we're all going to have to deal with that

  • Miss Flemming: I mean, maybe what we needed was just to think outside the box here. I mean, if there's anything we've learned is that the only thing that makes a juicy story go away is a juicier story.
  • Principal Gowan: What's a bigger story than all the students being made sick?
  • Coach Ripper: Our students committing suicide?
  • Miss Flemming: Hey that's right! Corey Duran killed himself last year and we're STILL dealing with the fallout. Maybe there is a way out of this. But we're gonna have to throw Heather Duke under the bus.
  • Coach Ripper: How do we do that?
  • Miss Flemming: We get a bus... and then we... throw Heather Duke under it.
This is what happens when The Foxes sit Neil down to watch High School Musical for the first time
  • --HSM 1--
  • ><b></b> *bets are placed as to how long Neil lasts before complaining or asking a question*<p/><b></b> *bets are also placed as to how long Nicky lasts before he starts singing*<p/><b></b> [Troy is playing basketball while everyone else celebrates the turn of the year]<p/><b>Neil: </b> "Kevin are you going to make us practice on NYE this year?"<p/><b>Kevin:</b> "actually -"<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "we have plans"<p/><b>Kevin and Neil:</b> "it's July????"<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "we booked flights early to save on costs"<p/><b></b> *renee pockets $150 since Neil didn't complain about basketball in the opening scenes*<p/><b></b> [Ryan exists]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Hey 'Drew -"<p/><b>Andrew:</b> "don't."<p/><b></b> ["Getcha head in the game"]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Kevin -"<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "No!"<p/><b>Andrew:</b> "Kevin if you start singing that at practice I'll close the goal every time."<p/><b>Kevin:</b> "..."<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "..."<p/><b></b> *bets are placed as to whether or not Kevin does in fact break into song and dance next time Andrew is being an ass at practice*<p/><b></b> *renee pockets another $100 since Neil still didn't complain about basketball*<p/><b></b> *Nicky is getting the side eye from everyone because he still hasn't started singing or humming*<p/><b></b> [Sharpay and Ryan perform "What I've been looking for]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Aaron and 'Drew-"<p/><b>Twinyards:</b> "NO."<p/><b></b> [Monique tells Gabriella to focus on grades rather than boys and musicals]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Is that Dan???"<p/><b></b> [Chad and the basketball team support Troy]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Matt is that you???"<p/><b>Matt:</b> *pats Neil on the shoulder and gets death glare from Andrew*<p/><b>Matt:</b> "Good boy"<p/><b></b> [Sharpay and Ryan do "Bop to the top"]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "You two-"<p/><b>Twinyards and Foxes:</b> "NO"<p/><b></b> *Allison pockets $120 since Nicky STILL hasn't started singing although he is twitching*<p/><b></b> [Troy and Gabriella do "Soaring, flying", and Coach Bolton watches]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "I didn't know Wymack was in a musical"<p/><b>Dan:</b> "My boy 👏❤"<p/><b></b> ["We're all in this together"]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "What is the deal with everyone in white??? Don't they get dir-"<p/><b>Nicky:</b> "ONCE WE KNOW THERE'S A SHOT AND WE TAKE IT!!! WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ONCE WE KNOW WE'RE ALL STARS AND WE SEE IT!!"<p/><b></b> *Aaron glares a hole through Nicky's skull while Matt promptly pockets $300 since Nicky didn't last the whole musical*<p/><b></b> [Credits are going up]<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "so what did you think Neil?"<p/><b>Neil:</b> "it wasn't bad I guess... but basketball???? Really??? They couldn't have picked a less cliché sport???"<p/><b></b> *Nicky pockets $200 from everyone since Neil didn't last the entire musical without a sports complaint; he's still dancing and humming along obviously*<p/></p>
  • -- HSM 2--
  • [Everyone counts down to summer]
  • Neil: "That's like us and the end of practice when Kevin is in charge"
  • Kevin: "..."
  • Foxes: *nervous laughter*
  • [Sharpay exists and sings "Fabulous"]
  • Neil: "Did they base Sharpay on Allison??"
  • Allison: "Neil that is the sweetest thing you have ever said!!"
  • [Sharpay and Ryan spy on Troy and Gabriella]
  • Neil: "That's like you guys and the press watching me and 'Drew"
  • Andrew: *side eyes Neil*
  • Foxes: "...did you just-?!"
  • *Nicky pockets $50 since Neil slipped up about the andreil relationship*
  • ["I don't dance"]
  • Neil: "Andrew-"
  • Andrew: "Shut up. "
  • [Gabriella dumps Troy]
  • Neil: "isn't she made of tougher stuff???"
  • Dan: "That's my boy"
  • [Troy sings "Bet on it"]
  • Neil: "That should be our theme tune"
  • Matt: "you have no idea..." *side eyes the rest of the Foxes since there are currently 22 bets in the running about Neil*
  • [Gabriella comes back]
  • Neil: "again with the white????"
  • *Aaron pockets $50 since Neil complained about the same clothing twice*
  • ["All for one"]
  • Neil: "Are summers really like that?"
  • Nicky, hand over heart: "you poor sweet thing"
  • [Credits]
  • Foxes: "thoughts, Neil?"
  • Neil: "at least there wasn't as much baske-"
  • *Matt and Nicky pocket $100 each*
  • --HSM3--
  • [Opening game]
  • Neil: "Seriously???"
  • *Nicky pockets another $60*
  • [Troy gets floored in opening game]
  • Neil: "that wasn't even sore?!!?!??"
  • *Matt pockets $90 since Neil complained about lack of pain / realisticness*
  • [Troy and Chad nick the boys clothes after the shower]
  • Neil: "If you guys do that I swear I'll set Andrew on you"
  • *bets are placed as to whether this actually happens*
  • *andrew plans to steal everyone's clothes except his own and Neil's next time they're all in the showers*
  • [Troy climbs ladder on stage and he and Gabriella get each other covered in white paint]
  • Neil: "If that was the roof-"
  • Andrew: "Shut. Up."
  • Nicky: "do you mean the climbing part or the white wet stuff on the face part???"
  • Andrew: *death glare as his fingers twitch to his knives*
  • Neil: "?????"
  • [Gabriella gets accepted into a fancy college and only tells Monique]
  • Neil: "she's not going to run away again is she???"
  • *Matt pockets $40 since Neil complained about the story line*
  • [Troy climbs into Gabriella's room with strawberries and chocolate]
  • Neil: "Andrew-"
  • Andrew: "Neil I swear to God-"
  • Nicky: "is it the climbing part or the aphrodisiac part??"
  • Andrew: *Flashes knife at nicky*
  • Neil: "????"
  • [Gabriella leaves without telling Troy]
  • Neil: "Seriously?!???"
  • Dan, hand over heart: "My son"
  • [Troy isolates himself and bounces ball off ceiling without Gabriella]
  • Neil: "Kevin is that what you do when you're not breathing exy???"
  • [Troy goes and fetches Gabriella]
  • Neil: "What does he see in her?? All she does is run away and he's the one who ahs to go bring her back?? Why not just let her go??"
  • Andrew: "I know right"
  • [Sharpay runs away from not-troy]
  • Neil: "so unrealistic. Allison would've slapped him"
  • Allison: "babe you're so right"
  • [Sharpay up stages the english girl]
  • Neil: "ok see THAT'S Allison"
  • Allison: *fans herself cause she's welling up at how well neil knows her*
  • [Ryan hits the button and sends Sharpay and Miss. London down on the door thingy]
  • Neil: "Andrew-"
  • Andrew: "yes."
  • [Graduation where Troy fetches Chad]
  • Neil: "oh come on basketball is not that obsession worthy"
  • *Nicky pockets another $70*
  • [Coach Bolton tells the boys to get back on the stage]
  • Neil: "That's as unlikely to happen as Wymack is to tell me to talk to the press"
  • ["High school musical"]
  • Neil: "Are you girls going to do that when you graduate from here??"
  • *bets are placed*
  • [Credits]
  • Foxes: "Neil???"
  • Neil: "that wasn't so bad I guess..."
  • *Nicky hands matt $100 since Neil didn't complain about basketball again*
  • me giving a handjob: righty tighty. lefty loosey.
  • i'm really sorry i had this post idea but it doesn't make any fucking sense at all but i've written it out and now we're all just going to have to deal with it
We’re Even

