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I’ve been trying to get Zen’s bad ending for like a week now but fckikn Zen still loves me no matter how many times I break his heart!!??? I swear I’ve been choosing only bad answerrssss!!! 



quick little piece i actually did for the Kings of Conversation holiday special episode coming up next week BUT I COULDN’T HELP BUT TURN IT INTO G’N’G BECAUSE THAT’S STILL WHAT KOC IS IN MY WALNUT BRAIN

ANYWAY happy holidays!!!

i want to like. make a list of not-str8 historical figures bc ppl are tagging that walt whitman post like “omg wait really” & honestly yall deserve better.

Like, you know who wasn’t straight? Charlotte Bronte, who wrote Jane Eyre. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who wrote Swan Lake. E.M. Forster, who wrote A Passage to India. Marcel Proust. Henry James. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Virginia Woolf. Herman Melville. Michelangelo. Leonardo Da Vinci. Socrates. William fucking Shakespeare.

And these are just (a few of) the ones we known about, because there’s a storied history of coded messages in literature that mean we are often looking gay metaphors in the face and not understanding them. We’re there, we’re out there, and I’m so mad that I didn’t know.

We have a history. We have a legacy. WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE.


Alec Lightwood in that damn Balcony Scene™

So I guess Tae got married and Jin’s next in line…

I’m a klance shipper and I don’t like sheith but it’s becasue of how I headcanon their relationship and seeing how all the anti-shaladins are dragging Josh for not being an anti too just makes me sick. Leave him alone? He makes a good point with alternative universes and canon age not meaning unchangeable age. I’m so quiznaking sad about how toxic this fandom can be.

You headcanon Keith as a teenager and Shiro as an adult? You headcanon them as brothers? GREAT. SAME. HIGH FIVE.

You don’t acknowledge the unofficial info about their ages and headcanon Keith as older/Shiro younger, au them both as older etc, basically anything but consciously making them do the do meanwhile stating their ages as minor/adult? WELP. GOOD FOR YOU. I’M NOT INTO THAT BUT HAVE FUN.

@joshkeaton if you’ll ever see this, I’m sorry we’re like this and that you got dragged into this discourse. You’re a gift we don’t deserve <3

♥⇢ Ok so I’ve never done one of these and I actually appreciate all of my mutuals… Even if we’ve never actually talked, I want you guys to know that I’m here if you ever need to talk, rant, have me reblog your selfie/edit, anything really (even if it’s not hp!! tag me on your photography!!). Y’all are amazing and I hope you have a lovely 2017!!

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Dans new video made me straight up cry

We literally bullied this man, at some points in the video he tried to hide it but he literally looked so sad
Everything that he worked hard for just turned into a fucking shit post

I wanna give him a hug and apologize for the phandom
Along with Phil Lester defence squad let’s make a dan Howell defence squad please this man has done so much for us he deserves love and care after that fucking video

Everyone who says that that’s just how dan is and he isn’t actually sad I’m sorry this isn’t an opinion but you’re wrong, he really looked sad

I’m sorry dan, we’ll make it up to you in 2017

Does it ever occur to you that there are people out there like “oh yeh Arctic Monkeys, I know some of their songs haha they’re cool!” And you’re just here like “guys guys remember that one particular sias tour outfit that Alex had with the mushroom hair and the blue jacket and the horrors shirt, haha good times lol”


and then i made a cover to my own unfinished fanfic 87k and still going pls set me free shadow me (feel free to delete this if you reblog)

yoongi must’ve seen the twitter notification that jin posted something and then he checked out bangtan’s other tweets and he noticed that his tweet isn’t there and that he immediately reposted his tweet right then god i love boyfriends



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of course i’d still be upset with mark and steven even if they made johnlock canon in a 4th episode or 5th season. of course i would be. but right now i’m feeling better than i was days ago, and listening to my own belief and logic helps. performative anger for everyone else’s sake would only damage my own mental health, of that i am sure. so i’m sorry if i’m not upset enough right in this moment but 1. i don’t believe the same things i did a few days ago and 2. it would. not. be. healthy. for. me. but 3. that doesn’t mean i’m condemning anyone else’s feelings i’m just unable to interact with them at the moment. remember when ben c played All in z00lander? i was extremely hurt and upset. i was so angry. i felt sick. i was mad at him. then like that same week my dad had a heart attack and almost died. and i couldn’t afford to be upset at one of my few comfort things. so i got over it quickly. but i’m still upset. i will be indefinitely. but it’s just like that sometimes. sometimes you need to budget your emotions. and this is how i do it.