we're even we're totally even


a little trio of sparkly witch au icons! (i just wanted to get a little art bloop out before i ride in a car for 9 hours today pfft) you’re free to use them! just give credit in the description >vo/+:+:+


#agnes knows

When you finally find a good and decent fan-art/fanfiction about your OTP
(which only you and probably few others ship)

It’s hard because we’re talking about ships that the majority of the fandom never even consider, and then you feel so lonely because you can’t even find someone to share your love for that ship unless a miracle hits you oh god khngshdk


But that’s the thing about endings; we haven’t reached yours just yet.



I’ve been so deep in a well of my own pain, I couldn’t see anything else. I forgot that I’m not the only one who’s hurting. Francis is suffering as well.

Naaah… heh!

I had this movement stuck in my head, so I half-assed it into a short animation who opsi e  └|°ε°|┐ ┌|°з°|┘