A/N: An anon request for a fic based of Angels and Demons from season 9. Instead of Spencer getting shot, it’s the reader, who’s his wifey. Switching perspectives between breaks. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


It was a case like any other case. Right? 


It started as a case like any other case. A couple of prostitutes and a john had been found down south and a local officer had asked Section Chief Matt Cruz for a consult. After a short flight, the team had arrived to a very enthusiastic group of officers and an even more enthusiastic preacher. Preachers like that always put you on edge. That should’ve been your first clue. They were overly friendly - like robots - like they were covering up something. And boy were they.

You, Spencer and Morgan had gathered intel at the bar. Hiding something.

JJ and Hotch talked to the preacher. Hiding something.

Blake and Rossi went to the coroner’s office. Elected official - just plain dumb

The signature cuts left on the bodies were grouped to look almost like a spider’s web, the cuts getting deeper and deeper with each victim. For a while, you weren’t sure what the point of the cuts were, but eventually, you came upon the reason - a set-up. To frame the preacher, who of course, spoke of sinners bringing down God’s wrath when he had quite a few of his own. Despite being one hell of a bastard, the preacher it was not. He was just a lowlife pimp.

Your perpetrators? You didn’t know just yet. The preacher was involved, he just wasn’t the unsub. But you needed to speak to him and figure out what he knew. He was at a local diner, so that’s where you were all gathering now. “Keep trying him, babe,” you said to Spencer. “We have to let him know that we know he didn’t do this.”

The group of you got out of the car, with you, Spencer and Blake conferring with the chief. 


A shot had been fired, striking the chief of the department in the chest. He was alive, but struggling. “I’ve got you!” Spencer said, speeding out from the behind the squad car and pulling on the officer’s shoulders. It was too much. There were too many bullets flying.

“Spencer!” you screamed, as a gun was aimed right at him. All of a sudden, there was a sharp tear in your neck, warm liquid pouring down your shoulder.



He’d gone out to help the officer. And in doing so, he’d gotten his wife shot. “Y/N!” he screamed.

Morgan helped him pull her back, propping her up against the car as JJ and Blake attempted to help the officer. But someone took him out. “No! No! No! Baby stay with me,” he begged, his wife’s eyes fluttering open and closed with each breath.

A sleepy smile crossed her face. “It’s okay, honey. You know I love you, right?” It was between breaths, but he heard it - and he didn’t want it.

“No! You’re not going anywhere. You’re gonna be fine. Stay with me.” With every ounce of strength he had, the strength that was draining by the second, he pushed down on her neck. But there was so much blood. It was seeping through his fingers, seemingly with no signs of stopping. Another smile crept across her tired features.

“I…love…you…” she whispered.

“We need a medic!” He screamed and screamed until his vocal chords were sore. “Hurry! We’re losing her!”

After what seemed like ages, the medic arrived and loaded her onto the stretcher, with Spencer refusing to leave her side. “It sounded like a tea kettle. Did you hear it?” she asked, as the pitch of the monitor drowned out her voice.

“Baby! Stay with me! I’m right here.”

As they got the hospital, and he watched them take her away, he couldn’t help but follow. 


While Y/N was on the table, Spencer waited in an empty hospital room as his teammates filed in behind him. “How is she?”

“What happened?”

“Is she in surgery?”

A round of questions came from all different directions, but Spencer didn’t know how to handle them all. With everything coming at him, he felt overwhelmed, and buried his head in his hands as he cried. “It should’ve been me.”

“Or me,” JJ said. “Or any of us.”

“No!” Spencer snapped, the tears falling from his eyes as his head shot up. “I went to help Chief Coleman and she pushed me out of the way! It should have been me! My wife is gonna die because of-”

Blake sat down next to him, placing her hand on his knee. “She’s gonna make it. She’s strong. You both are. You’ll be okay.”

For a few moments, they let Reid cry, but they still had a killer out there, and whether Spencer was with them or not, they all had work to do. “The preacher’s car was clean, and the three victims inside were already dead when the shooting started.”

“So he was being framed,” Chief Cruz stated. He and Penelope had just flown in after hearing what had happened to Y/N. “But by who?”

“I don’t think he shot first,” Spencer said, lifting his head up. “Y/N kept saying in the ambulance that it sounded like a tea kettle. And did I hear it. Someone else shot officer Coleman to get things going. Our unsub was there.”

Pulling out pictures, the team scoured them for indications as to who their unsub could be, but all they could come up with so far was that Coleman had been shot by a fellow officer - and it wasn’t friendly fire. 


She was out of surgery. “Thank god,” he breathed. Everyone else had headed out to catch the bastard while he waited for his wife to wake up. “We have so much to do.” He whispered to her, praying she could hear. “Stay strong, baby.”

It seemed like hours, sitting in that small room with only the steady sound of her breathing and the beeping of the machines to comfort him. And then his phone rang. “Cover up?” he asked. 

“It’s not just one,” Hotch said. “It’s multiple. Keep your eyes out.”

“Okay, Hotch.” He hung up his phone and grabbed his wife’s hand as he pulled his gun from his pocket. If someone were to come after her again, he’d be there; they’d have to kill him first.


“Hey baby,” she breathed. 

Spencer shot up out of his seat and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Thank god.” He paused a moment, not wanting to overwhelm her, but she had to know. “It’s a cover-up.”

She nodded her head just slightly. “I know. I saw someone looking at me when I was in and out.” A ping caught his attention and he picked up his phone, the picture of an Officer Owen McGregor staring back at him.

“Was this him?”


“Okay, I need you to sit in this chair,” he said, picking her up and placing her gently in the wheelchair. “We think they are trying to clean up loose ends and-”

“And I’m one of them,” his wife said. “I know.”

“I will not let anyone touch you.” He kissed her on the forehead just as a call from Morgan came in. “I got the picture.” As Morgan told him what was happening, he glanced out the window. “He’s here.”

“Get her outside,” Morgan commanded. 

