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Overly Analytical Problem #31

The quote “Curiosity killed the cat - But satisfaction brought it back” should be the analysts motto.

First, NT’s are cats. Seriously. No explanation nessesary.

Second, when we need to know something, we NEED to know it. It kills us to not know.

Third, the satisfaction of finally learning/figuring what we needed/wanted to know is reviving. There’s nothing like it.

Hence forth… “Curiosity killed the cat - But satisfaction brought it back” is now our motto.


supergirl season 1 appreciation week
day 5 : best episode (1x16, falling)

Brazen. That’s a new color on you. I don’t mind it.

anonymous asked:

Ok but what was going on with cat and the president?? Do you think that maybe we could have a backstory on that? Either way thanks

She’s not supposed to sleep with her residents.

Then again, she’s not supposed to share pot brownies with them either.

And she can’t, if truth be told, say which comes first.

Wanting to sleep with Cat Grant, or just wanting to see if she can experience what these humans swear is a great high.

She gets a boyfriend, though – a boyfriend that is much safer than a girlfriend, because this planet is hard enough to grapple with, to blend into, and she doesn’t need to give the world any more reason to scrutinize her – and she keeps hearing flutters that he’s going to propose soon.

Cat doesn’t approve, and she’s not quiet about it.

She doesn’t approve because “oh come to your senses, Liv, you know you can do so much better than signing yourself away to some oaf of a senior” and because “who’s going to stay up all night watching C-SPAN with me if not you?” and because “I’m not saying that a woman’s worth is in her beauty, you know I’m not, but you’re just too hot for him, darling.”

Cat doesn’t approve, and instead of making Olivia feel alienated, it makes her feel closer. More secure. Cared for.

Because lord, does Cat care for her.

Cares for her when their study sessions last too late into the night, and she crashes in Cat’s bed, and Cat can do nothing but try not to fidget too much all night, try not to wake her.

Cares for her when the Student Union election board tries to smear her name, and Cat goes full tilt in the school paper to clear it. And, of course, Cat wins, so Olivia wins.

Cares for her when her boyfriend, now fiance, throws himself at Cat, not Olivia, when his team won the championship that night; cares for her when Olivia dumps the man, not the woman, and Cat holds her all night while she cries, and not once does she offer a cleverly-worded I told you so.

Just as she cares for her now – scales and all – and Olivia’s second stomach still flips in that old familiar way, because Cat Grant is still the stuff of legend, and Cat Grant is still by her side.

And somehow, that means they’ll get out of this alive.

I heard it’s SNS Week and it’s AU day…

Wonderland AU with Sasuke as the Queen of Hearts and Naruto as the Mad Hatter.

High Shcool Musical nostalgia

Me when people pretends to like my music: “ No, no, no, nooooooooooo
No, no, no! Stick to the stuff you knooow! If you wanna be cool follow one simple rule, don’t mess with the flow, no no! Stick to the status quo!”

Me in the kitchen: I’ve got rags instead of riches. *Spins around while dishing* “And all these dirty dishes” *hand on forehead singing dramaticly while sliding down against the fridge* “Just wish I haaAad three wishes!”

Me in the shower: *Screaming* “Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Makihiki malahini-who Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Ooh. Hawana waka waka waka niki pu pu pu.”

Me playing mario cart: *Pauses and looks up dramaticly* “Why am I feeling so wrooong? My head’s in the game but my heart’s in the song…” *Faints*

Me on tumblr: “We’re all in this togethuur!”

Me after saying hi to someone: “This could be the start of something new! It feels so right to be here with yoooou.” *Spins around* “YEaH!”

Me in school: *Stands up on bench.* “WE CAN WORK! WORK! WORK THIS OUT!” 

Me walking home:  I want it all! I want it, want it, want it The fame and the fortune and more! *Waves to old lady.* I want it all! I want it, want it, want it I gotta have my star on the door

Me at the mall: *Walking dramaticly* “I want FABULOUS that is my simple request!”

Me playing baseball: *swinging racket.* “I'II show you that it’s one and the same,baseball,dancing,same game.” 

Me when all my friends have left me because I make too many references: I’m not gonna stop not gonna stop ‘til I get my shot that’s who I am, that is my plan will I end up on top? You can,Bet on it, bet on it bet on it, bet on it you can bet on it, bet on it bet on it, bet on it!”

Rumors circle with the worst of them, whispers of a venture in the works that would no doubt bring immeasurable wealth and endless adventure. A band of pirates and thieves and cutthroats seeks to pillage and smuggle and explore, all with a thirst for adventure–will you be tempted into joining?

Sea and Sky is a new (Balmung) LS inviting folks to join in on an upcoming story arc and connect with like-minded RPers. If your character is looking for a reason to return to roots of piracy or perhaps a chance at new adventure, then this might just be the place for you.

Recruitment will be limited, as while we’re looking for this to be a networking opportunity like any other, we want the story and events to offer focus to each and every member and for everyone to have a part.

We’re not looking for only pirate RPers– thieves, morally-grey adventurers, smugglers and anyone who believes they might benefit from this is more than welcome to join–including if you’re interested in becoming a villain/antagonist.

We currently have a discord and a Mist location for open use to those in the LS. Everything is in place ICly, and events will be starting up in the coming weeks. So come join this ragtag bunch of degenerates and misfits and see what they can do for you and your character.

If you think this might be something you’re interested in and would like more information, feel free to contact any of these lovelies here or in-game:

Pav’ati Patla/Xev’tan Tatsae ( @pavpatla @xevtan )

C’maze Tia ( @cmazing )

Oswyn Carter ( @fortress-and-flame )

Orion Llewelyn ( @seeker-of-the-stars )