in you. Satine believes in you.

Anakin believes in you.

You are ready, Obi-Wan.

“Obi-Wan?” Satine murmured, reaching out hesitantly to touch his shoulder, unsure if she should interrupt what was clearly some kind of communing with the Force. Anakin was starting to fuss against her and the longer they stayed in one place, the worse their chances grew.

Startled out of his worried thoughts, Obi-Wan looked back at Satine and Anakin, at her nervous expression and Anakin’s round blue eyes. They were waiting for him to act, waiting for him to lead them to safety. They were counting on him to be the Jedi he claimed to be, to protect the innocent and to serve the greater good. To be the Jedi Ahsoka believed he could be.

To become the Jedi he knew he could be.

eeeeeeeep after a veeerrry long drive I’m glad to say I’m finally home safe from my vacation! I’ve got a bajillion asks from this past week to answer and I still have half a dozen unfinished wips! But I’m going to take some time tonight to relax and play some games and then tomorrow we’ll be officially coming off of hiatus and I’ll be back to working on my stories, my cc and all that good stuff! 😊

“His BP is 88/50. Isn’t that incredibly low?”

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