“I’m on it.” For most, in these moments, they’d panic, lose their cool, but Spencer couldn’t, not when his wife’s life was on the line. Now, it was time for action.


Spencer had pulled the fire alarm in the hospital, providing a distraction as he wheeled his wife outside, but they couldn’t stay clear of him forever, and if it came down to it, he would without a doubt pull the trigger to protect the woman he loved. 

Just seconds after they got back in her hospital room, a nurse came in to her room. “She can’t have that,” Spencer said, looking at the name of the medication on the bottle. “She’s allergic.”

“Doesn’t say that on her chart,” the man said, as Y/N hurriedly tried to remove the IV from her arm. That’s when he saw it - the gun at his back.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he pulled his gun from his holster. Aimed. And fired. 


“You okay, baby?” Y/N said, looking up at her husband as the tears streamed down both their faces. “I guess we’re even now.”

Spencer choked out a half-sob, half-laugh as Morgan came in and arrested the nurse while he was bleeding out on the floor. “I guess we are.”

“You didn’t really think I was going to die, did you? We still have too much to do. I still have to piss you off for the rest of my life. Like when I leave my socks lying around the house.”

“I’ll gladly deal with all your socks,” he laughed softly. “It doesn’t matter. None of that matters. All that matters is that we’re okay.”

anonymous asked:

I wish I had the balls to come off anon but I don't so I just wanted to thank you very much for helping me deal with my lack of self love through advice you gave others! I still have a long way to go before I can look at myself and not say mean things to the person I see or belittle myself constantly or do all those bad things we shouldn't do to ourselves because we don't always see it but we're all amazing, trust people when they say good things about you bc they're right, thanks Jess ❤❤❤

(( OOC: I’m really really glad it helped and it’s something you’re working on. Keep going, changing that sort of internalised attitude can take time. But you’ll get there :) ))

Beautiful Lyrics From Regional at Best
  • Guns for Hands: But there's hope out the window, so that's where we'll go
  • Holding On To You: Tie a noose around your mind, loose enough to breathe fine and tie it to a tree. Tell it, "You belong to me, this ain't a noose, this is a leash, and I have news for you- you must obey me."
  • Ode to Sleep: Why won't you let me go? Do I threaten all your plans? I'm insignificant. Please tell them you have no plans for me. I will set my soul on fire, what have I become?
  • Slowtown: So bold and fearless in the risks we take, laugh in the face of gravity as its laws we'd break, on trampolines so high, we reach for the sky, but I do not look up anymore and I don't know why. I put my socks on my feet, just so that my soul won't fall through my toes, and I walk through my door, just so I don't fall through the floor
  • Car Radio: Faith is to be awake, and to be awake is for us to think, and for us to think is to be alive and I will try with every rhyme to come across like I am dying to let you know you need to try to think
  • Forest: When you squint your eyes and your eyelashes make it look a little not right, and then when just enough light comes from just the right side and you find you're not who you're supposed to be?
  • Glowing Eyes: We live for the night's decor, it reveals what we dream of
  • Kitchen Sink: No one else is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend
  • Anathema: Am I screaming to an empty sky? Empty sky, no way, that's me 'cause one half of my heart is free; empty sky, no way, that's me 'cause the other half of my heart's asleep
  • Lovely: The only difference between life and dying is one is trying, that's all we're going to do; so try to love me and I'll try to save you
  • Ruby: You're an angel fallen down, won't you tell us of the clouds; you have fallen from the sky- how high? How high?
  • Trees: I can feel your breath, I can feel my death. I want to know you, I want to see, I want to say hello
  • Be Concerned: I'm so sorry but I do believe that all my bridges I have burned, and I've earned a policy of no return, so be concerned
  • Clear: I wish that I had two faces to prove which theory works, yelling on the street corner or cleverly masking your words; I take my face off at the door 'cause I don't know who they will take me for

“Queen of the Dead”

Lydia is tired of everyones’ ineptitude when it comes to dealing with all the bullshit that goes down in Beacon Hills, so she puts those wonderful banshee skills to use and resurrects herself an army of untimely snuffed women to kick some ass and get shit done.

anonymous asked:

I saw antis who make fun of the scarf say it's not the same scarf, it's different color! Confusing because if it's the same design of scarf only in different color so? What does that make it then? A couple scarf. They have the same scarf but in different color. Kyungsoo wore his going to, Jongin wore his coming back. They do that all d time. Coordinate clothes. If it was another exo otp, it would have been called cute matching clothes but it's kaisoo it's no big deal we're just delusional.

idk myself if it’s the same scarf or not because lighting can be tricky. in some previews, ks’s was lighter, in others darker. in some previews, ji’s was lighter, in others darker. so in some they the same color, in some they not. what’s the truth?nevertheless, if it’s the same one scarf or they have the same scarf but in different colors, it’s a couple scarf that they wore going to then coming back from the same place. they love otps who do fanservice but when it’s not fanservice, they deny it. (other/same anon idk, i’m sorry).

Today, let’s learn how an anti would comment in any situation like this:

  1. The scarf is the same: Wow, kd shippers are so delusional, couple items need to be different items. JI only landed his scarf to KS because he probably he forgot his, it’s a friend thing to do, why kd shippers need to interpret everything they do as romantic???? I can’t understand, JI is happy dating a girl and KS was always str8 as a pole, those people make me sick with their delusion. 
  2. The scarf is different in color/material but otherwise it’s similar: Wow, kd shippers are so delusional and blind, how can they say it’s the same when it’s not? How can they say it’s a couple item or whatever, when the blue tone is different?? 
  3. JI calling KS jagi even when korean fans admit they did because there isn’t other word that could be misunderstood in that context: Yeah, but do u know that jagi is a term used by friends as well??? There’s this friend of a friend of a friend who lives in SK and she heard men telling it to each other all the time, why KD shippers think so special of themselves? So deluded.
  4. JI stares lovely at KS a lot: but do u know that JI looks like this ALL the time to ALL the members and ALL the people on earth?!?!?!?!?! Are u insane?!?!?!?!
  5. JI being totally sad during Secret Night: Ofc he was sad, he was recieving hate, he didn’t want his date to be public (note that everyone on the venue was supporting him even after his dating news), why KD shippers make everything about KD?!?!??!?!
  6. KS’s eyes were red in pics during that day: KD pics are so deluded, ofc it was photoshop;
  7. KS’s eyes were also red in videos: it’s a light angle!! Why would he be sad?!?!?!!
  8. The drastic changes between KD before and after April: they weren’t even close since after Mama era, stop shipping 2 friends together!!!!

So, in conclusion, people will always get a reason to have and always get an excuse to justify what is so obvious. It’s like Victuuri’s kiss. There was no way it was only a hug from all the context in the scene but, yet, there’s still people that firmily believe it was only a hug and that’s it. People will only see what they want to see.

