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Alice in Wonderland printable posters 

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  • Tag NSFW
  • Tag parts appropriately since not everyone has read the manga
  • No rape, incest, pedophilia, etc.
  • Be polite to everyone
  • The tag for the event is #BDResetAU.
  • It must be your art!
  • Any bd/pd/daily/ask can join!

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PART SWAP! This is a UNIVERSE SWAP! Any characters from parts 1 through 6 get put into the part 7 - 8 universe, and any characters from parts 7 and 8 can be in any part from 1-5! 

Hosted by me and @badlydrawnhayatokawajiri, please be respectful and HAVE FUN!!

We're Jojo Villains
  • DIO: Are you are a real Jojo villain?
  • Kira (Part 4): Well technically, but not really.
  • DIO: Have you ever wrrryyyy'ed?
  • Diavolo: Why would I need to?
  • DIO: Have you ever stolen the body of your nemesis?
  • Kars: But I'm already the ultimate being.
  • DIO: Alright! I can see that, ME DIO must teach you have to be true Jojo villains, Pucci and mes hit it!
  • [Pucci and the Dios start to play We're Number One]
  • Funny Valentine rises out of the ground: Hey!
  • DIO, Kars, Kira, and Diavolo: We're Jojo Villains!
  • Funny Valentine gets sucked back into the ground: Hey!
  • DIO, Kars, Kira, and Diavolo: We're Jojo Villains!
  • DIO: Now listen closely, here's a little lesson in throwing away your humanity, we're going to go down in anime villain history, if your going to be second best Jojo Villain under me, you have to kill a Joestar on the run! [Points to Joseph using the secret Joestar technique] Just follow my moves and sneak around, becareful to not yell Jojo loud enough to make a sound.
  • Kars sees the red stone aja: Oh!
  • [Kars touch's the stone and gets launched in space, eventually he stops thinking]
  • DIO, Kira, and Diavolo: We're Jojo villains!
  • Funny Valentine rises out of the ground: NAPKIN!
  • DIO, Kira, and Diavolo: We're Jojo villains!
  • Funny Valentine getting pulled back into the ground: Eyeball handkerchief!
  • DIO: MUDA MUDA MUDA, now look at this car I stole from a senator, go get your own so we go!
  • [Kira simply walks into the street and an ambulance runs him over]
  • Kira: Save me Killer Queen!
  • Kira's head gets crushed, DIO: Ugh let's try something else.
  • DIO sees Jotaro: Now watch and learn, let's end his life and it with a knife! Wrryyy!
  • [Gives Diavolo a knife, sudden Golden Experience Requiem appears and slaps Diavolo making him die an infinite death]
  • Crying DIO: Why Giorno! What are you doing!
  • [Lucy throws Diego's corpse at Diego making disappear, Jonathan punches Dio Brando melting his body]
  • Jojos (+GioGio): We're Jojo!
  • DIO: Hey stop stealing my song!
  • Star Platinum: ORA ORA ORA ORA
  • DIO explodes, Jotaro: We're Jojo.
  • Rest of the Jojos: Hey!
  • Stone Ocean, Star Platinum, Tusk, Soft and Wet: ORA ORA ORA
  • Crazy Diamond: DORA
  • Gold Experience: MUDA
  • Jojos (+GioGio): Hey! We're Jojo!
  • [Pucci gets shot and the universe resets]
Ongoing Podcast List

Here be my ongoing list of podcasts I have listened to, and ones still on the list to check out.

Listened to

EOS 10
Wolf 359
The Bunker
The Black Tapes
We’re Alive
The Bright Sessions
Wooden Overcoats
Archive 81
King Falls AM
The Message
Our Fair City
Welcome to Nightvale
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Kakos Industries
The Meat Blockade
A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness
ars Paradoxica
The Behemoth
Radiation World
Greater Boston
The Monster Hunters
Hello From The Magic Tavern
The Penumbra Podcast
Hector vs the Future
The Adventure Zone

Tried out but didn’t work for me

Hadron Gospel Hour (not my style of humour)
The Leviathan Chronicles (found too much ‘show don’t tell’ in the narration)
Jim Robbie and the Wanderers (definite pacing issues, actors didn’t seem very committed)
The Cleansed (found too confusing; too many characters and I didn’t feel connected to the storyline)
SAYER (idk this method of storytelling just didn’t grab me. Can see its appeal, but for me I couldn’t concentrate)
Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe (felt a little too detached from the characters, wasn’t pulled into the world)
Pleasure Town (same as above; wasn’t pulled into the world or invested in the characters)
We’re Alive: Lockdown (didn’t find the characters as engaging as in We’re Alive, found it hard to tell people apart)

On the waiting list
Alba Salix, Royal Physician
A Scottish Podcast
Big Data
Alice Isn’t Dead
The Deep Vault

  • Ferre: *breaks into science museum at night for fun*
  • Courf: u beautiful rule breaking moth