we're a strange family

hannahtheblah  asked:

I came across your stuff (totally in love) and I'm just... a bit... confused... about you and Rob B? Like, how did that entire... thing start... ? (so many ellipses) (*「・ω・)ン?

thanks! BUT I DON’T KNOW

so to finally figure it out, i’m going to sit down and actually go back to The Beginning and create a brief timeline wherein i try to work out what happened and when SO PREPARE YOURSELF (i’ll put it under a break for ur consideration)

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  • Daughter #2: That would make a good song lyric
  • Me: What? Martha won't die tonight?
  • Daughter #2: Yep. It's be a rock song with melancholy part or a pop "let's dance" because Martha won't die tonight.
  • The floor explodes and lights flash green
  • She's waiting in her chair like a future queen
  • We're young, we're strong, and we're ready to fight
  • Don't worry 'bout tomorrow 'cause
  • Martha won't die tonight.
  • *beat drops*
At dinner, so far I've heard

“Oh my gosh you’ve grown!”

“You need to get some sun.”

“Listen to this embarrassing story about your mom.”

“Are you modeling yet?”

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“How are you part of FCA and GSA?”

“Bre you’re eating too much.”

“Oh my gosh look!” *pulls me over to compare where our hips are*

“You’ll change your mind about kids.”

“I know a guy who is *insert taller height than me* and you should meet him!”

“Back in my day…”

“I gotta take a shit before we eat.”

“Listen to what happened at Walmart the other day.”

“Where’s the wine?! Bre are you old enough to buy it yet?!”