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We’re Starting At The End [ch.9]

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Summary: The end of the world happens just like it would any other day, leaving Percy stumbling on his own until he runs into Annabeth. But the world isnโ€™t that kind, and building a new life is hard when it keeps crumbling at his fingertips every step of the way. Zombie Apocalypse AU.

Disclaimer: I donโ€™t own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Walking Dead, or anything else you may recognize. The title is from Alone Together by Fall Out Boy.

a/n: Hey, guys! Iโ€™m really excited about this new chapter, so make sure to come tell me what you think about it! And just come talk to me about anything!


After his last conversation with Reyna, he starts to keep his distance from her. Itโ€™s hard to be around her and see her now. Heโ€™s not really sure why, but heโ€™s got a suspicion that itโ€™s his goddamn feelings getting in the way again, and heโ€™s not ready to go back down that road. Look where it ended last time: with her dead and Percy alone. No thanks.

He stops eating at their table, instead getting his rations and going up to the wall for his own watch. He only goes to meetings if itโ€™s necessary for him to be there.

But Reyna isnโ€™t dumb. She starts to notice.

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