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Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

We’re still mad lovers. Yes, we’re hidden behind a bill board that screams “Just Friends” in your face, but it still isn’t convincing. You never tell me that you love me anymore. Even though you sometimes show me glimpses that you do, I never get my hopes high because I don’t want to be disappointed. But deep deep down I know you love me. If it fades away after a few years of staying behind the mask of just friends, it’s okay, because I’ll remember that once upon a time, we were mad mad lovers.
#KeepHerInTheGame Campaign updates

Y’all have been KILLING the postcard game. We see you. We appreciate you. Thank you for being so involved and doing your best to keep our girl in the game. Together we can absolutely accomplish this goal! 

*High-fives all around*

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Hello, again.


So. Since the Rolling Girl animation I’ve been working on is so ungodly tedious, I decided to take a short break and work on a more fun side project. Hence why this exists. And so, if this works for you, I hope you enjoy. Have a nice day, don’t get hit by a truck, feed your box-dog so it doesn’t eat your shirt, all that kind of good stuff. 👍

See you on the flippity flip. BYYYYE.

wgm with dino

tbh why is he even here he’s like fetus idk if i can even be serious with this. just imagine this is years from now but his personality is still pretty much the same.

  • okay so he’s really excited to see you. like REALLY. he’s talking to the camera about how scared he is and how excited he is. 
  • he’s in the car with doogi pd, he’s driving him to meet you in front of an aquarium. you’re already there.
  • he doesn’t know who you’ll be and is constantly hitting doogi pd and saying “hyung, i’m so scared!!! give me some advice!”
  • doogi pd just laughs and he’s like “just don’t make them cry and it should be smooth sailing, people love you.” <3 doogi pd <3</i>
  • when he gets there and sees you. he is so scared to get out of the car that doogi pd had to kick him out. like physically kick him from the driver’s seat.
  • dino stumbles out and he’s like “hahah hello, i’m your husband, seventeen’s maknae, dino.”
  • doogi pd takes a pic of you guys and posts it on the day of the broadcast.
  • it’s super awkward at first so to break the tension, he invites you to go into the aquarium with him and you guys bond over all the fish and sharks and whales. like wow sea life, it’s pretty amazing.
  • he buys you a stuffed dolphin from the gift shop and you guys name it t-rex. oh yeah.
  • after a while, you both treat t-rex like your child and he sometimes places t-rex on a seat at the dining table.
  • you argue over the gender of the dolphin all the time and you guys kinda just interchange whenever you feel like it. “he wants this” “she’s tired!” “they’re gonna be a great dolphin when they grow up!!!”
  • lots of movie marathons. like one day, you guys watched three movies in a row that the pd-nims got annoyed and gave you a mission to go out and buy home furniture.
  • you end up playing house in ikea.
  • likes to play with your hair. but always asks first.
  • he play’s MJ all the time at home.
  • if billie jean plays while he’s cleaning, he drops everything and starts dancing and then pulls you to dance along with him. then grabs t-rex and dances with it.
  • tries to teach you the infamous MJ kick. you fail miserably. he doesn’t laugh though, just pats your head and is like “it’s okay jagi, it takes a lot of practice!”
  • at your wedding photo shoot, he was in awe when he saw you in a wedding dress. and then he started dancing taeyang’s wedding dress.
  • skinship is really hard for him to initiate because he’s so shy. you pretty much always initiate the skinship and he always goes along with it.
  • you hold his hands first and he never lets go. but when you let go to do something, he grabs it again when you’re done doing that thing. :3
  • he likes to watch you cook.
  • he sits on the counter and bothers you while you cook.
  • “what are you cutting now?” “what time is it gonna be done?” “that smells really good! can i try some?” “be careful with the knife!!” “don’t boil the water too much!” “do you need help?” “are you sure you don’t need help?” “i promise i can be really helpful!”
  • you tell him to take the trash out and so he does and then goes straight back to bothering you.
  • when he sees you frustrated, he says you’re cute and you j us t can t. LEE CHAN PLEASE.
  • omg his seventeen members tease him like their life depends on it.
  • when you complain why he hasn’t introduced you to his members, he’s like “they’re terrible! i always get teased when i’m home with them; it never ends! don’t get me wrong, i want to introduce you, but they’re going to kill us if i do!”
  • he still introduces you seventeen and omg he was so right, all they did was tease him to death. literally he died. when they were gone, he was exasperated, just lying on the ground, hugging t-rex, fake sobbing.
  • he takes you to the amusement park for your anniversary and you guys ride a bunch of kiddie rides because he thinks it’s cuter that way. (he’s secretly afraid of roller coasters)
  • towards later that day, he surprises you with this whole show of him dancing and rapping and it’s just so great omg he danced with mickey and minnie!!! TT-TT
  • he plays pranks all the time. mean ones. like he posted a picture of the grudge on the mirror in the bathroom so when you go in, you see it.
  • you nearly cried and he was like “crap i messed up, i’m so sorry i didn’t mean to!”
  • he spent the rest of the day trying to make it up to you with aegyo, cooking you food, offering massages.
  • when you guys have to leave the show, he shows a lot of remorse.
  • he forced himself to not cry because he has to show how manly he is with you.
  • he takes you to the beach and he planned his really complex thing where at every other store you pass by the on the boardwalk, someone gives you a balloon with a note about the special memories you two had together.
  • at the end of the boardwalk, there’s a band playing for you and and a special dinner waiting to be served TT-TT
  • when it’s all over, he was the first to initiate the hug and didn’t let go for a while.
  • he takes out t-rex from under the table but he has his face on the dolphin’s face and he gives it to you. he’s like “it’s so you don’t forget about me.” :-(((((((
  • you leave first in the car and when you leave, you look back and you see dino behind holding a sign that says “I LOVE YOU AND I WILL MISS YOU. <3 GOOD LUCK!″</li>
  • he tells the pd-nims in the end that he was really privileged to have a “married life” with someone like you because you both grew a lot from that experience. he says that he became more of a man and knows now how to treat a person like a person, that they need love and care to grow.
  • he hopes that if and when you guys see each others at broadcast stations, even if you guys aren’t on the show, that you guys should treat each other normally like how you were like on the show and hopes to be your friend forever. *cries*

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