we're all self conscious i'm just the first to admit it

Remember how I said I write dumb stuff when I’m tired? Guess what’s getting a sequel! Part 1 (More parts to come! About 6 I think, stay tuned! #Sorbet sleepover)

Despite living only about 30 miles away, they first had to drive back to Quantico to pick up Hannibal’s car before moving on to Will’s home, making it nearly midnight before they arrived.

Hannibal parked behind Will in his driveway, stepping out to be greeted by the loudest barking, howling, and yapping he’d ever heard in his life.

“Sorry!” Will yelled at him over the clamor, “I haven’t been home all day and you’re a new person, they’re a little overexcited.”

Hannibal stepped gingerly up to the porch, impressed Will had managed to corral all of them there. Unfortunately, as soon as Hannibal stepped foot onto the porch itself, he was fair game for sniffing, licking, and jumping on.
Hannibal started back as the largest of Will’s mutts attempted to use him as furniture.

“Rusty! Hey, hey, no, down,” Will grabbed Hannibal’s arm, pulling him out of harm’s way, “We’re working on it, he’s just a little over-affectionate, but he wouldn’t hurt you for the world. But he still knows better,” Will glared at the russet-colored dog who seemed to know he’d made a mistake and whined apologetically.

“Come in, come in, I’ll feed them then they’ll be a lot quieter,” Will explained, ushering Hannibal inside.
Hannibal, for his part, was just glad to be indoors where the animals were not, for the time being.

“I now understand why you need so much space,” Hannibal commented, considering hanging up his coat at the available coat rack, but knowing he might be ambushed by an attack of canine affection at any time made him long to keep it on.

Will laughed faintly from the kitchen over the sound of kibble being poured into dog bowls, “Yeah it uh… it’s not as lonely as people think.”

Hannibal smirked softly, stepping further inside, “So, where do you want me?” he said as soon as he had Will in view again.

Will looked up blankly, “Pardon?”

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