we're all children here

BTS as things my mother has said/done
  • Jin: Was proposed to by three separate men by the time she was 19
  • Suga: "I broke up with your dad to go out with this other guy because he was funnier, but your dad stepped his game up and now we're here"
  • Namjoon: "Oh god, all my children are hoes...."
  • Hoseok: "I was supposed to go to a job interview but I woke up and decided to go to the beach instead. Got the job though"
  • V: Once brought butter cookies to a frat party
  • Jimin: A man at a gas station gave her a box full of plastic gloves because she was apparently too pretty to be touching the handle of the gas pump
  • Jungkook: *immediately after having her hip replaced* "So when can I go to the gym?"
France, 1942. Enoch O'connor, an English Jew, meets a French male nurse in Vélodrome d'Hiver, the bicycle velodrome and stadium in Paris where thousands of Jews are confined.

I found an old dollhouse out by the dumpster like forever ago and I cleaned it up and painted it for the cats, and they had been kind of ignoring it, but a few days ago I put it up on top of a table and now the boys are using it!! I guess they just wanted a higher perch lol… What A Sweet Boye In Hise Sweet Home

Dear Anon who keeps sending me hateful messages,

“kill yourself”

“your worthless, just kill yourself already”


“your vile, die”

“something something something in that fashion”

It’s getting really boring having to delete your messages every morning. Switch it up a bit. Tell me I’m ugly or something.

thank you!!!!!

astrodaily has just hit 5,000 followers and we’d like to thank each and every one of you for following us! Hitting 5k before debut is something that, personally, when I made this fansite didn’t think was possible. We’re so extremely happy to have reached 5k, and we can’t thank you enough. These thank you posts will become less frequent, because we don’t want to clog up your dashboard with us thanking you. But never forget how thankful and appreciative we are to have all of you!!! We’re so amazed to have this much support before debut, and we hope that as debut comes you continue to support us! 

Of course, we can’t do without giving credit where credit is due, our team! Katie, Amber, Dani and Malorie! Without the team we have, astrodaily would not be where it is today! I value each member of our team so much, and know without any of them we couldn’t have the fun we do. Thank you to Ye Olde Malorie, everyone at astrodaily works incredibly hard and there’s no denying that, but Malorie is the one who has to deal with one of the biggest problems we have here…. Admin C (aka me). Thank you to Amber for always working hard and dealing with me asking for her approval every 2 seconds and also for sticking with us for months and months now. Thank you to Katie for always being super eager to help out and willing to take on the work. And last, but not least, thank you to Dani for putting up with us constantly asking you to do translations and also me forgetting to introduce you…..  

Since this is such a big milestone, we have some comments from each of the members (bc we all know ur sick of having to deal w/ me writing these) - Crystal

“Mod D is super proud to be in this lil fam” - Dani
“mention im emotional in the corner or smthing” - Katie
“Admin M embraces everyone in a warm motherly hug” - Malorie
“Id buy all our followers chocolate but I’m poor so they’ll have to take me crying in gratitude instead” - Amber