we're all just songs in the end

“We’re all just songs in the end. If we are lucky.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote and it just kind of struck me, properly and truly struck me. So many of these characters will become songs. The things they did, the battles they all fought will forever be immortalised. Daenerys, Jon, Jaime, Brienne, Arya, Sansa, Tyrion, Cersei, Asha, Stannis and so many more will all be made into songs and remembered. GRRM’s story almost acts as the prequel to the songs. The origin stories even. This series is the humanity behind the songs. It’s what we get when we strip away the fancy words and look to the bone of the tales.

Characters like Sansa or Bran and Arya, they won’t just fade into obscurity or become another name in the family line. They’ll be remembered. Already we’re seeing songs about them creeping in. There are tales about the huge pack of wolves, led by Nymeria, her own. There are songs about how Sansa turned into a wolf and killed the king and flew out of Kingslanding. 

I know it seems hard to associate songs with the abuse and pain all these characters faced but that is exactly the point! Time and history will glorify them, forgetting all the hurt they once endured. The songs won’t remember how Jon struggled with his identity and not belonging but rather on the man who rose from the dead and helped to defeat the Others. 

It won’t see Bran the Broken boy or Brienne as someone to be mocked. It will remember that Bran became a godlike figure and ruled over Winterfell for centuries onwards. It will remember Brienne as one of the greatest knights to exist, perhaps it will even forget the reason behind her title, the Beauty. 

It won’t think to remember how Daenerys was abused by her own brother and was desperate for a home but rather the woman who did what no other person was able to do, bring dragons back. It’ll focus on how she broke the chains of slavery despite her lineage and past suggesting otherwise. It will remember her as the most beautiful woman and Aegon the Conqueror himself. 

It won’t see Arya, a girl forced to give up her identity, plagued by her own fears and insecurity but rather a girl who led a whole army of wolves and avenged her family. It’ll see a twelve-year-old who conquered the world.

Sansa, the girl who was forced to watch her father die and was forced into marriages, abused, sexually assaulted, she won’t be that anymore. She’ll be the girl who slayed a giant. The girl who escaped and killed a king and then helped to rebuild Winterfell and perhaps, even became a Queen. She’ll be a leader and a bringer of peace and a great lady in a song.

Despite what Sansa may think, what we all may think.The songs do exist, they just have to be earned. All the songs are based on somethings. They have to be and all these characters that we’ve just seen develop and grow are what the songs in the future will be based off. They’re the human within the song. The heart beneath the happy veneer. 

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It's crazy how the song reversed sounds like it has an oriental origin, like the phonology and melody kind of make it sound Arabic or Turkish.. And then the song is about being misunderstood.. Like reversing the song itself is kind of like a metaphor about cultural clashes and misunderstandings, when at the end of the day, we're all just the same more or less..


An explanation of the fandoms by my idiot self
  • Yuri on Ice: We love all your memes, we love all the ships, we love kubo, we love season 2 already, screaming it's canon, can you hear our heart beat?!, crying it's canon, we love everything because we are precious cinnamon roll people.
  • Killing Stalking: Your memes are hit or miss with us, we are just innocent beacons of sin, why Sangwoo?, we're all Yoonbums here, yes daddy?, we either hate your ship or love it, strumming my pain with his fingers, I've never listened that song till now, we have no grey areas, there's no way this will end how any of us wants it to, we're kinda emo but also pretty sweet.
  • Mystic Messenger: We're so edgy, who needs friends?, oh daddy is textin, I love everyone but also I don't, invite us out so we can decline, we need more memes guys, I secretly enjoy Killing Stalking but don't tell the Yuri on Ice fandom.
  • Haikyu!: we are the moms and dads of all fandoms, we are the true beginning, what's free?, fuck swimming we hit balls here, sunshine children and angsty parents, our show is just 1 big meme, classic cinnamon roll, we will accept any ship just please make it canon, we have some beautiful fanfics, season 4?
Late-Night Texts from B.A.P
  • Yong Guk: [1:14 AM] In the end we're all just used cars.
  • Him Chan: [00:27 AM] I spent the last two hours watching infomercials... do you want to go halfsies on a Nutribullet with me?
  • Dae Hyun: [3:56 AM] do you k now the name of the song that goes ayaiyaiyaiyaiyai??.... I ONLY KNOW THAT ONE PART
  • Young Jae: [2:37 AM] ^^you're^^ I just noticed you used the wrong one earlier.
  • Jong Up: [2:08 AM] there's no t in pizza why are they all wrong
  • Jun Hong: [11:42 PM] i don't even like jello im more of a pudding man....... i can't take it back though

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OH GODS I KNOW THIS SONG!! I HADN'T REALIZED IT UNTIL I TURNED IT OWN, AND I THE FIRST TIME I HEARD IT, I THOUGHT OF TFC TOO. NEIL ACKNOWLEDGING IT'S PARTIALLY HIS BLAME FOR THE SETH'S DEATH. "do you dare to look him right in the eyes?" i also thought about allison, because practically he is the main reason why her boyfriend was killed and... it's not cool, huh... and all the topic with "the will run you down till the very end" is pretty accurate, as far i'm concerned.

