we're at war!

lance: are you- are you saying i’m not your greatest rival?

keith: well, i mean. no?

lance: but, but who else drives you to one-up them the way that i do?

keith: .. the gladiators in the training room?

lance: someone alive, keith!

keith: then i’d currently say that i don’t have a rival. i am fighting a few, different, people.

lance: … what?

keith: i like to fight around.


He didn’t grab the throne laughing evilly. He rose to power because he was a terrific orator, captivating his audience, promising to bring their country back to greatness while blaming all their problems on scapegoats - Jews and homosexuals and everyone who was deemed “imperfect”. People didn’t look at him and say, “Wow, he’s a monster. That’s great, I’m gonna vote for him!”

Most people didn’t believe the worst stories about him. In fact, a lot of people never started believing them. They didn’t call them “fake news”, they called them “American propaganda”. Four weeks before her death, my great-grandmother got into her nth shouting match with my father because she didn’t believe the Holocaust ever happened. She just couldn’t believe it. After all, Hitler was supposed to save them all after World War I. He couldn’t have been a monster, right? She didn’t just sit at home and enable him to kill all those innocent people, right?

And that’s just it: Hitler was not a monster. He was just a man. An awful man, sure, rotten on the inside, but nonetheless just a man who convinced people that he was the right guy for the job.

For years and years we’ve been telling you to see Hitler as a man rather than the far-away historical figure, the dragon atop the castle. We’ve been telling you to stop painting Nazis as cartoonishly evil guys in your movies and you ignored us. Now you have the Alt-Right on the rise and the media refuses to call them Nazis because, woah, wouldn’t that be silly and kind of offensive to treat them like the villains in next week’s blockbuster?

On the 1st December 1941, the United States granted Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father, asylum. They cancelled it ten days later and you all know how this story ends. On the 28th January 2017, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban citizens from various countries that have been bombed and torn apart by the United States themselves from entering the country. People who were already in an airplane, on their way to safety, while the order was signed, were detained upon arrival at the airport.

The night of 9th November 1938 is called Kristallnacht because broken glass from the smashed windows of burnt down synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses littered the streets of Germany. On the 28th January 2017, the Victoria Mosque in Texas was burnt down, mere hours after Donald Trump officially blamed all of America’s problems on an entire religion.

You think he’s not going to make those Muslim internment camps a reality? People didn’t think the concentration camps were real.

You want to give this man a chance? People gave Hitler a chance.

You think what happened in Nazi Germany can never happen again? It’s happening right now.


A collection of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Cards.
Number One, as always, Ronnie from the Jersey Shore.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Okay, so. I’m getting really tired of the idea that “true” Star Wars fans “know” that TFA was a terrible movie, that Jar Jar Abrams singlehandedly ruined the franchise, that Rogue One was everything TFA wasn’t or whatever. I’m honestly sick of it.

I grew up watching Star Wars. I can remember being in diapers and seeing Darth Vader on the TV screen, and I remember my parents taking me and my brother out of school early on opening day to see RotS. I loved Padmé, and Luke, and all the Skywalkers. I was a fan for years, and when Lucasfilm announced that they were sold to Disney and there would be new movies coming out, I was over the moon. More movies! Oh man! I wonder what they’ll do next! I was optimistic even when people on the Internet were screaming about how Disney would turn Star Wars into a musical cartoon. Having seen The Avengers and enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean series, I knew Star Wars was in good hands under the Mouse.

TFA came out, and when I saw it…it was even better than I hoped it would be. I was giddy and ecstatic over it all in a way I hadn’t been in a long time. In fact, I saw it a total of five times in the theater, a very rare thing for someone who sees most movies once in the theater and is okay with never watching them again. To this day, when I pop in my TFA Blu-ray, I enjoy it just as much as that first time at the movies. It’s just…a really great film to me. I love it a lot. And it’s so special, especially since it introduced two of my favorite characters to me. I think JJ Abrams did a great job with Episode VII, and the professional critics who made the movie sit at over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes would agree with that idea.

You’re not a “better” fan for hating TFA. You’re not “edgy” for trashing on JJ Abrams and claiming that anyone who enjoys the movie doesn’t “get” Star Wars. You can hate the movie all you want, of course; everyone has their own reasons for disliking what they dislike, and I’m not about to force you to like something you don’t. However, what I will tell you to do is to let go of this idea that “true” Star Wars fans only like certain Star Wars movies, that certain movies deserve to be disregarded while others should be placed on a pedestal if you want to keep your Official Star Wars Fan Badge™. Guess what? TFA exists! TFA is an official Star Wars movie! People who enjoy TFA…are real Star Wars fans!

Anyway, I love TFA, and I’m so, so excited to see what happens next in Episode VIII. It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan!

frankly, if the han solo movie isn’t about his and lando’s tumultuous romantic relationship unfolding and ultimately failing while they bungle smuggling jobs and chewie saves their asses, I kind of do not care

“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.” (Star Wars TFA/Avatar AU)

Happy birthday to my beloved @matereya!! ♥ ♥ I’m sorry for the lateness of this gift, but I hope you enjoy Zuko and Katara as lightsaber-wielding badasses in the final TFA duel (BECAUSE OF REASONS OK ;D)

Also a tribute/thank you for always inspiring me with your beautiful SW and ATLA art, and for being such an epic friend in the trash compactor across these two fandoms!! _(:з」∠)_

Peter: Hey, Sergeant Barnes.

Bucky: Hi, kid.

Peter: So, I heard you and Mr. Stark fighting.

Bucky: It’s called flirting, Pete. You’ll learn about it in college. What the hell are you doing up? It’s almost two.

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I had an idea for a tatooine slave culture saying: "gilding the chains and calling them jewelry", ie, a do-gooder who bought a slave and "freed" them, only for the do-gooder to turn around and (unintentionally?) end up keeping them around in someway. Kind of like the Cliegg and Shmi relationship can be read. Basically, one side thinks the other is free and the other isn't... exactly willing to clarify that they feel pressured to stay. This also kinda applies to Anakin and the Jedi

What a fantastic metaphor, anon, thank you for sharing!

There are probably a lot of oblique ways of talking about this, too, that reference the metaphor without saying it outright. Like, Kitster might say about Shmi, “Yeah, I heard Cliegg gave her some jewelry,” and that sounds perfectly innocuous, but everyone knows what it really means.

(Jewelry, it should be noted, is an entirely different thing from japor wood charms, which are elements of folk magic and religion, and often associated with freedom marks.)

I think Qui-Gon definitely qualifies as a chain-gilder as well, though it took Anakin a while to realize that, and I’m not sure he ever let himself think consciously about it - at least, not while the Jedi Order still stood. (Darth Vader is very aware of his status, but then, Palpatine isn’t exactly a chain-gilder, either. He’s a much more straightforward Depur.)