That YOI live script reading was a wild ride and apparently it was only like 10% of everything that went on.
I love how Victor fawns over off-season squishy Yuuri! Seung-gil being a kissing drunk, Phichit live-tweeting the party, and the in-universe skating fandom freaking out about Victor going missing the next day. I love how Victor is so extra and stretches naked on the Hasetsu Castle roof so he can be better than the “Chihoko” Yuuri mentioned while they drunkenly stretched the night before.
Iconic Victor quote: “I am his NOW.”
I love how supportive (crazy) Yuuri is with joining Victor so he’s not alone stretching naked. And Phichit exclaiming that they’re remarried.

Bless you Sayo and Kubo-sensei for getting together a script team and making all our dreams come true.

I’m going back to drawing for a while and hopefully catching the live-tweeting of the evening show!

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@ every single one of my followers for being so incredibly patient and amazing!!!!

ok im actually in work and shouldn’t be on my phone but I’ve got a lot of conspiracy theories about this sl now because I’ve barely slept this week so just wait for how crazy ur gal is going to sound

but anyway hear me out

we knew the wedding date (roughly) by like january, right? but this hour long special is airing in like three weeks and we know nothing other than it being described as a “state of the nation” type episode for aaron and roberts relationship

im telling u there’s a twist. i don’t know what but this episode is so tightly under wraps i bet it is happening there’s gonna be a twist 👀👀

playing overwatch & you’re finally rewarded with a loot box and you think yes I just might get what I want finally after wasting HUNDREDS OF HOURS ON THIS GAME MAYBE ILL GET WHAT I WANT maybe this game is gonna give me something SOMETHING to convince me to continue to play it AND you open the box & you’re hit with the 3 whites and 1 blue & you’re like aw man aw darn oh well how bad could it be haha and the items reveal themselves & its sombra as a coffee machine spray and it’s a zenyatta photoshop cutout filter spray and it’s junkrat mine exploding spray and you get ONE bastion bweeoooooo weeooo eweewwoooooppp pwwoeppooo peepooo voice line that is super annoying and sounds just like all his other voice lines beep beep booo boopy and you beepoo weepoo meepoooo zeepppoopopoooo into the next existential PLANE

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(RANT) Fuck hypocrites. SRSLY. News of a tragic hate crime against a non-het person and they'll *sigh* and sympathise . "SHIT how could someone do somethin so cruel whERE IS HUMANITY" but these are the same "educated" people who laugh through that awful atrocity of a movie Dostana and routinely mock and caricature the LGBT community like it's all a big fat JOKE! Ughh dont u realise that no amt of feigned sympathy can make up for all the hurt that u're causing in little ways (RANT OVER)

Valid rant. I agree. Totally. I wish things were different.

for tanya—

Tanya! Sorry this took so long asdfghjkl is2g I cannot write a fanfic these days so don’t expect too much, lmao.

Chuuya sighed. “It feels more like taking care of two children.” He murmurs, massaging his forehead as he slumped down on the couch eyeing at Dazai and Shuuji in front of him who had been laughing at Dazai’s joke.

“Mamai… did that?” Shuuji’s blue eyes, a resemblance of Chuuya’s, are wide with attention. His face showed happiness – the glow making Chuuya smile; even if Shuuji looks completely like Dazai and no, he isn’t bitter about it – why would he, he only carried Shuuji for nine months, after all.

“Hmm.” Dazai nods as he cradles the child. “Your Mamai really has some lame lines when he comes to fight the bad guys.”

“More like saving your sorry ass.”

Shuuji laughs – he laughs like his world is complete and Chuuya watches as Dazai’s face softens, tousling the child’s hair with adoration. Chuuya smiles at the scene unfolding in front of him; one that could easily ease away his fatigue.

Four years ago, he wouldn’t have dreamt of this very scene unfolding right before his eyes. Four years ago, he had given up the idea of happiness the moment Dazai had left him and Shuuji.

“Mamai,” Shuuji calls; eyes filled with happiness. “I’m hungry.” He whines. Unlike six months ago, his speech has improved far greater than what Chuuya could’ve imagined. It may have been a product of Dazai being with them all the time or maybe it’s just because he’s goddamn Dazai Osamu’s son.

