we're all just humans

important things to remember:

  • people can be selfish
  • people can get hurt
  • people can act rashly
  • people can make mistakes
  • people can fight and cry and hate until it feels like they’re raw and torn open
  • but when the heart wants what the heart wants
  • they’ll always come back together

So my father may have found a job for me at belgian television agian. YEEEEEEEEEESS.

reminder that if you ever plan for me to be surprised by some sort of party, i probably hate you

hmm…. I want to write dark novels… with rickety housing… and beautiful women depicted in stretching scars over bronze skin. toothless grins and splitting bones in cobblestone cellars. Why do you ask is death and the like so appealing? Its not. And thats why I like it.

I just watched a two-hour documentary about scientology. That shit is equally terrifying and fascinating tbh, like the fact that so many people believe the scam of an organized (and fucking expensive) way to achieve spiritual relief, and that that organization transpired into an evil prison, continuously making up shit and abusing people in order to keep reminding themselves and everyone else that what they’re doing is good is just… I think it fascinates me because it makes me realise what mankind is capable of. How the human mind works. It’s a powerful thing.