we're basically besties now

queenofhellodean  asked:

Hi I'm Katie, my favorite colors are red and black, my favorite book is Going Bovine by Libba Bray (it is my mission to convert the world to the ways of CESSNAB, lol), I'm currently not attending college, but when I was going my favorite class was probably Make-up Effects 1 (I was an entertainment design major), I actually house 4 cats currently but claim none of them because they are all evil. I love your blog and you are really super pretty! Hope you are having a great day :)

Hi Katie!!  Omg, you had me at the “4 cats” part I have an inside Cat named Cas that I found when he was a kitten starving under my porch (we’re pretty sure he was separated from his mom) and we basically just kinda tolerate each other (I’m lying I love him)

And Entertainment Design?  Seriously, that’s awesome!  I’m planning on going into graphic design myself, heh.

And omg thank you I’m so glad you like it *hugs you aggressively*