Chuuya rolls his eyes as he hears Shuuji’s laughter all the way from the kitchen. He attempts to grab the seasoning placed on the top shelf courteousy of Dazai who was hell bent on teasing Chuuya’s height. Groaning, he peeked at the living room to call Dazai.

“What is it Chuuya?”

“I can’t reach the seasoning.” Chuuya mumbled, face heating up in embarrassment.

Dazai arches a brow. “Chuuya, I can’t hear you~”

“Asshole.” Chuuya mumbles. “I can’t reach the seasoning.”

There’s three seconds of silence before Dazai bursts out laughing. Chuuya punches him slightly on the shoulder but the bastard keeps on laughing until there are tears on the corner of his eyes. Chuuya glares at Dazai who wiped the tears of his face before walking towards the cabinet with amusement still evident on his features.

“Why did you even place that there, you ass.”

“But Chuuya is so cute when he asks for help.”

“You are such an asshole.”

“Eh, if Chuuya had his Gravity Manipulation he could’ve done this so easily.” Dazai comments before he grabs the seasoning, placing it on the counter.

You see, a month and a half ago, Fyodor Doestoyevsky had won the war. He had erased all the Abilities in the world – ranging from the smallest to the most powerful ones. However, there was only one flaw: He managed to erase the Abilities; not the Ability Users and thus, from then on, they have started to live normally.

“It’s too…surreal.” Chuuya says as he chops the mackerel. “Living normally, I mean.”

“But isn’t that what you wanted for Shuuji?” Dazai asks, leaning on the counter as he eyed Chuuya. “Normal living?”

Chuuya nods. He doesn’t say a thing when Dazai wraps his arms around Chuuya’s waist, placing his chin on Chuuya’s shoulder.

“Mamai, I’m hungry.” There’s a voice from behind them that calls Chuuya and Chuuya wiggles out of Dazai’s hold only to make Dazai tighten his embrace. Shuuji scrunches his nose. “Dada, stop hugging Mamai in front of me!”

“Why, bud?” Dazai grins. “You jealous?”

“Mamai was mine first!”

“He was mine first, Shuuji.” Dazai teases. Chuuya rolls his eyes at their antics but a smile grazed his features as he continued to cook.

Living normally felt surreal – Chuuya was afraid this happiness could shatter any minute. That one day, Dazai might leave again or Shuuji might be in danger again. There are a lot of things Chuuya is afraid of. But there was one thing for sure, he wouldn’t let anyone touch his family – if they do, Chuuya would meet them in hell.


This wasn’t new.

A lot of people had started going after Chuuya and Dazai now that they’re powers were gone. They felt like they had an advantage – especially since they would always come in numbers only to be pulverized by Chuuya’s skills in martial arts. This wasn’t new but it makes his heart clench in pain every time.

“Shuuji got taken again.” Dazai sighs, rubbing his hand on his face. “How many times is this? 4th? 5th? Do they really have a death wish?”

“One scrape on Shuuji’s skin and they wish they hadn’t been born.” Chuuya says, his eyes as dark as the night glazed with murder. Dazai nods, sighing at the mere naivety of the people nowadays.

“Well then, let’s go and rescue Shuuji, shall we?”

Another abandoned building. When will these guys ever stop being so mainstream? Sighing, Chuuya and Dazai entered the building casually, steps echoing throughout the dark as they searched around for Shuuji.

“Nakahara Chuuya of the Port Mafia and Dazai Osamu of the Armed Detective Agency,” There’s a feral grin matching the animosity of those words. “I thought you weren’t going to come, I was getting bored playing with your son.”

Chuuya grits his teeth, clenching his fists when Dazai places a hand on his shoulder, calming him down. “Oh? You were playing with our son? How did it feel to lose?”

The man gritted his teeth making Dazai smirk further. Shuuji wasn’t Dazai and Chuuya’s son for nothing. He could get out on any situation given that he managed to inherit his Father’s brains although Dazai would appreciate it if Shuuji hadn’t provoked them; which was impossible given that Shuuji had inherited Chuuya’s sass.

“Bring the boy!”

The man pushes Shuuji forward – who didn’t even look a tad bit scared. He had dirt on the sides of his face and his clothes were tattered but other than that, his eyes showed no fear and no further injuries could be seen.