BTS: As a Family Pt.1  First Day Of School
  • A/N: All other parts are listed on my masterlist.
  • Jin: I can't believe it!
  • Jimin: What mom? That your babies are going to 1st grade? *smiles*
  • Jin: No.
  • Jimin: Oh, that we're growing up so fast?
  • Jin: No boy! I'm happy I'll only have to deal with 1 child now.
  • Jimin: Oh, ok mommy. Dad... mommy's favoriting JungKook again!!! *cries to dad*.
  • Rap Mon: Calm down little guy. Now where's Taehyung? You guys don't want to be late for the 1st day of 1st grade.
  • Jimin: He's in the bed mumbling about how aliens don't go to school or something. It's scaring me.
  • J-Hope: I bet I can get him to wake up!
  • BTS: NO!
  • J-Hope: But I-
  • BTS: NO!
  • J-Hope: *Locks himself in bedroom*
  • Suga: Everyone needs to shut the fuck up! I was trying to sleep!
  • Jimin: Grandpa, Taehyung and I will be in 1st grade in a little while! Isn't that cool?!
  • Suga: *smiles* Sure, that's great JungKook- I don't care. *bitch face*
  • Jimin: *tears up* I'm Jimin.
  • Suga: Whatever kid.
  • Taehyung: *screaming down the stairs* BUT MOMMY ALIENS DON'T GO TO SCHOOL!!!!! SCHOOL DOESN'T EXIST ON MY PLANET!!! AHHHH!!!
  • Jin: Boy you better shut up with that alien shit before I throw you at Jimin.
  • Jimin: NOO!!! *hides behind RM*
  • JungKook: *walks out of room sleepily* What's going on mommy?
  • Jin: Nothing baby, your brothers are just going to school. Go back to sleep.
  • JungKook: But I want to stay with you *grabs Jin's leg*
  • Jin: NAMJOON!!! Come get your children and take them to school. NOW.
  • Rap Mon: Ok ok. Come on guys.
  • Jimin: No-wait. MOMMY!!!! *shoved into car*
  • Jin: Looks like it's just you and me little one. Are you excited to relax with mommy.
  • JungKook: Pardon?
  • Jin: *death glare* Boy...
  • JungKook: Yes mommy!
  • Rap Mon: *walks back in door w/ kids* Apparently we got the date wrong. The 1st day of school is next week.
  • Jin: *starts screaming*

To be quite honest, @wetwareproblem​ @hate-police @carnistprivilege @baby-merc-with-a-mouth and everyone else in this post, we’re disappointed with all of you for simplifying this entire situation to dehumanizing levels. Your intentions may have been (and let’s be real they probably were for all of you) to help homeless people, but this has strayed into nothing but shouting at each other and calling it Discourse™.

It’s not as simple as “GIVING AN ADDICT FOOD INSTEAD OF MONEY IS TAKING AWAY THEIR FREE WILL”, or “GIVING MONEY TO AN ADDICT IS ENABLING THEIR ADDICTION”, it is a far more nuanced situation than any of y’all have been participating in. Homeless people are, surprise surprise, people, and helping people will ALWAYS require more nuanced discussions than simply shouting at one another from different sides of the fence.

Now then, both sides of this have valid points. Homeless people deserve to be respected and to have free will to make their own decisions, they are people, this is not up for debate. It is also valid to be concerned that homeless people aren’t spending their money in the best way that they can, because they are people and people don’t always have the best judgement and make mistakes.

In this situation, the answer isn’t as simple as “GIVE THE PERSON [X] OTHERWISE YOU’RE HURTING THEM”, rather the answer should be to talk to them like a fucking human being. Ask them what they need money for, discuss with them about what they need, suggest ideas that you think might help them, and provide them what they need to the best of your abilities. It isn’t being condescending to help another human being who is in a shitty situation, and saying such is only contributing to the stigma around asking others for help.

We have gone far past our limit and are completely out of spoons, we’re gonna go lie down and deal with this headache now.

Not to burst your bubble, but we European side of the Hetalia fandom would love to remind you that

  • we have no Walmart. We have LIDL and other chains.
  • Supermarkets and stores are generally smaller, also seen the density of population is higher
  • we don’t use dollars. We have many other currencies, most of us use euros.
  • Our countries are all old as balls
  • We have different laws, especially when it comes to legal age. Eg Alfred could buy alcohol in Europe.
  • Most countries have free public health care, even in private centers you spend less than in the US
  • We are roughly 715 millions. Europeans, despite the various  ethnicities and cultural diversity, are considered white.
  • Less than 4% of the total population are immigrants. If you want POCs, draw African characters. We need and like them too.
  • We don’t have all the products you buy in the US. Some are banned because they contain unhealthy chemicals, some just don’t get sold here.
  • Also, there are cultural things that belong within the US area and make no sense to us. Like, we write day/month/year. Nobody would get the 4/20 joke.

