we're doing science

  • Ferre: *breaks into science museum at night for fun*
  • Courf: u beautiful rule breaking moth
I'm glad we're all different.

I’m glad that there are no two people who are exactly alike.
I’m glad we all look different.
I’m glad that people are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or of any other religion.
I’m glad that people are Atheist.
I’m glad there are people who are conservative and people who are progressive.
I’m glad there are people who are big and people who are small.
I’m glad there are people of different skin tones and cultures.
I’m glad there are people who excel in science and math.
I’m glad there are people who aren’t good at math or science.
I’m glad there are people who love to draw, good or bad.
I’m glad there are people who love to write, even if it’s not very well.
I’m glad so many people write about so many different things.
I’m glad there are so many people who play so many different types of instruments.
I’m glad there are people who love to sing even if it’s off key.
I’m glad there are people who love to dance, even if they don’t have any coordination.
I’m glad that there are so many sports that people can watch, play and love.
I’m glad that there are so many animal lovers on the planet.
I’m glad the world is filled with people of all sorts of sexualities.
I’m glad there are so many hobbies to choose from.
I’m glad we all think differently.
I’m glad we all have different morals.
I’m glad we’re all different, even in the smallest ways.

anonymous asked:

I have a few questions about Caleb's ability. Can he feel others when they're in pain and can he localize it to a certain area? And this one's a bit stupid, but does his ability only work on humans?

This is such a great question! The short answer is sometimes, yes, he can feel physical pain. But Caleb is not personally able to localize it at this time. If someone is in physical pain, Caleb will feel a general kind of pain. Rather than his body drawing attention to a specific area of his body that needs seeing to (like it would if he himself stubbed his toe), feeling the pain of others is his body drawing attention to that specific person in need. 

All the same rules apply though - proximity, strength of feeling, Caleb’s own mindset. And his empathy tends to prioritize emotional signals over physical ones. This is why he enjoys football. Because everyone, including himself, is physically exerting themselves, it all sort of evens out. His body can’t process every little twinge and ache in every player and instead he feels that kind of good burning soreness that you feel when you have a good workout. People getting seriously injured is a different story. 

Caleb’s ability works best on humans. The closer something’s neurology is to his own, the better it works. So, if Caleb spent a lot of time one-on-one with a chimpanzee or other primate, he could probably get it working pretty well. As for dogs and cats and other domestic animals, he is only slightly more in tune with them than their owners would be - he can tell when they’re happy and when they’re freaked, but it isn’t as much of a conscious things as it is with humans. Caleb could definitely be described as an animal person in the sense that he’s naturally very good with them. 


you were you
and I was I
we were two
before our time

I was yours
before I knew
and you have always
been mine too

the force is my new hulk I guess

I’m kind of thinking about The Force Awakens and about how I want to write fic because I have Things To Say (but mostly about Luke Skywalker), but all the ideas I have feel really uninspired because they just take up directly at the end of the movie and say what happened next.  Anyway this was how I felt directly after The Avengers, so I went and looked at some old fic I started writing then.  I’m reading this unfinished fic that is like, the first thing I wrote after seeing TA.  It’s a fic about all of them getting schwarma and I come across this priceless gem:

“I just don’t think it would be a good idea to cut off a chunk of an alien you know nothing about, and go and start—testing it’s DNA and inventing serums and miracle cures,” Steve said.  Bruce thought that Steve didn’t mean to, but it didn’t matter–Steve still looked his way.

Bruce looked at his shawarma.  He had absolutely nothing to say about irresponsible science.

And I was like wow, I really have a one track mind when it comes to MCU.

Then I was like, who am I kidding.  The only fics I want to write about The Force Awakens are all about  the ethics of Force training anyway. 

God I need a new schtick.


Make Me Choose: anon asked: Beverly as part of team sassy science or Beverly with WIll

Jack: “Has anyone touched the body?”
Zeller: “For once, local police behaved themselves.”
Price: “It’s fairly evident the man’s dead just by looking at him.”
Bev: “I touched the body. A lot going on with that body. Surgery was performed and then un-performed.”
Zeller: “Surgery was un-performed with bare hands, sutures clawed open. I, uh, I also did a little bit of touching.”


We’re Launching Our Own Space Mission!

… YOU’RE Invited.

The Planetary Society is launching the prototype to our spacecraft, LightSail on May 20th. It’s going to literally sail on the light of stars. Sort of like a boat but in space.

Well we’re asking for help in funding our mission via Kickstarter!

I’ve been humbled beyond belief to realize that before I even had time to post this invitation to be a part of our mission… our kickstarter hit all its milestones and was fully funded in less than 24 hours.

Please join us! Lets democratize space. There are rewards being given out to all taking part as well.

In the Hollow Chambers of My Heart (1/1)

A/NDoctor Who and Edge of Tomorrow genre mashup AU, with a bit of Pacific Rim if you squint hard enough, but you don’t need to be familiar with those canons to read this story.

Summary: Nineteen years ago, SHIELD scientist Leo Fitz accidentally caused an alien invasion, losing his life in the process. Now, as a last-ditch effort to salvage the Earth, SHIELD sends Jemma Simmons into the past to find Fitz and help him undo the events leading to the apocalypse. Each time she fails, she gets pulled back to her time and sent in again. She must watch him die, over and over, before they can both live. 

Pairing: FitzSimmons.

Rating: T.

Maybe in another universe there are no Hydras and paradoxes and there’s just you, and there’s me, and we don’t have the weight of the world on our shoulders. Maybe we’re backpackers with just the open road ahead and I’ll mess up your ramen and you’ll make me the world’s most dangerous sandwich. Maybe we’re scientists going around the world on a plane to protect people. There are many versions of reality, and it is reassuring to think in all of them we are companions on our endless journey.

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