we're all going to have to deal with that

Story time from the Gardevoir Sanctuary server~

It’s very rare that we ever have to take staff action against someone who joins. Our staff firmly believes in warm welcomes and acceptance of all. But on occasion we get a special snowflake that doesn’t understand that their behavior isn’t okay, and no one wants to deal with your shit. Yes I’m talking directly to you mister, you know who you are. And I am going to show you what really being an asshole is. <3

First sign that we know you’re going to be trouble for us is that you asked two of our staff members for Mod/Admin positions not even two minutes in the server:

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get to know me meme [5/30 male characters]: Miles Hollingsworth

“It’s just a bunch of crap. You don’t want to know how we feel. When people ask you to express your feelings, they don’t mean your actual feelings they mean the feelings that they want you to have because people can’t deal with dark or scary or weird. They want you to smile and say ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Everything’s great,’ because then they can just go on with their boring lives and never think about you again.”

tfw you’re not going to run for pm bc you’re too afraid since you have no idea how to clean up the utter colossal fuck up you just caused by accidentally winning the referendum even tho you explicitly campaigned against the pm so you could maybe destabilise him and run for leader of the party yourself

What’s that? A panel?

((Alrighty, folks, here’s the deal. 

Over this past weekend at MAGMAcon, I met a few people who actually really like all this stuff (Pilot), too. Like, IRL made friends, wow, go, mun. Withing 24 hours, fathermetronome and I decided we wanted to do a panel about all this because, while trying to drag a couple more friends down into the Pilot pit, we realized there is just SO MUCH STUFF that laying it all out for people might be… helpful.

That said, I have a couple requests:

1. For the Night Terror section of the panel, what phobias should I actually include? There are so very many, and Deo’s always adding new ones. I love all of them, but there’s only so much space on a slide.

2. Is there anyone who WOULD like to be included in a “follow to keep up with this fandom” slide? Also, is there anyone who WOULD NOT like to be included? 

Thanks so much, everybody!

- Quckdraw mun))