    We just wanted to point out that your headcanons are fine, but stop making them Americo-centric when dealing with people from other continents, please. Here in Europe as well we’re having it different than you.
    Thank you.
The 100 Survival of the Fittest Recap - S02E10
  • <somewhere in the woods>
  • Grounder Bellamy: whatever I say in the next three minutes is irrelevant
  • Grounder Bellamy: cuz look at how sexy I am in this fur
  • Grounder Bellamy: just look at me
  • Grounder Bellamy: look how sexy I am
  • <camp fun>
  • Kane: I'm really excited about our alliance.
  • Indra: I'm not.
  • Kane: I'm glad to hear you're also excited.
  • Indra: ...
  • Kane: what about you, good 'ol buddy Jaha?
  • Jaha: ...I'm unhappy.
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: I'm so glad everyone's as excited as I am.
  • Kane: this is gonna be great.
  • Kane: life is great.
  • Kane: I am great.
  • <dark halls>
  • Kane: quiet down, everyone.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Everyone: ...but no one was-
  • Kane: thank you. I appreciate the silence.
  • Kane: Sky Crew, Tree Crew... who's ready to kick some ass?
  • Grounder: me
  • Grounder: I'm ready to kick Murphy's ass
  • Murphy: ??
  • Grounder: because he didn't stop those bullets with the power of his mind
  • Grounder: how dare he not be God.
  • Murphy: ...
  • Murphy: once again, all I came out here for was to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • <awesome theme song>
  • <swimming pool dungeon>
  • Quint: roid rage.
  • Quint: my name is roid rage.
  • <team Bellamy>
  • Bellamy: Lincoln tell me about your drug use
  • Lincoln: I'd rather not
  • <team Clarke>
  • Roid Rage: I feel validated by attacking young women when they're alone
  • Roid Rage: I am the true alpha
  • <Sky/Tree Crew>
  • Octavia: so...
  • Octavia: those guys...
  • Kane: yes?
  • Octavia: ...
  • Octavia: we're just gonna let them... kill each other?
  • Kane: yes.
  • Octavia: ...
  • Octavia: but-
  • Kane: SHH.
  • Kane: first rule about fight club
  • Kane: don't talk about fight club
  • <team Clarke>
  • Clarke: Byrne, are you alright??
  • Clarke: ...get it?
  • Clarke: ...alRIGHT?
  • Clarke: cuz your right arm's missing?
  • Clarke: ...:D
  • Clarke: jk I'm fucking terrified right now
  • <Sky/Tree Crew>
  • Murphy: why did I have to get stuck on Jaha duty
  • Murphy: jfc
  • <team Clarke>
  • Clarke: oh look
  • Clarke: someone with more roid rage than the first guy
  • Clarke: go figure
  • <team Jaha, which no one's on>
  • Jaha: man, why does everyone hate me
  • Jaha: I only killed all their parents
  • Jaha: no big deal
  • <team Bellamy>
  • Bellamy: I just keep getting sexier and sexier
  • <team Jaha>
  • Murphy: you gonna be long, man?
  • Jaha: ...
  • Jaha: how well did you know my son?
  • Murphy: uh..
  • Murphy: well..
  • Murphy: he kinda died in the first week, so not well.
  • Murphy: I didn't know Wells well
  • Murphy: Wells well
  • Jaha: ...
  • Murphy: good name choice
  • Murphy: but bad beard choice
  • Murphy: plz shave
  • <night fight club>
  • Octavia: plz let me join fight club
  • Indra: uhh
  • Indra: how bout no
  • <team Clarke>
  • Lexa: why did you save me?
  • Clarke: because we can't have any more men in control
  • Clarke: like jfc
  • <gorilla roars>
  • Lexa: Clarke?
  • Clarke: yeah?
  • Lexa: this is not the end
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: uhh
  • Clarke: I think it is
  • Clarke: we're about to be eaten
  • Lexa: nono
  • Lexa: you misunderstand
  • Lexa: this
  • is the end for our
  • bodies
  • Lexa: but not our spirits
  • Lexa: our spirits will live
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: yeah no
  • Clarke: fuck that
  • <fight club first aid center>
  • Indra: Octavia, you may suck at fighting
  • Indra: but your spirit is chill
  • Indra: so plz be my apprentice
  • Octavia: ...
  • Octavia: HELLS YEAH I WILL
  • <team Jaha>
  • Murphy: if I don't get off Jaha duty soon I will join Finn in hell
  • <team Bellamy>
  • Bellamy: Lincoln no
  • Bellamy: drugz r bad
  • <Sky/Tree Crew>
  • Indra: here's food
  • Kane: omg ty <3
  • Kane: I love this alliance <3
  • Kane: I love everyone <3
  • Kane: also Octavia plz spy on them for me I don't trust them
  • <team Jaha>
  • Jaha: let's go to the city of light
  • Murphy: ...
  • Murphy: uhh...
  • Murphy: that might be a metaphor for death...
  • Murphy: but okay. I'm in.
  • <team Clarke>
  • Clarke: my bro Bellamy will save us all
  • Bellamy: damn right
  • <team Bellamy>
  • Lincoln: yay drugz
  • Bellamy: sry can't hear you over the sound of me being naked
teamspeak during bounty today
  • guild bounty: Wanted in connection with multiple harassment and public nuisance complaints. Last seen pestering tengu merchants at their trading post.
  • me: No really this guy's basically wanted because he has no sense of personal space.
  • poobadoo: Come closer. Quaggan wants to lick you.
  • guildies: so what I'm getting is poobadoo is basically one of those dudebros like
  • guildies: hey bby come give me a hug
  • guildies: and when you're like no thanks they hug you anyways
  • me: yeah no he's a total dudebro that's why we're arresting him
  • guildies: because he's a dudebro!!?!
  • guildies: because he's a dudebro!!
  • me: this is totally how we should deal with this in real life. like if a guy won't leave you alone you just arrest him
  • guildies: just MOB HIM
  • guildies: get a bunch of people together like YOU'RE GOING DOWN
  • me: this would solve all our problems. dudebros would have to respect our boundaries
  • guildies: poobadoo the dudebro
  • guildies: that's what we should call them from now on
  • guildies: poobadoos
  • guildies: god this guy is such a poobadoo
  • guildies: friggin poobadoos with their friggin poobadoo hats
Kuroko Tetsuya and his new boyfriend.
  • Aomine: Recently, Tetsu would ignore all of my mails and calls.
  • Midorima: Isn't it that normal?
  • Aomine: Heck no! It's bullshit, Midorima! Tetsu never ignore me!
  • Kagami: He did, remember? In our double dates, you and Kise ruined our date and he suddenl-
  • Aomine: Stop!! I want to forget about that!
  • Midorima: So... what are you babbling about?
  • Aomine: Kagami and Tetsu hasn't started dating, right?
  • Kagami: Uh, yeah, because he said he's not ready.
  • Midorima: ... ready?
  • Aomine: Kise and I recently had a fight. This fight was so stupid, as stupid as the bees.
  • Kagami: Bees?
  • Aomine: Anyway, I saw Tetsu walking around with that guy.
  • Midorima: Who was it?
  • Kagami: That guy? Could you at least be more specific on that?
  • Aomine: Kagami's brother.
  • Midorima & Kagami: !!!
  • Aomine: They were so chatty and Tetsu is actually laughing with him! Isn't that guy suppose to be with Murasakibara?
  • Kagami: ...
  • Midorima: ...
  • Murasakibara: Mido-chin, Mine-chin! Ah! Kagami is also here.
  • Aomine: What are you doing here, Murasakibara?
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin is dating Kuro-chin.
  • Everyone: What?!
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin ditched me when he said I could tag along. So I'm here and he ditched me because he have to meet with Kuro-chin.
  • Midorima: Seriously?
  • Aomine: See? See?! Your brother is taking Tetsu, dude!
  • Kagami: Wait, I'm not in the right mind at this moment.
  • Aomine: Fix your goddamn mind, idiot!
  • Midorima: Where are they right now?
  • Murasakibara: I don't know. Actually, I thought you guys knew so I came here.
  • Akashi: Oh? So you guys are all here?
  • Kise: Eh! Aominecchi is also here? Shall I go now, Akashicchi?
  • Akashi: Wait, no.
  • Aomine: Why are you two together? And Akashi! You said you had a meeting with the counselor!
  • Akashi: I did. I ditched them because Ryouta called and said that a certain idiot hurt him.
  • Aomine: ...
  • Akashi: Anyway, Taiga, are you sure you are okay?
  • Kagami: Huh?
  • Akashi: We saw Tetsuya with another guy, though. They looked so...
  • Kise: ... lovey dovey to each other!
  • Kagami: What?!
  • Aomine: That's what were talking about! Murasakibara said they were dating!
  • Akashi: Who was that guy?
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin.
  • Akashi: Muro-chin?
  • Kagami: He's ... actually my brother back in the states. His name is Himuro Tatsuya.
  • Akashi: Oh? Himuro, huh? He's your babysitter, right, Atsushi?
  • Murasakibara: That's right. But he ditched me.
  • Akashi: Oh? He did? Shall we punish him?
  • Kise: Nevermind that! Kagamicchi, Kurokocchi is in pitch you know!
  • Kagami: Right in the moment, I'm stuck...
  • Aomine: Kagami and Tetsu aren't dating yet.
  • Kise: What? For all this time...
  • Midorima: He waste a lot of time, right?
  • Kagami: Like I said, I'm stuck!
  • Akashi: Let's pull Himuro's tongue, shall we?
  • Kagami: Can you at least listen to me!? Tatsuya wouldn't do that! He knew I have this feelings with Kuroko! He knew that!
  • Aomine: Then why is he taking advantage of Tetsu?
  • Kagami: I don't know!
  • Akashi: I don't like watching this scene. Shintaro, Atsushi, let's go.
  • Midorima: Huh? Where?
  • Akashi: Let's sabotage their date.
  • Kise: Eh! Akashicchi, we're in the mall! You can't possibly do that!
  • Akashi: Oh? I can't?
  • Aomine: You do know you are talking to the real deal here, Kise?
  • Kise: Eh?
  • Akashi: Don't worry. No one has disobey me before.
  • Midorima: So Kuroko is an exception?
  • Akashi: .... Since then, no one has disobey me. I'll shut down all the guards while Atsushi and Shintaro track them.
  • Midorima: Murasakibara would get noticed easily.
  • Aomine: Yeah, he stands out most of the time!
  • Akashi: Then, I'll have Ryouta and Daiki tail those two around while Shintaro and I hold down all the guards.
  • Kagami: ... Are you serious?
  • Akashi: My orders are absolute, Taiga.
  • Kagami: That doesn't answer my question!
  • Aomine: So, shall we, baby?
  • Kise: Oh yeah, baby!
  • Kagami: Disgusting.
  • Akashi: What a gross sight.
  • Murasakibara: I'll stay in guard in the candy store.
  • Kagami: Oi, that doesn't help!
  • Akashi: Don't fail me, soldiers!
  • Everyone except Kagami & Midorima: Yeah~!!
  • [ To be continued... maybe? ]

