we're all just human

Juuust a friendly little reminder...

 "Equality" DOES NOT mean “we are all the same” and that’s it and we’re all just one big boring grey blob of human with no differences whatsoever.
Equality means acknowledging, celebrating, and respecting our diversity. Basically realizing that humans can be different and not being a dick about it.
We’re not trying to be special little snowflakes. 

People of Color exist whether you like it or not.

People of varying sexual orientations exist whether you wanna see it or not.

People who do not fall into the gender binary exist whether you like it or not. 

I mean sure, it doesn’t “matter” per se, but it’s still there. 

the beppus are really rude intergalactic visitors….rlly rude like that was unnecessary. i’d like to know more so i can at least start to understand like why are they so….like that?? what do they know? im pretty sure they heard about the battle lovers from zundar so what have they heard, what’s their point of view on this? do they just both look down on other species especially earthlings for whatever reason? what reason? are they following a similar route to the student council where they’re being mislead and used or are they fully on board here with everything going down? like there’s so many questions i forgot a bunch of them eheh…

some i just thought of now: are they getting a huge following bc they’re idols or is it a focus because their strength depends on their following? maybe that’s a bit out there but i still wanted to put that out there. it might not be all that deep but you never know so and how did they get their castle put up so quick? it just sort of happened right across from yumoto’s house like?? is it because they’re rich idols or is it alien stuff? 

i dont necessarily want the beppus to be redeemed or anything, i dont think any of us want that we kinda want an Actually Evil Antagonist this time but like. what if they have a problem that they thought was solvable by joining forces with dadacha and the battle lovers are able to help them better instead and turns out that dadacha was just using them probably for plot development in their show again that i forgot the name of and they’re semi grateful and have a new perspective on humans now i guess and they’re able to return to their planet or something and be okay again idk man on the one hand i’d like the battle lovers to Pulverize them but on the other hand this is a show about love and how love can solve many things and give great strength and things like that so shouldnt love win out in that way? wouldnt the power of love be able to do something even for rude alien idols like the beppus? wouldnt the power of love be able to give the seifukubu their powers back since they dont have theirs anymore so they can fight alongside the battle lovers in the final battle–//shot

i forgot literally everything just now it’s late fuck brain farts man but basically all my questions for the beppus revolve around