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In Valor and Faith

in celebration of Nozomi’s birthday, @banditchika​ n I present…..

THE KNIGHT AU!! in which Nozomi is a prospective knight and Eli is her liege lord and gay tension coexists with fantasy elements. yay!

so! this our prologue, the beginning of a project we hope to flesh out and expand, but a fair warning: updates will probably take a while. :’) but we’re trying our best!! enjoy uwu

Word Count: 3965 (whistles into the abyss and beyond)

The oxen’s slow, rollicking pace leaves Nozomi plenty of time to appreciate the scenery as she gazes out from her perch in the wagon, squinting past the dust and dirt kicked up by wheels and hooves. Her roiling stomach and nerves are forgotten in the midst of her awe; Lady Ayase’s lands are absolutely stunning.

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