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prompt: ian and mickey with a daughter

//so yeah this is really long but yeah here you go!//


‘What do you think it is?’

Ian looked away from the sonogram for a moment and considered Mickey’s question. ‘How am I supposed to know? Not as if I’m the one carrying it,’ he said.

Mickey rolled his eyes. ‘Fine, fine. What do you want it to be?’

'Can’t exactly answer that either. Another Carl or another Debbie…neither exactly sounds appealing. I love them, but…you know what I mean.’

'Yeah. I don’t really want a mini Mandy running around either,’ Mickey said, smiling at Ian. They were both quiet for a moment, returning their attention to the sonogram. Six weeks already. 'You know it’s going to be nothing like our siblings, right?’ he asked seriously.

'I know. And we’re going to be nothing like our fathers,’ Ian said, clasping Mickey’s hand meaningfully. He was talking mainly about Terry. Frank was a liar and a drunk, sure, but compared to Terry, he was practically a saint.

'I hope it’s a boy,’ Mickey said suddenly.


'Yeah. If we have a girl, she’ll be bringing boys home to fuck every five minutes. And I’d have to be protective and shit, put them in their places, scare them off. Dad stuff,’ Mickey explained. Ian burst out laughing.

'Are you planning on parenting like you’re in a nineties sitcom?’ he joked. 'She’ll just fuck them somewhere else, Mick. God knows we did it in some weird places,’ he reminded him.

'If it’s a girl, I won’t know the first thing to say,’ Mickey said quietly. Now Ian saw through his facade. He was insecure. 'I don’t know anything about girls, and neither do you because we’re both guys, and we’re both gay so it’s not like we know about women from fucking them like straight dads do,’ he said all in a rush.

'Well you used to -’

'Shut the fuck up, Ian, I’m serious,’ Mickey cut him off.

'Sorry. I was trying to lighten the mood. I shouldn’t have bought that up,’ he told Mickey apologetically.

'It’s fine. But don’t you agree?’

'No. Sure we’re maybe better equipped to deal with a son, but just because we’re not women and we’re not into women doesn’t mean we’re incapable of having a daughter. Ok? Don’t ever feel like you’re not enough. Don’t ever feel like you’re incapable of doing something because of who you are. If anything, everything we’ve been through is just going to make us better parents.’ Ian told him, kissing him firmly. 'There’s no-one else I would rather have a kid with.’

Mickey smiled a little. He still found it hard to do that, even after all this time. Show emotions that weren’t anger. Feel happiness. He had to let himself, it never came naturally.

Mickey slid into Ian’s shoulder and looked back at the sonogram. They were quiet, and he just listened to Ian’s heartbeat and felt Ian’s hands gently running through his dark hair. ‘Ian?’


'Do you know anything about periods and shit?’

Ian chuckled. ‘Well one time we shoved a tampon up Lip’s nose to stop it bleeding,’ he told him, grinning. Mickey looked at him, eyebrows raised. ‘Look, we’ll just figure it out if and when it happens. Yeah?’



'Shit shit shit,’ Mickey muttered, pacing the hospital corridor for the umpteenth time.

'You need to calm down man,’ Lip said from behind, taking him by the shoulders and steering him to the seats by the wall.

'Why won’t they let me in?’

'State laws, hospital protocols, cunt doctors. I’m sure you’re familiar,’ Lip said, causing a pair of passing nurses to flinch nervously.

'I’m the fucking dad too.’ Mickey whispered.

'Yes you are,’ Lip stated in agreement. 'I know that and Ian knows that. And the kid’s going to know it too,’ he told him.

Mickey looked at him, his eyes heavy with tears that Lip knew he was too proud to cry. ‘After everything…after getting shot, getting raped, getting the shit beat out of me…this is the worst. This shit is regulated, I can’t control it, I can’t do anything. I’m missing the birth of my child,’ he trailed off.

'You know I’ve never been worried about you and Ian?’

'What are you talking about? The fuck does that have to do with anything?’

'Never. Because with you two, the stakes have always been higher. You’ve always had to go through more and be more for each other. Maybe you more than him. When he told me you two were fucking, I was surprised, sure. But I wasn’t worried. When he told me he was fucking Kash - well, when I figured it out - I was worried, I was pissed. But with you? I knew from that first moment that you must really give a damn if you were risking it all to be with him. And time went on and you stayed together - for the most part - and I barely even thought about it anymore. If I was put through even half the shit you’ve been through, Mickey, I’d have given up. But you never did, did you? You destroyed yourself, you kissed him with a broken face, you searched for him, you literally carried him. When he got diagnosed, you were there with him and you’ve never left his side since. What I’m trying to say here is that I wasn’t worried when he was sixteen and I’m not worried now. You will be able to get through this because I don’t think there’s anything this world could throw at you that you couldn’t handle. You’re Mickey fucking Milkovich.’

Mickey hugged Lip on instinct, before he could stop himself. ‘Thanks,’ he said gruffly, masking tears. ‘And I’m sorry I beat you up that one time,’ he added.

Lip laughed. ‘Shit, I’d forgotten about that,’ he remarked, breaking off the hug and clapping Mickey on the shoulder. ‘Ian?’ he called out, seeing his brother at the other end of the hall. Mickey was on his feet in a second.

'What’s happening? Is everything ok? Has it popped out yet? Boy? Girl? Ian why aren’t you saying anything? Shit did we lose it? Shit we did, didn’t we? Ian talk to me!’ Mickey spluttered frantically.

Ian was smiling, smiling so wide and with so much love. ‘No. No Mick, we didn’t lose her,’ he told him gently.

'Her?’ Mickey gasped.

Ian nodded. ‘You’re going to have to learn about periods,’ he said, right before kissing Mickey with possibly more passion than ever before.

'What’s she like?’