(2, but it came before im late oops) the end of “thousand eyes” is so tense, i literally forgot how to breathe. its aesthetic absorbed me. i don’t know, it just felt extremely right, like the silence before the storm. i definitely enjoyed it!!!

honestly yes and yes !!!!!! i guess neil could live with seth overdosing of his own fault, because it would have had nothing to do with neil, but andrew speculating that riko had seth killed to hurt their chances of playing the season is what sends neil reeling. he didn’t want that, and now a body stands between himself and riko, at riko’s orders and neil is at a loss of what to do, other than soldier on and pretend like this is fine, i think it’s also very telling of his will to survive and now, his will to defy riko at every turning point

@elamshiin then at least something good comes out of my misery ;O
but u need to understand Ling is one of my fav character of all time. i wanted to marry him when i was 14. i own multiple figurines of him just because i love him all that much. his character’s songs had been on my playlists for ever because it always bring my mood up.
and already I’ve been dealing with the fact the guy voiced e v e rything from Light from Death Note to Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul passing by Ignis from ffxv, and that it’ll pain me always.

but /Chrollo/!!! why did he have to voice C h r o l l o!!! i mean i love Chrollo but. bUT. I DIDNT NEED THAT. Esp since Chrollo is a character i like enough to have his character song, and that my playlist often mess with me by putting the two songs near each others what kind of torture is that.

idk what’s worse, that, or the fact Ignis in ffxv, who has his voice, flirts more or less with a character named Aranea (which means Spiders in latin so much that Uvo’s requiem is called Aranea Requiem) and that she’s voiced by Kurapika’s va.

the universe decided to mess with me istg.

End of it All
  • Me: *hears someone singing 'diamEND' during song*
  • Me: Excuse me, are we singing 'mend' or 'mond'?
  • Director: We're just singing diamond.
  • Me: I know-
  • Director: We're not going 'mond,' it's silly.
  • Me: But-
  • Director: Just sing diamond.
  • Me: I am-
  • Director: Measure 46, again!
  • Me: hmmmmMMMMMMMMMM
things the signs have said to me
  • Aries: I just love you so much, every time I see you it makes me so happy
  • Taurus: You need to hear this song. All I thought was, "Sophie? Sophie."
  • Gemini: You did say that, I heard you.
  • Cancer: I didn't understand what you meant before but now I totally get it, we're on the same level.
  • Leo: Next time I hear you outside I'll hop your fence again and harass you
  • Virgo: What's your fantasy?
  • Libra: Hello, my artistic friend
  • Scorpio: Don't be a stranger
  • Sagittarius: Back in the day we used to be total deadheads, but I ended up taking a different path...
  • Capricorn: You have so much beauty and crazy, interesting things in your brain and I want to learn all of it!
  • Aquarius: It's not you, it's everyone else.
  • Pisces: I always give people second chances. They deserve it.

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IMO, "Pretending" should have been a Faberry duet, and not a Finchel one. The lyrics describes Faberry's relationship more than it does Finchel. Especially the parts, "Will we ever say the words we're feeling? Reach down underneath and tear down all the walls. Will we ever have our happy ending? Or will we forever only be pretending?" What part of that does not scream FABERRY? Thus making my headcanon that it was, in truth, Quinn who wrote the lyrics and that Finn just stole it from her.

YES Pretending should have been a Faberry duet, and I’m convinced that Finn stole it, I mean the dude couldn’t even combine a sentence correctly when he tried to talk how could he be able to write an entire song by himself with music and everything that a song needs, on the other part Quinn can play and read music, we have the proove in the episode “Original Song”.Now in my headcanon Quinn wrote the song and either gave it to Finn to make Rachel happy, because we know that Quinn would do anything for Rachel, or Finn stole the song claiming it as his own knowing that Quinn would never tell for fear of rejection from Rachel who would think that is just a move for Quinn to have Finn back…Also why would Finn write 

Keeping secrets safe, every move we make
Seems like no one’s letting go And it’s such a shame ‘cause if you feel the same
How am I supposed to know?

We know, together with all Lima, Ohio that Rachel is in love with Finn and that he has an affection for Rachel (I don’t call it love ‘cause a person in love wouldn’t treat the love of their life like Finn treated Rachel) so why would Finn write those lyrics, he knows Rachel’s feelings towards him, on the other part we have Quinn who is insecure of her feelings keeping them a secret, she wonders if Rachel loves her back and thinks that it would be a shame if Rachel really had those feeling.

