we're all waiting for this happen

  • donghyuck: hey hyung wanna join the pen fifteen club
  • mark: the what
  • donghyuck: the pen fifteen club. all u gotta do is write 'pen fifteen' on ur arm!!
  • mark: !!!! oh cool ok
  • mark: (writes pen15 on his arm)
  • mark: wait
  • donghyuck:
  • mark:
  • donghyuck: :)
  • mark: frick

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[text] are you and dad fighting again? Do we need to talk with the Firsts about setting up some visitation hours?

Lazard stared at the unknown number a moment before opening the text, wondering if someone had just replaced their phone and was going to update him - it happened sometimes, after all, someone would leak one of their numbers to the fans and they’d need a new one.

But no, that was… that was not at all what he was looking at. What in the world?

[text] Who is this?

The Mistakes We Made (6): Tells

Izaya is waiting at the coffee shop when Shizuo arrives.

It’s not that Shizuo is late. He left his hotel in plenty of time, even arrived early enough to loop around the block in a futile effort to walk off the worst of the nerves prickling uncomfortable tension up the whole length of his spine. But by the time he gets inside Izaya is there already, sitting at the table farthest from the door and closest to the window and gazing out the glass at the street below instead of at Shizuo. He’s in his wheelchair still, with his legs crossed in that way that makes the chair look like an affectation, but the familiar edge of his smile is absent even as he looks down at the movement in the street. His whole expression is more relaxed than Shizuo has ever seen it, between the smirking taunts in Ikebukuro and crippling panic he’s seen here; Izaya looks pensive, like he’s turning over thoughts in his own head and for once doesn’t completely like what he sees.

Shizuo just stares at him for a moment. He doesn’t mean to; it’s not a conscious decision he makes. It’s just that he comes in the door of the coffee shop, and sees Izaya looking so oddly relaxed by the window, and his feet stop him where he stands, several feet shy of the front counter and barely inside the door and as still as if he’s some new addition to the decor instead of an actual person. The nervousness along his spine crackles into active electricity, sparking across his skin in jittery, uncontrolled waves of heat and cold alternately, and Shizuo can’t tell if it’s excitement or dread that is so dropping his gravity from under him. He doesn’t respond to the question from the front counter, barely hears the repeated inquiry even as it goes louder with rising concern, but the sound is drawing stares, catching the attention of unimportant bystanders, and then Izaya turns his head to look to the front and sees Shizuo staring at him.

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So they have all been completely, totally, absolutely silent for more than two weeks, not a word, not a hint, not a single mention and now they are slowly resurrecting, now, in this awkward way, this week, this particular week, with Zayn and contracts and hard speculation and the most intentionally confusing whereabouts. 

Don’t say.

Imagine holding a small Christmas party for Seventeen after their concert where you guys exchanged presents and had an overall great time.

BONUS: After receiving Woozi’s present, you opened it only to realize that he got you something you’ve been wanting for a while now. You looked at him in disbelieve because you didn’t thought he’ll remember about it before pulling him into a hug to show your gratitude.

Chapter 8:

After way too long spent on hiatus, the next chapter is up on ao3! 


A special thanks this time around for everyone who was patient enough to wait for this update, and especially to the people who sent me all kinds of encouraging messages in the meantime. You guys held me together in what might have been the toughest two months of my life, so this here’s the least I can do!

And a super-extra-special thanks to the eternally fabulous @lionfishart. She’s done some incredible art of WMT before, so I commissioned her a while back to design this cover. It is beautiful and I love it very very much and (unless you guys think this is the Worst Idea Ever) I think I might post when each new chapter goes up so it’s more obvious on your feeds.

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