“Mamai. Dada.” The boy calls, pouting. “I’m hungry.”

“As if you could get out of this alive!” The man shouts, waving his hand as tens of people surrounded them; all bringing weapon which ranged on from a bat to a knife. Sighing, Chuuya throws Dazai his coat; making Dazai smirk in response.

“Get Shuuji.”

“Way ahead of you, Chuuya.”

“Kill them!”

Dazai expertly maneuvers to the crowd; dodging their attacks effortlessly – jumping from one place to another. Sure, their abilities may be gone and Dazai’s combat skills maybe lower than average for the Port Mafia but these guys clearly were lower than that. He kicks the man guarding Shuuji to the shin before helping the boy up.

“You okay, bud?”

Shuuji nods, the rope on his wrist falling to the ground without even Dazai helping. “Is it okay to leave Mamai like that?”

“Your Mamai is angry.” Dazai winks. “We don’t want to get in the way, do we?” Shuuji nods – a constipated look on his face remembering the times Chuuya got angry. It was never a good move to make Chuuya angry.

“Dada, I’m hungry, can we get ice cream before we head home?”

“Sure, bud.” Dazai nods, ruffling the boy’s hair. “We need to calm your Mamai down with the coldness anyway.”

“Ice cream. Ice cream! Yay.” The boy shouts with glee like he wasn’t just kidnapped by now. Dazai shakes his head.

Well, this was a natural occurrence in the Nakahara-Dazai household anyway.

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i know there are some people saying that yousana is not endgame, but when you think about it there has only been one successful relationship on this show which is evak, and by successful i mean they don't break up etc. (even though it wasn't planned for noorhelm to break up though, but that's not the point) the point is, is that idk I feel like it wouldn't look that great if they had 1 successful relationship and three (noorhelm, eva x jonas etc) on the show who broke up (1/2)

Halla love!

okay so I do kinda disagree with you on the ‘one successful relationship wouldn’t look great thing’ I actually think the opposite. These kids are all in high school and it is very rare for high school relationships to end in happily ever after, and I feel like Julie’s heart has always been set on portraying realistic and relatable teenage stories.

in saying that, my best friend is still with and living together with her high school boyfriend and I can’t see them never not being together tbh. But I feel like they are the evak from my high school. Every other couple from then kinda ended because I mean…it’s high school. You’re so young and still growing and changing and finding who you are.

So I think it would be really unlike skam to have all the couples ending in happily ever after.

But that doesn’t mean I think Yousana won’t happen for that reason. I can still see them being endgame despite there already being a happy couple

no, the reason I think they won’t be endgame is because I don’t think Sana’s story is about her falling for a boy. I think it is so much more than that.

It’s about her finding a way to be a part of both her worlds, her faith and her Norwegian culture mixing into one without her losing a single part of who she is.

I feel like I am not qualified enough to discuss the muslim equation in this so if I make any mistakes here please someone correct me <3

but from what I have read and discussed with my muslim friends, everyone practices their faith differently and have different personal interpretations and beliefs when it comes to Islam. Some choose to date, others don’t. It is all based on the individual. everyone is different. And so then again, I am sure it is upon the individual if they believe in only marrying another muslim or not. But I think it needs to be understood that Yousef not being Muslim is a major deal for Sana and many muslims (not all) but whether your partner is a muslim or not may not seem like a big deal to those of us who aren’t Muslim and don’t understand the significance, but for those who are, it is an incredibly important factor.

I’m sorry I am probably explaining this terribly but the point is, I don’t think it is about how strict Sana’s parents are (her mum keeps telling her she trusts Sana and that’s why her going to parties is not an issue) but more about Sana and her own faith and beliefs. I doubt the issue here will be about her parents forbidding it but more about Sana struggling with her own beliefs.

Finally, I wouldn’t say skam is a ‘happy’ show but a hopeful one. The characters all go through some painful struggles, but they come out of them learning so much more about themselves and accepting who they are. And I strongly believe Sana can have a happy ending without a love interest.

but then after all that there is always going to be a part of me that is hoping i’m wrong because Yousana is adorable.

but yeah I don’t know…I can’t see it ending well :( but we will see my love <3