we're all not worthy

regalcanissapien  asked:

This just sees like a lotta work for a April Fools joke. Good on you tho

Oh I’m sure it WAS a lot of work, but I didn’t do it! That was all done by the original artist @dumdumdrawstumtums who has the best sense of humor and was totally too good at being stealth in their prank and I couldn’t let it go unnoticed. This way beats the Horse that Tumblr tried. We are not worthy of such things. Though honestly I needed to share it all because it’s EXACTLY my type of dumb humor. Sooooo I’m sorry to everyone that they have to deal with me and this kind of humor. 

Sometimes, we all need someone to tell us we're worthy, louder than our anxiety/doubt/depression tells us we're not. So, I am starting TRUTHY TUESDAY

If you need a little truth, if your being lied to by your mental illness, your past, your self doubt, (or another person), feel free to send me an ask, and I’ll tell you the truth.

The Correspondent
Allison Stock
The Correspondent

THE CORRESPONDENT // This song is about Lise Meitner, a brilliant scientist who discovered nuclear fission and also happened to be a woman (a fact which shut her out of the notoriety and reverence she deserved). As always, this song packs a pretty significant punch in the sensitive spot where my sentimentality sits. Alliteration and emotions aside, I’m proud of this noise, and all the hard work we all put into it. And then, don’t even get me started on elementals’ perfect Joni Mitchell-esque vocals on this. I couldn’t NOT have her sing on this one. Some things just make sense. This is just one of those things.

music by me, lyrics by cleanwhiteroom, vocals by elementals, guitar by elementals’ son, mastered by elementals as well, the brilliant and tirelessly patient.

Sometimes I scroll through the “pinup” or “vintage” tag and there are practically no women of color. Esp in the vintage magazine photos and the like. It’s almost as if women of color didn’t exist back then, and we all know that isn’t the case.

Currently putting together a spam of pinup women of color. Let’s dead this myth.