'She’s amazing. Come and meet her,’ he grabbed Mickey’s hand and led him inside, casting a glance back at Lip and silently thanking him for being there, for waiting with Mickey. Lip grinned back.


'I love you but shut up,’ Mickey said to the howling baby in his arms.

'Mick, don’t tell our daughter to shut up,’ Ian said in mock disapproval, smiling at them. They were side by side in bed, Mickey holding Rose.

'Our daughter,’ Mickey echoed.

They’d lost count of how many nights had been like this. Just laying there at 2am in the dark, half wishing they were sleeping and half wishing to never leave that moment. It didn’t matter that Rose was crying, that Ian had baby vomit on his arm or that Mickey had a headache. They’d honestly never felt closer. And the love they had for that tiny six month old bundle that Mickey clutched in his arms was a love neither had been prepared to feel and neither could understand yet.

Ian turned on his side and placed his hand on Mickey’s arm. ‘I love you so much,’ he told him. Mickey looked at him, the corners of his mouth twitching.

'I love you Ian,’ he returned after a pause. It still took him a moment sometimes. Ian knew why and he didn’t mind.


'Rose, why have we been called in today?’ Ian asked his daughter.

'I don’t know Daddy,’ she said truthfully.

'What have you done? You hit someone? You mouth off?’ Mickey fired the questions at her.

'I don’t think so,’ their six year old replied.

'How can you not know? Has your fist been in someone’s face or not?’ Mickey demanded.

Ian took his hand to calm him down. ‘Rose, whatever it is, we won’t be mad. You can tell us anything. We’ll work through it, as a family,’ he told her. Mickey made an odd sound from next to him. ‘You ok?’ he murmured. Mickey nodded, not looking at him.

She thought for a moment. ‘I really can’t think what I’ve done, I promise,’ she told Ian, her eyes wide with worry.

'Ah, you must be Rose’s parents?’ came a cheerful voice from behind them.

'Yes. I’m Ian,’ he said, extending his hand, smiling brightly. He knew they had to get off on the right foot before facing whatever it was that Rose had done.

'Mickey,’ he said, also shaking the woman’s hand.

'Pleasure. I’m Miss Cooper, Rose’s teacher,’ she introduced herself, 'thank you for taking the time to come here today,’ she said, sitting behind her desk.

'Of course, it’s no trouble,’ Mickey said carefully, trying not to curse.

'Well let’s get right to it, shall we? Rose is doing so well. I’m thrilled with the progress she’s been making,’ she told them. Ian and Mickey were stunned.

'She’s not in trouble?’ Ian asked uncertainly.

'Of course not! Gosh is that what you thought this was? No, not at all!’ the teacher reassured them.

Rose was grinning up at her fathers, triumphant.

'Here is a story she wrote, it’s just wonderful…and they’ve been building robots in art class, hers is that purple one on the table behind you. And these are her workbooks - almost perfect scores in math quizzes and spelling tests. And Rose, tell your dads what you did in history yesterday!’

'I recited all the Presidents, in order,’ she said proudly.

'You make them learn that?’ Ian asked incredulously.

'No, not when they’re six! She just knew. Must have learned it of her own free will,’ Miss Cooper explained, smiling at Rose.

Ian read what his daughter had written, carefully and neatly in soft pencil, telling the story six children living in a house with no parents. On the last page she’d drawn them. A tall girl in shorts with messy dark hair, two boys of equal height, one in jeans, the other with a solid crayoned block of orange hair, a girl with a ponytail and red lipstick, a boy with no hair holding a baseball bat, and on the floor at the end was a toddler wearing a nappy. His fingers traced the red haired figure. He looked at her, a lump in his throat. ‘This is great,’ he told her softly. Rose smiled and silently pointed to the corner of the page. She’d drawn a little house with one window. A girl with a nose ring and pink streaked hair was what first caught his eye. Next to her was a shorter figure, a boy with a shock of black hair in a tank top. They were staring longingly at the big family above them. Ian felt his eyes tearing up and then he just hugged his little girl as hard as he could. ‘I love you,’ he told her.

'Ok,’ she said. The adults all laughed.


'Did you hear that?’ Mickey said, putting down his coffee mug.

'Hear what?’ Ian asked. Another scream.

'That,’ Mickey told him.

'Shit,’ said Ian, running upstairs, Mickey behind. 'Rose? What happened?’

The bathroom door unlocked and Rose came out, still in her pyjamas. She looked pretty shaken. ‘Um. Nothing,’ she said, averting her eyes.

'You were screaming. I thought you were six weeks old again, never mind sixteen,’ Ian said her. He still couldn’t believe how long it had been.

'I said it’s nothing. Please let me go to my room. Please,’ she said quietly.

'Fine. Go. You can tell us whenever you’re ready?’ Mickey called after her. She shook her head and shuffled off. He turned to Ian. 'You think she’s pregnant?’ he whispered. Ian hadn’t even thought of that. But Mickey had grown up with Mandy. He shrugged, glancing after his daughter. Then he saw. He nudged Mickey. There was blood streaked on her pyjamas. As soon as she was in her room, Mickey groaned, looking terrified. This had been his worst fear sixteen years ago and it still lingered.

'Ian I can’t. What the fuck do we do? I don’t - what are you doing?’ Ian was going into their bedroom and opening the closet.

'Fiona gave me these back when Rose was thirteen or so. I put them away and forgot about them…I figured she had to have started by now, you know? Just figured it out on her own and not told us. We should’ve done something. How could we have been so fucking careless?’

'We kept putting it off. And I think we were in denial that she was growing up. But yeah. We should've…I don’t know, something.’

'I’m doing something now,’ Ian said, heading towards Rose’s bedroom. He knocked. 'Can I come in? You decent?’ he asked gently. Mickey was trying to pull him away furiously. 'We can’t avoid this anymore Mick,’ Ian told him as they entered. She was sitting on her bed, laptop open. Ian gently closed the lid and sat beside her. But before he could say anything, Mickey began.

'Rose. What’s happening is totally normal. It happens every month. You can use these, they’re called tampons, or there’s towels. If these aren’t right, here’s twenty dollars, you can buy whichever kind you need. I’m sorry we didn’t talk about this sooner. We love you,’ he said, speaking very quickly to a stunned Rose, and then got up to leave.

'Oh my god! Oh my god, no!’ Rose shrieked from the bed. 'That’s not why - you guys thought - oh my god!’ she said, laughing uncontrollably.

'Your - pyjamas,’ Mickey said, confused and awkward. She blushed.

'Shit, sorry,’ she muttered. Her turn to be embarrassed. 'I was screaming because…I can’t say,’ she told them.

'Rose, are you pregnant?’ Ian asked her, automatically returning to their earlier assumption. She laughed.

'Seriously?’ she asked, gesturing to the boxes of tampons. Ian sighed at his stupidity. 'Besides, I’m seeing a girl right now,’ she said casually.

Her fathers stared at each other.

'Why didn’t you tell us before?’ Ian asked.

'I wasn’t sure. I’m still not,’ she explained. She shrugged. 'It was a…surprise, when it all happened. I like her a lot. I don’t know if it’s just her or if it’s girls. I like guys a lot too. I’m trying not to get too caught up in it,’ she told them.

