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Hey guys, this originally started out as an english assignment but it turned into something more. I’m dedicating the poem to a friend of mine, stay beautiful. You can reblog but please don’t plagiarize or take it for yourself these are all my words and thoughts thank you.

Same sex marriage, love, pride,

We are the same.

You are human, I am human.

We breathe the same air, drink the same water.

Yet only one of us is able to shine,


Just because you like someone of the same sex?

Because you’re a boy, but find that one male classmate of yours attractive?

Because you’re a girl yet you know you were supposed to be born a boy?

Why is it that what’s not normal is immediately shunned?

I grew up in a loving accepting community,

For that I am always and forever grateful for.

Because some of you did not,

Are afraid to show who you really are.

Because social norms have become not normal,

Social media that was once used to connect now filled with toxic words and hurtful slurs.

I grew up in a house of laughter,

The words “treat them how you want to be treated.”

And some of you laughed at this, treated it as a joke-

I used to be one of them…

But then I watched a friend spread their wings to fly

Only to be dragged back to the ground words now shackles a weight on their heart.

You say “be who you want to be,”

How can we be who we want to be when we constantly get dragged for it?

“You’re a unique individual.”

But differences are shunned, shut out like the light of a full eclipse.

Except it’s not the moon, but the heart.

You say “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me.”

You’re wrong.

Because words do hurt, they hurt more than sticks and stones.

Creeping under your skin like a parasite eating you slowly, controlling your brain.

Dyke, faggot, fag, pansy, tranny, femme, butch-

Those words hurt.

Words are just letters that humans have created,

But put together it is a power,

A power most don’t realize they have.

Sticks and stone may break our bones,

But words will infect my mind, turning my thoughts against me.

Before we could live blissfully unaware of the world.

Boys could hug boys,

They could show weakness.

Now they get teased, called ‘gay’ as if that was an insult to their masculinity.

They cry alone because in front of a crowd is ‘acting like a girl.’

What’s wrong with being a girl?

Hint: nothing.

What’s wrong with showing weakness?

Hint: nothing.

My question is, why is being different such a bad thing?
Because society as a whole is terrified of change.

Adults always telling us to ‘act our age’,

Why don’t you act your own?

Why is it now that we have people in their 40s and 50s marching the streets,

Waving confederate flags,

Screaming profanity at everyone who doesn’t fit into their description of perfect,

Straight, white, skinny.

Holding posters that read “Gay sex is sin.”

Because you’re always telling us to “act appropriately in public.”

Yet it’s you who needs to be educated,

Gay sex is NOT sin.

Because love is not sin.

People like that are the poison of the holy grail,

I know, and you know that this is a bold statement.

People ask me how I know this.

I know because people weren’t born ready to hate, to curse to hurt just because of differences,

We were taught this culture,

And it’s a toxic culture that burns anyone who comes close to it.

I didn’t march in pride parade,


The answer was simple,

The friends I had were not good friends,

I was scared of their Judgement, ashamed even, did not want to be the butt of their jokes.

Now? I see that they were not good friends.

Now? I wear a pride bracelet because I am proud.

And I will march in next year’s pride parade,

Why? Because i am not afraid of your judgement.

I am not afraid of you,

Of breaking ‘social norms’

Because they should not scare you.

What scares me more is not being able to be me,

Having to hide because I am weak.

Honey, you are strong.

Love is love, and we all struggle with it.

We all struggle with the same thing,

Finding ourselves.

Some it’s harder than others,
Even more so when your family ignores you because of who you are.

For some even the thought of coming out, being gay is appalling, terrifying.

But i want you to ask yourself

“What scares me more, hiding in a shell of someone i’m ‘supposed to be’ or actually being me.”

Because why try to impress people you might forget in four years?

You have bigger things headed your way,

Love is love,

Love is blind.

No matter gender nor race it does not matter.

Because you should be able to love who you love whether it be platonic or romantic.

No matter what you should be able to come out of your shell,

Spread your wings, fly, touch the sky, because you’re not walking alone anymore.

People who fear change, people who put down others just for the sake of feeling above them,

They should fear you, they should fear us.

We are the new generation.

When you get knocked down,

Stand back up,


Don’t give up.

Because I will fight, every single day for what I believe is right,

And you should too,

Because your opinions matter,

Don’t bow your head and hide away, don’t hide who you are,

Show your pride whether it be a bracelet or coming out.

People may call you ugly, horrible, the plague of society.

That you’re messed up in the head or that it’s ‘just a phase’.

They’ll try to ‘pray the gay away.’ or whatever the hell that means.

But you are you, and I am me.

In the end we are all humans, all living breathing organisms that live on the same rock in space.

Love is love,

Even the moon dies every night to let the sun shine.

Spread your wings and fly, touch the sky and show your pride,

Don’t let people tether you to the ground, break the shackles for their rusted and old.

Love is love,

No matter the race, no matter the gender.

Love is love, love is blind, ordinary things are beautiful and you are kind.

You keep being who you are and I will do the same, let the hate roll off your shoulders like water on a leaf.

Just stay, as is.

Dedicated to Peej

Darling you’re not ugly,

Society is.

Thank you for reading this you’re a beautiful human, just stay as is.