I think this song was a prediction of how Faberry would end in canon, with them pretending to love other people wondering all their life if they still belong even if they, not even at some point, never did belong to each other…

Favourite lines from M.I.T.A.M
  • Hey Angel: Hey angel, tell me do you ever try to go to the other side?
  • Drag Me Down: If I didn't have you I'd never see the sun, you taught me how to be someone
  • Perfect: And if you're looking for someone to write your break-up songs about, baby I'm perfect
  • Infinity: And now I'm one step closer to being, two steps far from you
  • End of the Day: And you follow your heart even though it will break sometimes
  • If I Could Fly: I've got scars, even though they can't always be seen
  • Long Way Down: Built a cathedral, but we never prayed/We had a mountain, but took it for granted
  • Never Enough: Lips so good I forget my name, I swear I could give you everything/I don't need my heart you can break it
  • Olivia: This isn't the stain of a red wine I'm bleeding love
  • What A Feeling: With no way out and a long way down, everybody needs someone around, but I can't hold you too close now/What a feeling to be a king beside you somehow, I wish I could be there now
  • Love You Goodbye: I know you're saying you don't wanna hurt me, well maybe you should show a little mercy/I know there's nothing I can do to change it but is there something that can be negotiated, my hearts already breaking baby go on twist the knife
  • I Want to Write You A Song: Everything I need I get from you/I wanna write you a song, one to make your heart remember me
  • History: Thought we were going strong, thought we were holding on, aren't we?
  • Temporary Fix: All that I can see is you waking up in my t-shirt/Body's saying everything I don't have to read your mind/Let me touch you where your heart is
  • Walking in the Wind: We had some good tricks up our sleeves/You will find me, in places that we've never been for reasons we don't understand/As we raised our glasses up to make a toast I realised you were missing
  • Wolves: I ain't up for debating, ain't enough for the taking, you got the whole world shaking/Ain't going down without a fight
  • A.M.: You and me were raised in the same part of town, got these scars on the same ground/Won't you stay till the A.M/We're just swimming round in our glasses, and talking out of our asses, like we're all gonna make it/Don't wanna sleep cause we're dreaming out loud/You know I'm always coming back to this place/You know I'm always gonna look for your face
End of September...6th week of school...more like

Blue night radio 15 / 01 / 08
  • Actually I was really nervous when the song is going to be released yesterday. I thought it would be better after working for a few hours, but no, i'm still very nervous now. I really feel that everyone has given me a lot. Let's not talk about the love that everyone gave me. First of all, everyone has given me a lot of attention and I'm very grateful for that. That's why I played love belt which is a very warm song. When Tablo hyung ended just now, he talked to me a lot before he left. This make me feel like we're a family and I'm really thankful. This is why I have the thought of wanting to work hard, do it better, to repay everyone.
  • trans: YOYOYUAN屁颠屁颠回来啦

Nissy ♥ Sorry, I… Still Love You (Eighth Wonder Version)

Thank you @SookieBunnie for the videos (*–)人

Zodiac Signs and Unattainable Relationships (ft. FOB)
  • Aries: You are a brick tied to me that's dragging me down. - The Phoenix
  • Taurus: I cried tears you'll never see. - Save Rock and Roll
  • Gemini: Been looking forward to the future but my eyesight is going bad. - Thnks fr th Mmrs
  • Cancer: This is the road to ruin and we're starting at the end. - Alone Together
  • Leo: But you need to lower your standards cause it's never getting any better than this. - Rat A Tat
  • Virgo: They say we are what we are but we don't have to be - Immortals
  • Libra: Your crooked love is just a pyramid scheme and I'm dizzy on dreams. - Mighty Fall
  • Scorpio: Cue all the love to leave my heart. It's time for me to fall apart. - Miss Missing You (Really this entire song)
  • Sagittarius: I know I expect too much - Where Did the Party Go
  • Capricorn: Come on, make it easy. Say I never mattered. - Young Volcanoes
  • Aquarius: I don't have the right name or the right looks, but I have twice the heart - Just One Yesterday
  • Pisces: I wrote the gospel on giving up. - This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race
So we're going to have an Ace Attorney anime right

And you know how animes have character songs and all that





though i’d love it if even just one of the songs features a lot of the characters singing. EDGEWORTH PLS
But imagine how cute it would be with Maya+Pearl+Trucy+Athena

Or just aaaaa so excited the possibilities are e n d l e s s

Song Inspired Sentence Starters
  • "We're so close yet so far apart"
  • "That's just because I'm not okay"
  • "Will we ever say the words we're feeling"
  • "Will we ever have our happy ending?"
  • "Will we be pretending?"
  • "Imagine that I am good enough"
  • "Wondering if we still belong,"
  • "Tell the truth, lights don't shine at all."
  • "Please don't have somebody waiting on you."
  • "If I could do it all over, baby, I'd do it different."
  • "I found you then I lost you."
  • "It hurts to know I let you go."
  • "If I could get it back I'd never let it go this time."
  • "There's no such thing as perfection, I'm still learning that lesson."
  • "True love, it was mine."
  • "I'm wondering how I blew it."
  • "I wanna know the secret of how they do it."
  • " To forgive is key to forgetting me."
  • "Nothing's lost, but something's missing."
  • "If only I knew what my heart was telling me."
  • "Am I crazy? Maybe we could happen."
  • "Will you still be with me when the magics all run out?"
  • "I'll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes."
  • "I don't know how to be something you'd miss."
  • "I never planned on making you cry, but not letting go would be living a lie."
  • "She's the kind of girl you marry, and I'm the kind you don't."
  • "They won't love you like I would."
  • "I feel you forgetting me."
  • "Can I have this dance?"