Mickey stared at his daughter. This girl who reminded him of himself in so many ways. But she had accepted herself and she was more certain of her heart at sixteen than he had been back then, and later. And she had better parents than him. He’d prove it, he knew, as he went to hold her.

'I’m so proud of you,’ he said.

Rose hugged her father back. She knew his life had not been easy, but she didn’t know the full story. There were questions she’d asked over the years that had been met with awkward attempts to shy away from the truth until eventually she’d just stopped asking. She knew they were both covered in scars. She knew she only had one set of grandparents. The picture she had in her head of her parents’ lives was in bits and pieces. Maybe one day they’d tell her everything, maybe they wouldn’t. Ultimately she didn’t care. She knew they loved her, she knew they did. Nothing was ever faked in their house and nothing was ever hidden. Well. She was going to hide their surprise anniversary party that Lip had just told her about on the phone. But nothing else.

'Is something burning?’ she asked after a moment.

'The pancakes!’ Mickey exclaimed, bounding out of the bedroom and thundering down the stairs to save their breakfast.

Ian laughed. ‘Breakfast foods,’ he said simply. ‘Are you ok?’ he asked her seriously.

'Yeah. I’m good,’ she told her father, smiling.

He ruffled her hair. ‘It really is ok, you know? To be confused, I mean. You have the right parents for it,’ he said, smiling. She nodded. Ian kissed the top of her head and turned to leave.

'I really love you guys a lot, ok?’ she called out. Ian smiled. She didn’t say it often. She was like Mickey that way.

He nodded. ‘I know. Love you too,’ he said, closing the door.

'Thanks for the twenty bucks!’ she yelled as he walked downstairs. Ian grinned to himself as he entered the kitchen to see Mickey scraping black discs from the hot plate.

'Gonna have to start a new batch,’ he said.

Ian went up behind him and snaked his hands around his waist, kissing his neck. ‘I know it wasn’t needed, but what you said up there was amazing.’

Mickey leaned into his touch. ‘It felt really…parent-y, you know? I never - I never thought I’d get to have that,’ he murmured.

'I can’t believe the boy who wouldn’t let me kiss him twenty years ago is still with me now,’ Ian said. 'Hell, has a kid with me.’

'Not so much of a kid anymore though, is she,’ Mickey said. 'And I still can’t believe I ever stopped myself from doing this,’ he turned around and kissed Ian. They were familiar with each others lips now, but their hearts still jolted like they did when they shared their first kiss in that driver’s seat.

'I love you, Gallagher’ Mickey told him. Ian smiled. No hesitation now.


//The end.//

  • me: all right, brain. we're an adult, OK? we have shit to do, and it is piling right the fuck up around here.
  • me: I mean, for fuck's sake, four pieces of overdue writing! two of which we are being paid actual cash-monies to write!
  • me: and all our bags from loncon are still lying unpacked in the bedroom! the toddler threw our boots at the exercise bike, and you just know we're going to trip over that shit, and yet we haven't tidied it up!
  • me: and did I mention we have work tomorrow? work for which we have to set an actual goddamn alarm?
  • me: my point, brain, is that we really ought to be DEALING with this like the mature, capable human we're ostensibly meant to be, and being as how it's now after midnight, this would seem like a pretty good time to act rationally.
  • brain: but consider though: more fanfiction!
  • me: ...
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Okay so this may seem a bit silly but I feel like I'm being pulled in two different directions. You (very successfully, damn you) pulled me into Ziam (and made me both love and hate this band all over again because why do they do this my feels are struggling). But now theres all this payneton stuff on my dash and I want to check it out, but not because of Ziam and do you think its legit or just some wave from the fandom?

You know people keep telling me that there’s Liam/Jordan stuff everywhere and I literally have yet to see anything pop up randomly on my dash. I’ve had one post sent to me, but in terms of trying to wrap my head around it. I’m not seeing much. Maybe I just haven’t taken a proper look at my dash or got distracted going through my ‘sao dogs’ tag (I LOVE DOGS IF YOU DO TOO CLICK ON THAT LINK…SO MANY DOGS…SO MANY LOLS…SO MANY HAPPY TEARS). 

Sorry I started thinking about pugs and got distracted. Goddamn I love them. With their snuffling and snoring. Have you seen that youtube video called ‘Pug gets scolded, takes it hard’? If not get thee to youtube. 

Ok what were you asking? Oh yeah. Ummm. I’m working on a ‘Definition of a Bro Tattoo Part II’ as it pertains to Ziam. They are seriously more hardcore than Larry when it comes to tattoos. Zayn’s about one tattoo away from getting ‘I LOVE LIAM’ tattooed on his forehead. Unless you’ve looked into Muslim marriage tattoos then it won’t be obvious what they’re saying, but that madala and rose was basically Ziam’s way of saying 

I’ll explain it all in due time. Like after I’ve had more coffee. 

I was very opposed to talking about Jordan Paynton because coming from a sports background myself and knowing people who work in athletic management, certain sports are far more homophobic than others and initially I felt that he was being lined up to be outed against his will. HOWEVER, there was no way for me to say this when I first got wind of it the other day without drawing more attention to it, and now that it’s out there I can’t very well shut down an entire conversation myself. 

I also started looking into it a bit more last night and Jordan Paynton is still in university. He’s currently a 5th draft recruit (apparently) who has a business degree and a clothing line (I think?). I don’t know if people are familiar with NCAA rules, or why you would expect that an Oxbridge graduate would be, but I am. Don’t worry about why. 

Jordan Paynton cannot accept any fiscal rewards for playing football as a university student. Nor can he appear in commercials, drive around free cars, or get endorsements like NFL players. If you were looking to raise your personal profile as someone who cannot do so as an athlete, how could you? Aligning yourself with one of the biggest boy bands in the world could help. Last I checked Jordan had about 4,000 followers on Twitter. Liam as 22 MILLION. And his tweet to Jordan was literally one of two things he tweeted in the entire month of January. 

Now, I don’t know why and I’m not going to sit here guessing and try to pass it off to everyone as fact. As always I am just trying to point out some details about these shady ass situations because it’s quite baffling and talkin it out is how I can start to connect the dots. 

I would imagine that getting people used to the idea of Liam dating a man is at least part of this. Remember Xander? How quickly people went from assuming Harry was dating every girl he hung out with to dating every man he hung out with was one of the most low-key and kind of smartest ways I’ve seen a narrative shift in which Harry liking men was just all of a sudden accepted as fact to most people. 

The fact that people couldn’t even breathe the word Ziam without being laughed at a couple of months ago but now all of a sudden it’s become the main discourse that Liam might like men (just not Zayn! Anyone but Zayn.) makes me feel like whoever is running this show isn’t as moronic as I thought. Evil genius is probably going too far. Evil for sure, though.   

I’ll be keeping my eye on all the stories that are happening on the periphery as there is literally no reason for this to be such a big deal. As always. Like, where’s Harry? He’s been MIA since arriving in LA. All this smokescreening is making my asthma act up. So excuse me while I suck on this blue inhaler and try to figure out wtf is going on. 

Thank you for your question which I have completely (probably) provided an irrelevant answer to, but just wanted to get some of my thoughts out there xx